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I'd like to think of an electric car as a tank which takes all night to re-fill and has the range of an average daily commute which in 4-6 years will have half the range. Which means it will retard to a glorified golf cart... whereas my gar car refills in a few minutes and has the range to drive all day. Until I can drive an electric car all day without maybe 1 refilling it will have limited appeal, at least to me.
Its press releases like this that give me confidence in this company and their products. - Proud Dodge Owner
Very interesting, I wonder what the MPG will be and how it stacks up to the Ram Diesel 1500...
@Peter_XX About pressure Diesel power magazine says "The design of its V-6 is intended for firing pressures up to 2,940-psi, and the engine freely revs to 5,000 rpm." Banks Diesel has a VM Motori 3.0L but it only packs 268hp with about the same torque of 421. IMHO not exactly a worthwhile engine rebuild to take on for so little power. About that BMW tri-turbo 3.0L diesel, yeah it is amazing. Ridiculous to get 37.3 mpg highway and 381hp/546lb-ft.
The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel is rated 30 mpg highway. It wouldn't be surprising to see this get the same or better. Just so damn awesome to see the 8 speed being used here. Way to go Chrysler! Maybe some tweaking of the MultiJet II common-rail fuel-injection system with 29,000-psi (2,000-bar) of line pressure to 2100 or 2200 bar will give a nice 10-15% boost with just programming. Ram 1500 diesel here I come....
“greater than average battery capacity loss [battery is defective but they say its] due to their unique usage cycle, which includes operating mileages that are higher than average…” Unique and higher than average? The EPA says annual estimate of cost is $561 based on a 15,000 mile year, i.e. average which I seriously doubt most of them exceeded. Also average? VOLT loves to say the average driver goes less than 20 miles a day… is this what they mean? “…. in a high-temperature environment” Meaning Arizona is too hot to use these cars as it wasn’t designed to be fit for use there as these customers intended to use the car as a daily commuting car. Ergo 1. the 35K Nissan Leaf is about a useful as a bloated in-City only grocery vehicle (i.e. golf cart). 2. The manufacturer warranty is a farce as it never warranted the battery operating at its advertised range on the EPA sticker. They ought to include the “normal” range decrease then as well.
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Sep 23, 2012