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An Insider's Guide to Hospitalist Careers
Seattle, WA
Robert Crabtree, Sr. Recruitment Consultant, Recruits Physician and Mid Level providers for Sound Physicians
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Looking to work a few extra shifts? Don’t waste time reviewing hundreds of jobs – NOW simply search by title or location to find the career opportunities that you want. Users can add their title and state to locate jobs. If you tap the alert option, opportunities can be sent... Continue reading
The holidays are a time to rest and relax–but it's also the perfect time to search for new career opportunities. Hiring is driven by need and recruitment efforts continue throughout the season. Career Search Tips: 1. Network during events and parties 2. Build a professional social profile (don't forget to... Continue reading
When conducting your career search, put your most professional image forward to prospective employers. When used in an appropriate manner, social media can be a tool for networking and presenting the positive attributes about you. If you are interested in what recruiters are seeing about you online, conduct a search on yourself. Continue reading
Searching for the perfect career is similar to shopping for a new home or other major investment. You want to make the right purchase or right selection the first time. When you look for hospital medicine careers, what's the most important aspect of your search? Do you seek jobs according... Continue reading
Our experienced team of recruitment consultants is ready to help you evaluate a career with Sound Physicians. Continue reading
Have you ever noticed how effortless, children negotiate for their wants and needs? Children seem to have a gift for getting just what they want. Ask yourself, why is it that as we get older we loose that comfort level about being direct about our needs? > Click here to... Continue reading
Do you start the day looking forward to another shift or end it scanning the web for a new position? A recent survey found that 42 percent of practicing physicians are dissatisfied in their job. >Click Here to download our career tip sheet Within the past year Sound Physicians has... Continue reading
Over the past decade we’ve assisted more than 700 hospitalists secure their future. Our primary objective is to help you find the right match that leads to a sustainable career in hospital medicine. Let us help you discover the possibilities. Continue reading
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Jul 16, 2013
For physicians, the hospital can be a rewarding place to practice. And you have enormous hospital medicine opportunities that can be found throughout all regions of the country. Where you live, work and play is very significant. Select a region based on your interests, your spouse and family’s interests and... Continue reading
Navigating through the immigration process can be a source of angst for many physicians. Selecting an employer of choice with vast experience in the immigration process for physicians is one way to ensure successful completion of the immigration process with minimal stress. Sound Physicians has free resources to help you... Continue reading
Once your career search in hospital medicine is underway, different recruiters will begin contacting you. It’s important to understand the different types of recruiters in the medical field and your goals for career success. A good place to begin is the recruitment department at a organization with values and goals... Continue reading
There are tons of job search sites for people looking for career opportunities. Depending on your profession, there can be focused sites for specific careers and within those career sites there are often specialized searches for specific skill sets or even separate sites dedicated to specific skill sets. For Hospitalist’s... Continue reading
Now that you’re a senior resident the job search begins! It can be challenging to establish the best timeline to pursue your career opportunities. Sound Physicians has a free guide to help you follow a tried and true timeline for making your career search successful and minimizing stress around your... Continue reading
You've identified the practice(s) you want to pursue and, best of all, you've been invited to interview with your practice of choice. Congratulations! Now the hard work begins - how do you ace the interview? Continue reading
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Sep 18, 2012
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Sep 18, 2012
Location is a key factor is identifying your best hosptialist practice opportunities. Continue reading
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