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Prisoners, children and pregnant women might be considered special populations and therefore subject to additional oversight by review boards because they are what one can consider ‘vulnerable’. Prisoners are in jail for some sort of crime and if a journalist –for example- goes out to the media revealing someone’s name it might put that prisoner’s safety on the line. However they possess the ability to deny taking part of a study. Children are a special population because their choices most likely revolve those of their parents because they are too young to generate their own thoughts on delicate subjects. Pregnant woman are also to be considered a special population because they not only represent themselves but the life inside of them and should therefore be protected.
The topic of abortion has always been a sensitive issue in the United States because it is difficult to pinpoint where ‘abortion’ belongs. Is abortion a religious issue? A political issue? An individual issue? Therefore when one asks individuals to participate in surveys on this topic, one is most likely going to get different answers. I definitely find that phrasing the same question in different ways confuses poll takers because they are unsure of what the question is asking or they misinterpret the question. Other methodological questions that we need to ask to better understand trends in public opinion are perhaps if they –the poll takers- are male or female because then we will be dealing with a group of men who cannot have babies and a group of women who are physically (unless medically incapable) to have babies, the topic at hand. Another question which might help us understand trends in public opinion is that of what age group poll takers belong to. By knowing the poll takers age, we are able to conclude why certain age groups vote the way they vote. Since I am a young adult I know that my age group is most likely to vote liberally since we have shown the tendency to be liberal when it comes to such topics. Lastly, another question which might help is asking people if they vote pro-life or pro-choice based on their religious faith.
(Dr. Pih, Sociology 150)
I have mixed feelings about conspiracies. Part of me wants to find an explanation of why certain things occur in our imperfect world and therefore by thining that it was planned or whatnot, it is easier to digest. However another part of me understands that sometimes drastic things just happen. Though it is sad to know that some people do not believe in the Holocaust and the like, I understand their perspective. Sometimes it is like "what? How can one person have so much power? Why didn't people speak up?" Some conspiracy theories seem more outlandish than others because the light in which they are presented borderline a fantasy. 9/11 which occured 11 years ago today, is a controversial topic because how could a couple of men trick US security? Weren't we suppossed to be the best of the best? In this sense, this cospiracy is not that hard too believe because we have so much technology and we weren't able to detect one airplane going the wrong way?
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Sep 11, 2012