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Bolingbrook, IL
Missing WNUA and 87.7
Interests: Beaches, Smooth Jazz, Sparkling Wine, Books
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I've been playing this game for about 4 months and in that time have joined several groups. I've read A LOT of complaints over this time, and couldn't really understand why so many people were upset about. I like My Family Farm and I liked the help from my "sweetie" and I like that I could get him to do four tasks/4 hours. It made all the hoops we had to jump through for training him worthwhile. This most recent change to 1 task/day is the most BONEHEADED thing I've ever heard of and I now understand the pattern of behavior, on Zynga's part, that has so many players upset and threatening to quit as soon as they find another game they like. Have you guys ever heard of the concept of change management? Do you make boneheaded decisions within your corporation without any prior, honest communication covering basic rules of communication: who? what? when? where? how? why? what's in it for me? Do you conduct any focus groups to get the input of your loyal players? Do you care about the bad will you are generating toward your company? Do you really think people are so hooked that they will take anything you dish out? Do you understand how changes like this could negatively impact your bottom line? I sure hope you treat your employees better than you do your customers. My Family Farm is now just a worthless avatar and house sitting on my farm. Thanks for nothing.
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2014 on Changes to My Family Farm! at FarmVille 2
Allow us to convert coins to FB, or make more items available for coins.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2014 on Speak Up On Suggestion Sunday! at FarmVille 2
Several thoughts: 1. Getting only one baby bottle for 1 energy from my spouse is not enough. We should at least get two feeding for 1 energy. Otherwise, it's not worth having done all the work to train him on the task. 2. Should be able to tell the spouse which specific animals and trees you want him to tend. You can choose the first one and then they go wherever they want and invariably end up doing something I didn't want or need. It's a waste of energy if you don't get what you need or intended from it's use. LOVE the FF, by the way. 3. Need to have more frequent free water days so we can build up on quick crops without "wasting" the water and having to wait four hours for more. 4. It seems like the more you accomplish on the order board, the harder they become. The quantities are ridiculous. This week I've dismissed more orders that I'm going to try to do. The payoff in favors and cash is not enough to warrant the effort for many of them. Also, with the water issue, it's difficult to keep enough of the quick growing crops on hand. It's more advantageous to grow the longer growing crops and go do something else while your water replenishes. 5. Replenish water on level up. Replenish water towers and wells also.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2014 on Speak Up On Suggestion Sunday! at FarmVille 2
1. A higher water limit (even if it's tied to your level somehow, e.g. level 25, water limit increases from 30 to 35 or 40) 2. Replenish wells and all of the 30 water at level up 3. Work with Facebook to change the wrapper so you can see friend posts on the right, like in Zynga. Going in and out of the game to keep up with posts and other notices is tedious 4. Allow us to craft baby bottles, but don't make getting the plastic containers ridiculously difficult either. 5. Reduce the cost of expansions. Instead of millions, make it hundred thousands, or something. Your players, including myself, are not able to spend hundreds of REAL money to by farm bucks to buy expansions, and it takes an exorbitant amount of time to get millions of "disposable" coins while keeping enough to run the farm. 6. Provide a way to purchase or produce salt and pepper. It's overly difficult to collect items like this for the VERY LARGE orders. 7. The Order limits seem a bit unrealistic and overly challenging. There should be a balance that allows your players to feel as though the orders are doable and give them a sense of accomplishment when they complete them. Thanks for the opportunity to comment and, hopefully, contribute. By the way I LOVE the addition of the Family Farm and the additional quests. It keeps the game interesting to me - more variety of activities.
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2014 on Suggestion Sunday! (7/06/2014) at FarmVille 2
I unlocked it early and love almost everything about the experience. I couldn't afford it, but I did it anyway - a small treat for myself. I've completed the crop care and tree care training, and am working on the mushroom foraging. The new tasks add so much to make the game more interesting to me. I use my game time to think and work through real-life issues and to unwind. It does the trick. Those of you who are more patient than me and waiting until tomorrow, I hope you enjoy the addition as much as I am. Happy Farming!
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2014 on My Family Farm Is Almost Here! at FarmVille 2
I'm enjoying the Family Farm so far. I stumbled a bit at first, but I think I'm getting the hang of it, and I've been able to water and fertilize crops with my sweetheart when I was low on resources. He even pruned a tree when I went to the shed for shears, even though I'm not finished earning the tree care training yet. I wish my sweetheart worked in straight lines, rather than a zigzag, but I can put up with that. I haven't found anything not to like yet. There are enough things to keep me busy and keep it interesting. I can be patient while glitches are worked out.
CANNOT wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This should add a VERY interesting and fun facet to the game! I'm marking the days off my calendar!
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Rick, you hit the nail on the head with this one. I can still hear the opening notes of the music that played each evening just before Danae's introduction. To say I miss it, is not strong enough. I loved the Sunday brunch after I got home from church each Sunday. I'll keep hoping that someday we'll have Smooth Jazz in Chicago again.
Precious memories.
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Sep 13, 2012
Sounds HEAVENLY! I'd listen. Makes me think of the early years of WNUA - what a pleasurable walk down memory lane!
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Sep 13, 2012
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Sep 13, 2012
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Sep 13, 2012
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