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United States of America
Employment in social work, health care, library/museum setting, science lab, etc. Large family. Mixed-racial.
Interests: Sciences, history, historic preservation, archival research, global issues, nature conservation, animal welfare and collecting (antique books, vintage photography, stereoviews, natural history, comics, etc).
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Dear Ms. Geller; Best wishes on your achievement and recognition. I and many other people find your news very informative in these difficult times. Congratulations on your high ranking.
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2012 on 18! at Atlas Shrugs
Dear Atlas Shrugs: As usual the Islamadoodles attack persons who can't fight back- as in targeting a women and children's hospital... or the pregnant wife of the rabbi. They also target places of mass transit, historic sites, cafes, cinemas and the area next to a newspaper and education (college) institution. All the best places to strike at the most helpless innocents. Once again why the Islamic supporters don't see what the Jihadists target. The pro-Sharia media in the West are blind when freedom of speech (and the newspapers themselves) are targeted W Where are the Hollywood and British movie industry "celebrities" when cinemas are blown up- not just because it is a crowded venue but that Islamists are against Western films- females on camera, non-Islamic ideas, gay characters, characters shown _________ (fill in the blank) on screen...! Educational institutions from colleges to girls' grammar schools... but where are the Islamic apologist professors? The women's rights advocates for education for girls? A muslim made bomb won't avoid them if it explodes on a campus just because they are good little dhimmis. Many historical sites are linked to artistic or archaeological ones as well. Where is the "arts" community in protesting the bomb that went off near the Taj Mahal... a historic structure of immense artistic beauty and world fame? Hell, where are just the PLAIN HUMAN BEINGS amongst the Islamic apologists? The body of a dead Hindu man in a train station or the hideously mutilated, raped and unclothed bodies of the rabbi and his pregnant wife (whose images are blurred out of humanitarian respect), or (THANKFULLY) a child that survived the blasts (being held in the arms of an Indian policeman? soldier?) but showing injuries... Why no outcry? Well, somtimes silence IS NOT DEAFENING, BUT IS NAUSEATING AS WELL. P.S. Sad news guys... as I type this I see reports of a bomb going off on a Tel-Aviv bus!
Dear Atlas Shrugs: Anderson Cooper's posting of a brutal act by muslims in Gaza may be his last "tweet" that would show Gazans in a "negative" light. Maybe he even accidently sent the tweet out. I mention this because what was reported over at a gay themed celebrity sight called "Greg In Hollywood" by Greg Hernandez a gay Hollywood beat "reporter." A woman with an apparent Jewish surname tweets in support of Israel. She in a brief response to Anderson Cooper asks him to report on THE ROCKETS HE SEES BEING FIRED FROM GAZA AND INTO ISRAEL... as opposed to only reporting on all the incoming rockets from the Israeli side. Cooper's response was to slam the woman about a previous tweet of hers- something about a recipe. Greg Hernandez applauds Cooper and the heading on this article about this topic is using Greg's words... Cooper "smacks" down an "irate" tweeter. Irate? The woman just asked Cooper for information on what Gaza was doing to Israel... and she's "irate?" Greg's support of Cooper and the way Greg "titled" this topic on his site... shows what side he is on in this Gaza/Hamas versus Israel conflict. Greg mentions that Cooper must have looked at the woman's tweet history to come up with a past tweet of her referring to some cooking recipe... and how she is what Cooper...? Frivolous? What was his point? I could say when Cooper was "tweeting" about celebrity Star Jones' criticism of his "coming out", well... when that was going on guess what... Hamas was menacing Israel (even though this was weeks ago). So Cooper, you're in a tweet war with television personaility Jones while "serious news" was happening... so what should we make of you? And as for that woman who asked you to report on Gaza's actions against Israel... why did you respond in such a nasty way Cooper? I can't believe when Cooper was compared to Russell Brand here at Atlas Shrugs weeks ago... I actually STOOD UP FOR COOPER. Greg Hernandez; gay celebrity website manager... Anderson Cooper gay reporter from the wealthy Vanderbilt family... GUYS IF HAMAS HAS ITS WAY THE TWO OF YOU ARE DOOMED. I am continually disappointed in how my fellow gays behave with the Islamic threat. If anybody wants to comment on this article.... google "Greg In Hollywood" and see the what pro-Hamas Greg and apparently Cooper are tweeting about.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2012 on Why we call them savages at Atlas Shrugs
Dear Atlas Shrugs: Halal butchering practices of livestock and poultry are extremely cruel. I am not a vegetarian. However, the agricultural industry in the United States has guidelines on how animals used for food are to be treated; in the most humane way as possible. Halal is no way humane. Islam's cruelty against animals is more than just the practice of Halal. Throughout the West where muslim populations are rising... so are cases of animal abuse, especially that of dogs. Considered unclean by Islamadoodles, the poor animals are being tortured, poisoned and killed. In Israel, animal welfare organizations that are similar to those found in the USA, Canada or Australia... work tirelessly on behalf of homeless animals in the mid-East. These organizations heroic efforts during the Lebanese conflicts and pull-backs from settlement areas are amazing in their dedication to family pets. Contrast that to the way domestic cats and dogs are treated in the surrounding Arab nations. Rare breed conservation- Israeli dog lovers are trying to save the New Canaan Dog, an ancient breed believed to have existed since Roman Era Israel times. Non-Jewish Israeli Bedouins have helped preserve this breed. Israeli farmers try to keep rare breeds of livestock from extinction and to make them valuable commodities in the food and dairy industry. Horses, donkeys, mules, camels... all are "working animals" that are protected under Israeli law. Compare to muslim nations where a camel is not just your property... it is someone's "date for a Saturday night." Being beaten to death in a crowded street of a muslim nation is the way to many horses or donkeys meet their demise. In Europe, rare kinds of domestic animals are kept from extinction by dedicated organizations. Some of which have come under fire from Islamists. Why? Because amongst the goats, poultry, ponies and cows of different breeds that these trusts protect... they also have the "crime" of trying to preserve rare breeds... of pigs. Islamic cry! Death to piglets! Because of cruelty issues in the way the geese and ducks are treated... Israel has banned the making of foie gras products. This was no small decision as it had a financial impact on the Israeli agricultural industry. Israel you see ranked 4th or 5th in the world with the making of foie gras, not only for local consumption in Israeli groceries and restaurants, but for Israeli agricultural export as well. Even though it affected the Israeli economy, the Israelis sided with NON-CRUELTY. Israel has banned laboratory animal vivisection in the lower school grades. Endangered species like the oryx or wild ass have been found shot by muslim arabs when the animals (living in Israeli national parks) have gotten too close to an arab nation's boders. These beautiful and rare creatures are target practice by arab moslems. Israel's national parks, nature preserves and zoos work tirelessly to protect animals. Including animals brought to near extinctions by muslims states. Species of oryx were bred and rescued in Israeli parks after being rendered extinct in Arab lands where they were hunted by wealthy muslims with high powered rifles in helicopters and jeeps. Israel joined the International Commission on Whaling even though ISRAEL HAS NO WHALING INDUSTRY. Israel joined for the reason to help protect whales and STOP whale harvesting. Israeli zoo and aquarium professionals, animal shelter workers, zoologists and veterinarians cooperate with animal welfare and wildlife conservation groups around the world including those in muslim nations. Muslim and non-Muslim nations have benefited to Israeli advances in veterinary medicine, zoological research and nature conservation. Israel has produced some amazingly dedicated animal advocates such as the late South African born Hilda Friedstein who in her 90s passed away earlier this month. She was a compassionate Israeli voice for animals. Where are the animal rights activists? Heck, the revelation that Israel joined the International Whaling Commission even though it doesn't have a whaling industry... and did so just to VOTE NO on any additional whale hunts worldwide... GOOD GOSH! That should give an animal rights activist a 'friggin orgasm! Go Israel.... Save The Whales! These are the signs animal rights activists should be holding up. But their not. I am spent many years invovled in animal welfare (not rights) and am a very dedicated animal lover and supporter of wildlife and rare breed conservation. I have had many dear and beloved pets and have done major historical research projects about animals and zoos of the past. As person like myself- an animal advocate... Israel is a nation that should be commended for its role in animal well being and wildlife conversation. Especially, when compared to the Islamic nations that surround it, Israel is a Noah's Ark compared to these other nations whose animal rights/welfare record is dismal. Yet, animal rights advocates can be found frequently amongst the "activist groups" that participate in vicious anti-semitic, anti-Israeli demonstrations. I can't understand this at all. If you are an animal lover, advocate, activist... whatever- you should be supporting Israel. Islam is brutal in its way it treats animals/ However, what to expect from Islam? Christian and Jewish religious texts have many animal positive passages about animals. Roman Catholics have the animal lover St. Francis, Hinduism reveres cows and Buddhists are careful not to swat an insect! Other religions are very respectful of other living things (if not always in practice... at least their is the attempt and reference for this in thier teachings). Compare this to Islam. If Jihadists were around in Biblical times they would have blown up Noah's Ark.
Dear Atlas Shrugs: I clicked on the story above and went to the photo and what I guess was a stream of twitter replies going by. I would like to comment on a few of these and mention just how sick, twisted and horribly misinformed Islamadoodles and their supporters truly are. One tweet mentioned and was perfectly fine with the "fact" that the man was dragged to his death behind a motorcycle because "he was a spy for Israel." My response to that is... in a civilized society, the authorities would arrest someone accused of espionage, evidence or witnesses would be presented, there would be a tribunal, hearing, trial or something equivalent and if found guilty? Prison? Deported? Rarely, is it execution for treason... but IF it is... there are more humane ways to deal with capital punishment than "death by dragging." Also, in too many cases of people being hideously tortured and murdered for being "spies" or "informants" for "Zionists." The reality is there was never any "spying going on." Many decent Arab people (Christian, Muslim or Secular) would be targeted by PLO, Hamas, etc... simply for socializing, having friendships, business dealings, etc with Israelis. Seen being a customer in a Jewish owned shop? What about being an Arab shop owner and not letting a fellow Arab cut in front of Jewish customer and you serve the Jewish patron first! You can be called a spy! You are an Arab youth who refuses to throw rocks at Israeli soldiers or civilians? You are a traitor! It may not have anything to do with Israelis. A personal vendetta between two arabs... one is accused of "collaboration" with Jews" by the other. Your sister won't sleep with some arab creep in your apartment building. Well, the father or brother of the girl gets a beating and placed into a coma... not because of a spurned horny punk; but "the men in the family were seen talking to Israeli soldiers." Someone owes you money and you want revenge? Hey, didn't you over hear him phonecall Israel with "secrets?" No matter how ludricous or "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" the accusation is... ANY accusation can be used to cover up brutality. My view on the photo? The poor man was in some sort of dispute and revenge was taken out on him. The cyclists using this military exchange between Gaza and Israel to commit murder... a murder they committed, but of course can blame it on the Jews! Another tweet stated that only if the Gazans weren't starving or had education, then there would be no war. OH F%#@+*& PPUUHHLLEEZZZE! See those shots of Gaza in the news? How many prison camps have high rise apartment buildings? Gaza has shopping malls, boutiques that sell luxury items, cafes, nightclubs and department stores filled with products. Go to a traditional market or modern grocery- plenty of food. There are hospitals, schools, parks and beach areas for picnics and parties. Israel and the international communities sends unfathomable amounts of food, medical supplies and consumer goods into Gaza. Gazans will get into the automobiles (new and with air conditioning) and drive into Israel for business, shopping and holidays. Gazans in outside cafes smoke the most popular brand of mid-eastern cigarettes, eat and drink heartily and do so in fashions where they are to be seen. Wearing stylish sunglasses and paying their lunch tab... on salaries from jobs provided by educations... many educations gotten at Israeli universities and technical colleges AND FOR FREE. But hey! Lets be an Islamadoodle supporter and believe the lie of impoverished Palestinians who dress in rags and are as thin as starving Ethiopians in 1980s. Finally, another tweeter compared the Palestinians to American Indians. Now, as an American Indian I am so sick and tired of this comparison. Because THERE IS NO COMPARISON! There are many American Indians who are very much supporters of Israel. Also, the Fakestinians are NOT indigenous people. The Jewish people are at home in Israel... not the Arab muslims. We American Indians have endured, survived and continue to the next generation... just like the Jewish people and especially the Israelis. So, the for the Israelis in this conflict... I am behind you 100%.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2012 on Why we call them savages at Atlas Shrugs
Dear Atlas Shrugs: JrslmHire, thank you for the explanation about the father in the park. I had thought maybe the poor man was reciting a Hebrew prayer in regard to his situation. I cannot imagine what you are having to live through right now. Being in the American midwest- it is so far removed from the horror of what Israelis have to put up with on a daily basis. Take care JrslmHire.
Dear Atlas Shrugs readers: Thank you Pamela and Fern for the address for Tommy (Stephen) in prison.
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2012 on Tommy Robinson: A Letter from Prison at Atlas Shrugs
Dear Atlas Shrugs: Terrorists who plot mass murder are given bail to roam the streets of Great Britain. Muslim pedophile mobs who gang rape children and pimp them out for child-porn and prostitution are also given bail and now once again roam the street of Great Britain. The British legal system gives to Her Majesty's subjects muderers and child-rapists to roam the streets freely. Meanwhile... a working class young Englishman who speaks at a memorial service for 9/11 victims is now rotting in prison and will spend Christmas away from his family. Shocking. Did Atlas Shrugs readers pick up on sharia being implemented in THE PRISON SYSTEM! What gives with this? Tommy is unable to access any prison services as not to offend moslimes? Ghoulish and chilling that white British and black British prisoners (probably raised or affiliated in some way with a Christian denomination)are being forced to convert to Islam and the prison authorities do nothing about it. Knowing what we do of Islamic gangs; and these being in prison... I shudder at what was done to the white and black prisoners in order to have them convert. Beaten up in the cafeteria? Gang raped and sodomized in the prison laundry? A moslem threatening to harm your family on the "outside" if you don't convert? Yet Tommy is the persecuted one? What is the address of the prison Tommy is in? I know if I send a letter he won't get it... but the prison officials will know he is not forgotten. Also, is there an address (hard mail, not email)where someone can write to the EDL or Tommy's legal team... where Tommy WOULD get a chance at getting a letter of support? Thanks for anyone who can help with this. I'm not sure what I can do here in the states. Would writing the British ambassador in the US be helpful?
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2012 on Tommy Robinson: A Letter from Prison at Atlas Shrugs
Dear Atlas Shrugs: I don't understand the Israeli father with the children in a park. The "hands on the head" song...? Did the father not think the family was going to survive an incoming rocket and this was a prayer before possible death? What does it mean? I am assuming there was no reports of casualties at any Israeli park and those poor children are safe? (At that time at least). Hamas at war with children at a birthday party. Yes, that is savage!
Dear Atlas Shrugs: Ms. Geller is flawless with facts, perfectly patriotic and poised, unflappable and unstoppable in her quest for justice. She does look FABULOUS in that jungle cat print outfit. I will look forward to seeing the speeches by the guests when they are uploaded. Go Goddess Geller! Go Goddess Geller!
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2012 on Restoration snaps at Atlas Shrugs
Dear Atlas Shrugs readers: Thank you to all the posters here sharing their support for Israel. A shout out to Fern and NoGroundZeroMosque... your posts with factual information on what is happening in the region is priceless and so greatly appreciated. Thank you! Are either of you currently in Israel now? If either of you are there it goes without saying PLEASE obey any air raid sirens and know where the nearest exits and bomb shelters are! PEACE IN THIS WORLD SOON! STAND FIRM AND UNWAVERING ISRAEL!
Dear Atlas Shrugs: This site is THEE place for information on the current conflict. I was shocked when I saw how various news shows who all said things along the lines that "we don't understand what has started this current crisis." What? The rocket attacks by Gaza, West Bank, Egypt and Syrian insurgents have been going on for weeks. Finally, Israel tries to put a stop to it and the media doesn't understand the Jewish state has "escalated" the situation? I am glad the Israeli woman who took this video is apparently all right. Thank you for keeping the world informed about all this Ms. Geller!
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2012 on You try living like this at Atlas Shrugs
Dear Atlas Shrugs: The effectiveness of this Iron Dome technology is AMAZING and is obviously saving lives- Jew, Arab, Druze; anyone in Israel should feel very grateful for this military gadgetry that is stopping rockets and keeping people alive and buildings standing. As always, Israel is open to sharing the technology with allies. South Korea, always nervous of threats from the communist North is a potential customer of this Israeli technology advancement. I know Iron Dome was invented by an Israeli firm and has no connection to the '80s Space Defense Initiative (Star Wars) first mentioned by the Reagan administration. However, I can't help but think this. Look how successful this technology is and the number of lives saved in the short time this has "Iron Dome" has been implemented. Now, what if the SDI technology would have been pursued, even after the fall of the Eastern Bloc. It would have had what- 20, 25 or now going on a possible 30 years of development. The technology could have been so advanced by now, that nobody would have to worry about whether Pakistan, North Korea or Iran had or were about to get nukes. The shield would have been in place. Oh, well the SDI technology of "what could have been" is lost to history. Now that Iron Dome has more than shown its worth... look for Israeli military technology to continue to advance Iron Dome and weapons like it and thus save more lives in any armed conflicts. Go Israel! Go Israel!
Dear Atlas Shrugs readers: I am very appreciative of Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch for their continual reporting of stories that need to be known world wide. I did not realize the muslim led and controlled child sex rings in the UK was as epidemic as it was. I didn't realize that brave British officials who stand up to this horror must deal with such opposition. Why such opposition? Why are UK professionals in education, health care, social work, children's charities, law enforcedment, the churches, etc, etc NOT ALIGNING THEMSELVES with these British politicians? This is absolutely ghoulish. Sadly, with Europe allowing more and more Islamadoodles into their nations; AND KEEP IN MIND that in many European cities.... the muslim birthrate is higher than that of non-muslims... This tragedy will continue with the next generation as well.
Dear Atlas Shrugs: May this little Saudi Arabian girl be at peace.
Dear Atlas Shrugs: Guy Macher's post where he quotes Golda Meir. I have never seen that quote of the late Prime Minister before. Guy then bridging that quote to what looks like a more, and more likely scenario for the free Western and Western allied world. The Islamic supremacist movement will continue its murderous assault against the West unabated. Suicide bombers, honor killings, murders of _________ (fill in the blank with any number of possible victims); and other terrorist attacks. Arson? Biological or Chemical weapons? By all that is unfathomable... a nuke? Slavery? Keep in mind that slavery still existed in some aspects of the muslim world up until 1962. NINETEEN SIXTY TWO!!! And now in the 21st century, there ARE STILL PLACES WHERE ISLAM HAS SLAVERY. In the Islamist media, prominent muslims support a return to slavery and at the minimum "sex slavery." Then there is the very real social reality known as the Dhimmi, to be second class citizens under Islam (not much better than slavery) exists throughout the world. Parts of Europe, Thailand, the Philippines, regions of Russia... huge portions of the non-Muslim world have reached the "tipping point" of having a muslim population large enough to wreak total havoc on their societies. More than ONE BILLION MUSLIMS. Those muslims who wish to secularize or leave the faith are "apostates" and are almost always marked for death. Even if only a small portion of these muslims are homicidal maniacs... This just leaves one option. Civil wars? A world war? I am not optimistic. The planet is heading for a muslim versus non-muslims showdown; with the Islamists forcing the hand of the non-muslim world. Guy, that is one powerful quote and it has very chilling consequences. P.S. I don't know your story Ms. Valerie Carlton, but I am sorry you have lost your children, and I do hope you can see them again.
Dear Atlas Shrugs readers: The unfairness of the Muslims in Denmark is rather repulsive. The Danish taxpayers didn't just pay for a "Eid party", but A VERY ELABORATE EID PARTY... complete with amusement park type rides, a rock climbing wall, concession stands (with Halal food), arcade games and more. Also, any Danes wanting to "share in the multi-cultural experience" and attend the festivities were made known that they were not welcome. Then when the same Danish community asked the leadership of this neighborhood... for ONE CHRISTMAS TREE they were turned down. The musli leadership are in genuine surprise. Why are the Danish Christians upset over this? The dumbfounded Muslims who can't comprehend why the Danes are not acting like good little Dhimmis are being so... well "Muslim." The muslims have no inkling of what a democracy should be. The muslims are unappreciative that non-muslim ethnic Danes SUPPORTED MANY OF THOSE MUSLIMS IN THEIR BEING PLACED IN LEADERSHIP POSITIONS. The muslims don't understand that being an elected LEADER means NOT using that position to only benefit "your own group" but YOU REPRESENT EVERYONE IN THE COMMUNITY... including Christian Danes which they simply can't comprehend. The selfishness and greed of these muslims is also typical. In Muslim lands... there is a huge disparity between the haves and have nots. When the "haves" tire of the hellholes Islam makes of their native countries... and then go to the West; these priviliged Muslims are keen on keeping their privileged status. Poorer muslims are in heaven when entering a Western nation where they can have a lifestyle never hoped for before. Whether poor or wealthy... when a muslim arrives in a Western nation; their lifestyles either are maintained in the case of the wealthy or are given a life undreamed of... all courtesy of the Western taxpayer. These muslims I can bet DON'T BELIEVE THEY ARE DOING ANYTHING WRONG... THEY HAVE CONTROL OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD LEADERSHIP AND ITS BUDGET AND THEY WILL ONLY REWARD THEMSELVES WITHOUT GUILT. If you try to challenge this... well, just like in thier muslim homelands you can have disguised gangs of thugs at the ready to attack you. The news station should have that mulsim leadership pay for the damage to their vehicles. The current muslim attack on Christmas is spreading. Did you see the vile anti-Christmas posters in England? They are in text similar to the "12 Days Of Christmas" where all sorts of vile things are said about the English people, Christmas and those who celebrate it. Imagine a gentile British child (English, Carib-Black, Christian Chinese from Hong Kong); from any part of the former Empire who now lives in England... and for them to see this? I assume if you complain about this sign you would be called Islamaphobic. In previous Christmas seasons... friends of mine in Europe have told me of Muslims who go out of their way to block Christmas events in progress, Christmas Displays, Santa/Father Christmas visits, shops with Christmas display windows, etc.... ie TO BLOCK THESE VENUES with their muslim prayers. This is done on purpose. Has anyone else heard of this happening? My friends say it has happened more than one Christmas season... AND EACH YEAR IT GETS WORSE where people are getting very dismayed. Now, if any of those Christians have tried to disrupt Ramadan or Eid festivities... It will be interesting to learn (and sad) on how much progress Islamists will have made in banning or curtailing Christmas this year in Europe. Europe without Christmas! Who could have ever imagined this.
Dear Atlas Shrugs: Ms. Geller, you are to be commended for your continual stance for human right for everyone. You stand up for what is right with grace and dignity. Thank you for posting this article on the murderous persecution of gays that takes place in Islamic nations throughout the world. Even in places where Islam is a minority, many of the violence and hate crimes against the local gay population is perpetrated by Islamic immigrants. This includes vandalism, theft and criminal damage to property and businesses owned by gays- more often than not are done by those same Islamics. You have my respect and gratitude Ms. Geller for you speaking out on this issue. I know of IGLHRC and there are other such rights organizations; some withing Islamic nations themselves- definitely situations where the staff of those organizations put their lives on the line. Just as other population groups face horrific hardships when they organize in Islamic nations- Hindu spokespersons in Pakistan, professional and educated women's groups in North Africa, Buddhist and Christian organizations in Indonesia; etc, etc. My experience in international gay issues back in the 1980s was very educational. Lets say "international" stories that I an my colleagues encountered in the main stream press would be... gay AIDS patients denied hospital access in Brazil or physical assaults at a gay event in Australia. With limited resources... well, we would prioritize. We would take up the cause of lets say hospitals in Rio who discriminated against AIDS patients and then if we could deal with the attacks in Australia. Yet what do these news stories all have in common? They were mentioned in main-stream media for one. The media that would mention abuses against gays in Brazil or Australia were silent about abuses in communist marxist nations. Keep in mind the 1980s, the media darlings were communists/leftist marxist leaning nations. So even the "liberal media" would spout about discrimination against gays in Brazil and Australia... but nary a mention of what was going on behind the Iron-Curtain. Gays were rotting in Cuban prison's of Castro, sentenced to gulags in Soviet Russia, being sexually mutilated and murdered in Marxsist/Communist third world nations. The media despised Ronald Reagan's administration as his constant reminder of the "Evil Empire" of the USSR; the media HAD TO report of human rights abuses against various other groups- such as Jewish refuseniks. However, the Reagan White House was silent about homosexuals and lesbians in the East so there was silence in the media. I and many lesbian and gay friends attended many events on behalf of persecuted Soviety Jewry and Hebrew dissidents during the '80s. Surprisingly, as the media embraced communism as it's darlings and would rarely report anything that showed it in a negative light... Islam at that time was not the "favorite" of the media as it is now. Though the media embracing Islam was growing quickly in the 1980s; there was still citicism of it. Soooo... yes, gay groups could and did get vocal about gay persecution in Islamic communities in during the '80s. Then things began to change. The Soviet collaps and the freeing of Eastern Bloc nations was a shock to the media. Without the Soviet as a "back-up" smaller third world communist or communist leaning states found themselves the object of media criticism. Lesbians brutally beaten in their homes, businesses or when staffing gay rights offices would find their situation being reported in the Western media. Gay men who were executed in African or Asian communist third world cess pools... would have their demises finally condemned in the press! Then the "switcheroo" happened. The media adrift and in shock without having the Soviets to protect and applaud... found "another" to to replace the Soviets... it was Islam. Soon, it was Islamic abuse of gays that once could be condemned in the main stream press... now became something ignored. As for my colleagues in the ealry '80s, we got a way around the black out of anti-gay abuse that took place in Iron Curtain nations; that would then subsequently not be mentioned in the media. First, the gay press itself. Back then the gay press would print new stories about persecution of gays and lesbian in communist states. Two,other organizations and events were a great place for networking. A lecture in support of Poland's Solidarity... a rally for Soviet Jewry, an event for persecuted (fill in the blank) _________ under Soviet rule; it was a way to learn about what was happening; and surprisingly, there were people who could share information pertinent to the gay situation. Third. HAM RADIOS! Why wait for BBC or CBS to NOT REPORT on gays in the Soviet Iron Curtain. Ham Radio operators and contacts were a great source of information. I and my colleagues did this in the 1980s- spreading the word about our fellows in the Eastern Bloc, USSR and marxist states whether in Asia, Africa or elsewhere. We did this while caring for our families, pursuing our professions and paychecks; and being involved with other causes (such as the AIDS crisis). Many of the causes being other human rights issues. As I mentioned earlier the Jewish Refuseniks... I know many gay and lesbian gentiles who supported this humanitarian cause. Now, lets jump forward 25-30 years. The Islamic persecution of gays; yes- I agree with Ms. Geller that the gay community needs to get involved with this issue. Many of us are involved in the issue, however; we are not as organized or as numerous as I and others would like for us to be. The people I speak to and work with, and those who we enlighten... it has nothing to do with us "loathing" ourselves, supporting gay marriage, birth control, abortion, voting for Bush, McCain,Romney, Gore, Kerry or Obama, listening to Judy Garland CDs, the extinction of the passenger pigeon, the last ice age, the Chicago Cubs win record, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, the South losing the Civil War or the cancellation of the "L-Word." Non-gay people's view of certain things leave me rather baffled and as always amused. This includes the post of gays are after people's children and grandchildren, of Israel's troubles with Islam results from the Jewish state's treatment of gay citizens or the numerous conspiracy theories about gays. However, nothing posted here really stands out- read or heard of most of it before. At least with the internet... these comments don't come with my property being stolen or vandalized; or my physical self being attacked, which has happened way too many times in my life and that of my friends. When hearing comments like that above in person, at times it has come with physical assaults and attacks. For every gay I know; I know other persons who are somehow affiliated with other groups, religions, ethnicities, professions, causes, etc- that are under seige and are targeted by the spread of Islamists or have been brutally targeted in the past. Regardless of being a current or past target of Islamists... IF this world wide movement of sharia implementation and Islamic surpemacism is to be stopped, the world is going to have to come together, united against this threat. So why are some gays not involved in the anti-Islamic threat against people like themselves? See the above reference to other populations targeted by Islamists? The gays are not involved the same way other populations who have been victimized are not involved. Geography. Gays in Chicago, Ottawa or Sydney may be like Arab Christians, Israeli Jews, Hindu Immigrants from Pakistan, women who are anti-domestic violence advocates, black women, Thai Buddhists, etc, etc... who live in those same cities. NONE OF THEM ARE CURRENTLY UNDER SIEGE. Their defenses are lapsed. An anti-domestic violence advocate who works in any of those cities.... probably hasn't really had it "sink in" that her life would be in danger if she practiced her profession in Karachi, Tunis or Cairo. An Arab Christian born in Sydney may not be as invested as standing up for Christian rights in Arab-Muslim lands as say his or her immigrant parents would be. Daily Life. Including but not exclusive to employment, raising a family, worrying about house payments, dealing with a serious illness, and any other distraction of living in a First World Free nation. Misinformed about Islam. That I think we all can agree is a barrier as to why people are not more involved. I could go on. I'm not, because there are many reasons why a modern day gay or lesbian isn't leading the charge against militant Islam. I am not excusing the behavior, yet I do not slam them more than I would OTHER POPULATIONS WHO SHOULD ALSO BE "AWARE" and sadly are not. So what to do? Well, the gay media does deal with Islamic persecution of gays, not as much as I would like. Other gays try to battle this movement in the broader sense. Recently, I was at a church attended by gays. There was a huge bulletin board on how to be an activist against Islamic persecution of churches. These gays feel they "battle" the Islamic menace in a broader way with standing up for these churches. Some lesbians deal with the Islamic threat via supporting women's rights, anti-honor killings, anti-genital mutlilation, etc movements. Other gays I know do their best to get the mainstream media to point out the anti-gay actions of Islamists. I could point out the 800lb gorilla in the room. Gays and lesbians are involved in battling the Islamic movement. I am noticing that gays are involved in stopping Islamic attacks on different peoples, etc... but I don't see these other groups mentioning gays specifically when they very well could mention gays as targets of Islamic hate. Oh, as for the Ham Radios... they aren't as useful any more with the rise of email and twitter which provides instantaneous communication around the world. THOUGH I WILL SAY THIS.... THE INTERNET CAN STILL BE CENSORED WHILE HAM RADIOS ARE NOT. The adage of we all unite or hang separately is very true. I don't give a crap that X, Y & Z hates me. I just need stupid ass X, Y & Z to realize that ONE POINT FIVE BILLIONS ISLAMISTS HATE ALL OF US AND A UNIFIED FRONT IS NECESSARY FOR THE WORLD TO SURVIVE WHAT IS COMING. I am still trying to gather more gays and lesbians for this cause. I will end this post the way I started. Thank you, Ms. Geller- I admire your patriotism, unflappable stance for for human rights; your grace while under attack by Islamic supremacists and doing it all with a fantastic sense of poise and style. Go Pamela, Go Pamela, Go!
Dear Atlas Shrugs readers: The destruction of those magnificent towering Buddha statues had at least a few in the pro-Islamic media horrified. However, in the years since their destruction... the more dhimmified the media has become. So much that when the historic shrines of Muslim saints from an offshoot Islamic sect were destroyed in Mali earlier this year... basically no one noticed. Any time construction workers (almost always NON-MUSLIMS brought in from other nations)in Muslim lands come across pre-Islam archaeological sites, artifacts, etc... they are instructed to destroy them. When Islamists invaded Mali, Darfur and other African states... jewelery items, amulets, etc- representing different tribal cultures and animist beliefs... were ripped off the bodies of the owners. Recently in Israel, muslims have ripped up timbers from an ancient Jewish temple and destroyed them. Islamists in Europehave tried (so far unsuccesfully... once again "only so far") to remove, cover up or alter works of art from the medieval era and renaissance that have depicted Islamists in ways found offensive by Muslims. Did these Islamic Imbeciles really expected Christian artists who when learning of the blood lust of the Muslims during the Crusades to actually create paintings and art work praising "Allah", I mean PULLLEEEZZZEEE you stupid Islamic- #@*$"?## get a clue. Why al these references to OTHER works of art, archaeological sites and even small objecs (amulets, etc) of non-Islam origin? Well, the Islamists if not successful in destroying all of the above... are hellbent on doing so. Don't think that global treasures like the Sphinx and Pyramids can be immune. The muslims do this to re-write history and to re-enforce a belief that any time period before Islam arrived was inherently inferior. If you don't destroy historic cathedrals, synagogues, shrines and temples... then take over those former places of Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Sihk and Hindu worship.... and tell Muslim children these buildings have always been Islamic. Attempt to alter paintings which depict the truth about Islamic barbarism in the Crusades. Obliterate shrines of saints... to get rid of proof that another sect or Islam existed in a land before your own Muslim denomination arrived. ...and so it goes. On a similar note of re-writing history; as an American Indian I have had way too many discussions with muslims who believe that they- muslims are the "indigenous peoples" of America. Strange. I have friends who are Pawnee, Miami, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Sac & Fox, etc, etc... who would argue that point. My gut reaction is the days of these ancient treasures, the Sphinx and Pyramids are numbered. Oh, and the reference in the article about the Sphinx... muslims centuries ago defaced the Sphinx and destroyed the nose.
Dear Atlas Shrugs readers: Canada is a modern Western first world nation. Like many other nations the error of letting Islamadoodles inside a country's borders is beginning to bear bitter fruit. Canada has a modern healthcare system. If a muslim would go to a hospital, clinic, dental office or counseling center... they would receive compassion and NOT A GLASS OF CAMEL URINE. Canadian education? Well, Canada is giving in more and more to replace Canadian values with Islamic ones in the classroom. Canadian entertainment? Don't offend muslims! Canadian prosperity and material needs... well with the Canadian welfare system the Islamadoodles never have a worry about any physical want or need. Canada is an Islamic ideal destination! Think of all the young Canadian women to molest and rape in the streets of Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto or Montreal! How did Canada get so prosperous as to make it an ideal destination for Islamadoodles to rape and plunder (ooopppsss!I meant "settle"); well thank the Canadian military. The Canadians celebrated Armistice Day... and whether in the trenches of WWI, the defense of Hong Kong and D-Day invasion of WWII, holding the line in 1950s Korea... and any number of armed conflicts between then and now... the Canadian military defense of freedom has helped make their nation free and prosperous. I remember the Canadian military and diplomatic assistance in rescuing Americans during the US-Iranian hostage crisis... and the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina... the Canadian military came once again to help save American lives. Canada and the United States have been allies for generations (albeit the War of 1812 anniversary now being celebrated... well, things don't always go smoothly :) but for the most part it has been a relationship based on mutual interests, ideals and embracing of freedom. I am so sorry this pro muslim garbage happened to the Canadian veterans memorial. For my fellow Americans when you say God Bless America this Veterans' Day... please say a blessing for Canada as well. She is with us in this fight against Islamic Supremacism. And this American Indian would like to say to my Canadian counterparts- the First Nations and Metis people of Canada (many of whom are proud Canadian military veterans)- stand strong alongside your non-Indigenous countrymen, the road ahead for all of you is going to be rough. Happy Veterans Day/Armistice Day Canada.
Dear Atlas Shrugs readers: In Scandinavia; Iranian Christians who make it inside the borders of those nations.... are finding themselves deported back to Iran in large numbers when it is discovered they are not "muslims who face Islamaphobia." They are sent back to face almost certain persecution or death. All the while muslims can enter Scandinavia, get on welfare immediately and begin rampages of rape, vandalism, theft and murder while getting tax-payer benefits. Rape and never go hungry! Vandalize and be sure you always have a roof over your head! Steal and get free education! Murder and get a financial stipend where that you can spend at shopping centers and malls! Welcome to the west muslims and deport you to your deaths Christians! Bridging the above facts to the article above is so sadly easy. This mad man mastermind of unspeakable violence just isn't getting sent to Jordan where he is viewed as a ciminal (by Jordan... not the most human rights friendly place on the planet... AND EVEN JORDAN WANTS A PIECE OF THIS MONSTER). Deported? NO! Instead he is virtually freed and can go about his business of plotting murder and destruction. While elsewhere in the UK... Tommy Robinson who stands up for freedom is rotting in prison. The UK Legal Establishment were afraid that Mr. Islamadoodle would face torture and unfairness in Jordan? Well what the hell is Robinson experiencing in his British homeland? Non-existence charges and being separated from his family for the upcoming Christmas holiday. Robinson spent days in a violent muslim section cellblock and shared a cell with muslims. If this poor man has not actually been raped by his cell mates I'm sure he was threatened with sexual assault. If not sodomized he was probably beaten up. Has anyone been able to physically see Tommy? If he IS NOT covered in bruises and abrasions then I would be very surprised. So, I thought Scandinavia was going nutso when this once prosperous region of Europe sent Mid-Eastern Christians to their deported doom and protected MoHAMmed's followers. What could be more nuts than that? Well, Great Britain keeping Tommy Robinson behind bars and letting Abu Qatada back loose on the streets if the UK. Soon to be the UKK (the United Koranic Kingdom).
Dear Atlas Shrugs readers: The child could be "Palestinian" because keep in mind their is no such ethnicity as "Palestinain." The Arabs or Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and other states arrived in the British Mandate area in droves to take advantage of the economic prosperity, stability and modern infrastructure being created and supported by the Jews of "Palestine" whether Jewish settler, Sabra or those Jews whose ancestors lived in the area for generations unbroken. Oh yea, there were also large numbers of European moslems from the Balkans (ie former Yugoslavia), Bosnia, etc- who poured into the region as well. So little moppet of hate and rage can be a blonde "Palestinian." I believe a similar article about this same child made reference to being "muslim" (whether Arabic or Bosnian European I don't know) and the child's brother had been arrested on terror charges. Then she could be the daughter of virulently anti-Semitic Westerners who use their children like pawns... hoping them to be future Rachel Corys. The anti-Israeli movement is so sick and twisted whether its muslim or pro-Arab westerners... they put their children in harm's way by throwing rocks, jumping in front of tanks and confronting armed military personnel. It is a credit to the humanity, discipline and humanity of the Israeli soldier that they don't react to these heinous little monsters. The Islamists turn their children into suicide bombers and then send scud rockets into Israeli towns and villages in the hopes of killing Jewish children. With this sort of depravity, barbarism and just plane sick minded adults running the Islam-World show... is it any wonder the world is a dangerous place. As for the media... always their to show how "evil Israelis are" yet absent when muslims commit atrocities against Jews. One can hope that after the media left... one of thos soldiers gave that little upstart of sound spanking. However, probably not likely.
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Dear Atlas Shrugs readers: Years ago in the early 1980s, the movie ET: The Extra-Terrestrial was censored in parts of Scandinavia because the film depicted the film's mother (played by Dee Wallace) raising her voice to her children. The social-conscious of 1980s liberal Scandinavia was so that "child abuse" was watching a film where a parent raises her voice and reprimands children. The poor children! Scandinavia of the 21st century? Young girls whether teens or pre-teen; along with little boys are victims of sex slavery, rape gangs, sex trafficking and child-marriage. The Scandinavia who scolded their own ethnic nationalities for exposing children to movies where "moms yell"... now turns away as the millions of Islamadoodles in Europe molest and rape the future generation out of existence. My point is if the social workers, child advocates, feminists, et-al who could be so "child rights conscious" in the 1980s to the point of silliness seeing abuse where none exist; to now excuse or be silent about Islamists devouring an entire generation of European children in a sex depraved muslim religious based movement... what chance do the children of Islamic nations have? Who will speak up for them? Where are the UN's "rights of the child" supporters? The staff of MS. magazine? The "I-see-child-abuse-around-every-corner" celebrity? Where are these people to speak up for children of muslim states? Well, if the people in the West won't stand up for their own children in Western nations when under assault by Islamists... what happens to muslim children? Especially, since it is only going to be pressure of Western nations to stop this abuse in muslim nations. I salute Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch and BareNaked Islam and other like minded sites who continue to spotlight the abuse of children in Islamic states and anywhere Islamadoodles have colonized.
Dear Atlas Shrugs: The photo of child-brides in yet another Islamadoodle sharia implemented "paradise" is very disturbing. Many viewpoints will mention how "other societies" either currently or in the past also had child-brides. So, isn't this social issue "common" or at least shouldn't result in the condemnation of Islamadoodle society? After... why attack Islam only when children forced into marriage happens all over the world. Well, here we go... The post by jay mentions Ashkenazi jewish child-marriage during the medieval era. From his post- even if the Ashkenazi people practiced child marriage; there was cultural and religious customs/laws that gave the child and/or her parents the ability to opt out of any such marriage. This did not excuse the practice, but at least there was some options to escape the situation. Also, this TOOK PLACE IN THE MIDDLE-AGES AND NOT ALL JEWISH COMMUNITIES OF THAT ERA ENGAGED IN THIS PRACTICE. Compare this to what is going on in the Islamadoodle world. This is not the MEDIEVAL ERA IT IS HAPPENING IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Keep in mind that not matter what nationality or branch of Islam a muslim is; the practice of child-brides is practiced or is commonly known. Add to this the different laws and religious teachings of Islam (Koran, sharia, etc) promote this practice and its modern day implementation has not been universally condemned by the Islamic faith. Have Hindus, Buddhists or some sects of Christianity engaged in child marriage? Yes. However, once again- most cases of Christians engaging in child marriage; it is taking place illegally and all mainstream Christian denominations condemn the practice. Other "child marriages" by Hindus or Buddhists were more like "child betrothels" where a girl would be "promised" to a male for a FUTURE marriage. Many times the male would be a child himself AND there would be no living together or consumation of marriage UNTIL AFTER YEARS OF ENGAGEMENT when the two are married AS ADULTS. Compare this to the Islamic child marriages- where if you read the caption on the photo... THE LITTLE GIRLS ARE LIVING WITH THESE MEN NOW! Once again in the 21st century... not the middle-ages, not the 1800s, not the 1920s.... but TODAY. And if there are Hindu marriages between adults and children similar what we see in the above photo of a Yemeni MAN AND (PRE-PUBESCENT) WIFE... then that needs to be condemned by civilized people everywhere as well. Still need to point out the near universal support of child-brides by the Islamadoodles of the world; and how post-Arab Spring... more and more Muslim religious leaders advocate child-brides, domestic violence, sexual slavery, little boys for sex entertainment, etc, etc. Yes, in Eastern Europe and Germany, underage Russian girls are found in sex clubs, sex tourism from the West preys open youth in Bangkok, teen-agers on the streets in Sydney, Tokyo, London or New York face horrors as sex-workers. However, modern civilized nations in Europe, Japan, USA and elsewhere condemn this and social welfare groups do their best to stop this exploitation. This IS EONS AWAY FROM THE ISLAMIC WORLD where disrespect for humanity, result in rape-gangs, CHILD-BRIDES and sodomizing of male diplomats. SEXUAL SLAVERY STILL EXISTS IN THE ISLAMIC WORLD ON A GRAND SCALE. So, excusing Islamic child-rape and marriage to little girls IN THE PRESENT 21st CENTURY because of comparisons with other cultures or other time eras... is just not acceptable.
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Oooops! Sorry Atlas Shrugs readers, I hit the post bottom too soon! Anyway, the murder and cover-up is Koran/Sharia, as is a child bride and the motive behind the mruder (she was wanting to leave the husband and who knows... maybe even Islam). What slam dunks this as yet another Islamadoodle crime... is the way the Islamic community embraced this as a "hate crime" which it was not. Yup this is sharia in action. Those poor children now without their mother. One can hope that the minor children will be given an upbringing that is not tied to the cult of death. Hey, dear hubby had consumated the marraige at least by 14... if not younger. This makes him a pedophile. Once we find out what prison he is going to... lets make sure his cell block mates know that he is child molestor. Peace to those poor youngters.