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You're courageous in your actions, and even more so in publishing your account so that those in similar situations won't feel like they're alone and do the right thing. A similar situation happened to me. A few weeks ago, a classmate loaned me his phone to make a call. I accidentally clicked on something I shouldn't have, and an image of a young boy's genitals filled up the screen. I quickly exited out of it and returned the phone. As the mother of a litle boy, I felt so disturbed and could not turn a blind eye to it. I reported it to the South SFPD as soon as I could, which was after the weekend. I basically got the same response. The receptionist told the desk officer why I was there, and he greeted me with his arms across his chest, didn't say a word, and looked at me like I was the criminal. So I told him in one sentence why I was there, and he said child pornography is a felony, my name will go on the report, the guy I'm reporting will find out, he might accuse me of putting the image on his phone, I may have to go on the witness stand and be cross examined, etc. etc. Basically gave me every reason to walk out the door even before I told my story. So I said, "I'll think about it and get back to you." I really just wanted to run out the door and not be involved at this point. Then he got his supervisor, who started the actual report. They took the report, searched the guy, and nothing came up, case closed. My conscience is clear, but I'm still disturbed and stand by what I saw. I understand the police deals with a lot of wackos on a day to day basis, but there are also concerned citizens among us who want to do the right thing. They really need sensitivity training. Thank you for your post and for shedding light on not only the Muni problem, but also the police problem as well.
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Sep 13, 2012