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Byron Hamilton
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As scientists have proven the significantly increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the negative effects that humans have had on the environment, environmental sustainability has become an ever-growing focus of leaders around the world. Working as the energy intern at Mohawk Industries, a carpet manufacturer, I have been able to obtain a first hand look at what it means to be in environmental sustainability within the corporate business world. While some companies enforce their focus of environmental sustainability due to its impact on the world, the more typical view is as a business strategy. This business strategy... Continue reading
Over the past winter break I began my search for a summer internship. However this was no ordinary search. Seeing as I still do not know what field I want to go into I felt that I wouldn’t be able to figure out a career path that interested me by filling out an online form. Instead I was able to set up personal meetings with individuals in the environmental sustainability field, a practice I am finding more and more attractive and prospective. While all three went well, overall I was hit by a very realistic barrier. While I was aware... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2013 at Center for Principled Problem Solving
The summer before my first semester at Guilford College I left the city that I proudly called my home, Aurora, IL, for over half of my life for Atlanta, GA. However, from time to time I enjoy looking back to the local news sites in order to see what the community has been doing. Recently, I discovered the article Teens Take to the Streets, by Erika Wurst. This article is about a group of high school students who were putting together a group focusing on issues that they have seen in the local community. This group was started by an... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2013 at Center for Principled Problem Solving
A few weeks ago, I began attending Serendipity Committee in support of my best friend who leads the meetings. The Serendipity Committee is a committee which meets once a week on Wednesdays from 8:30pm-9:30pm in order to discuss, vote, and plan the entire Guilford College weekend community festival, Serendipity. However, with my recent membership of this committee I have come across controversies by listening to the student body at Guilford College when dealing or talking about Serendipity. All of these controversies could easily be solved or at the least heard by the committee if only those who feel free to... Continue reading
Recently, I was able to attend the Hunger Lunch and talk presented by Allie Treske, the Chief Operating Officer of Nourish International. The talk started off with Allie describing what Nourish International does. She described Nourish International as a benefit corporation focused around the triple bottom line which utilizes social entrepreneurship in order to aid those who are in need. The first part of this description is that Nourish International is a benefit corporation (B-Corporation) which means that they are focused around the benefit of others mainly through the use of sustainable business practices. Nourish International also follows the triple... Continue reading
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