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Wilbert Lennon
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It seemed too good to be true. I had successfully planned and mapped out a solid format for Glenwood Recreational Center’s Summer Day Camp program, as an intern, one week before it would begin. My completed checklist included: organizing an excel spreadsheet which categorized all the arts and crafts to be purchased for the camp, handpicking theme’s for each week throughout camp to match those arts and crafts, researching, phoning, and booking field trips for all age groups and last but not least (by no means) redesigning storage space for games, crafts and camp reading materials. I had done it!... Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2013 at Center for Principled Problem Solving
What is the image of a united community? Are we responsible for the humanity of our neighbors, our community, our city? Well the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro thinks so. They're fighting to eradicate poverty, homelessness, illiteracy, domestic violence and many other city issues, as their actions demonstrates. As they view it, it is much easier when city resources are distributed equally among all those who are diligent about stamping out social inequalities and promoting community safety. The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro helps individuals, families and organizations establish charitable funds and makes annual gifts from the earnings to support... Continue reading
By: Will Lennon, Jr. As the buzzer sounded indicating the end of the game, I leaped for joy and began to thank each and every one of my players for their dedication and hard effort. We, the "Glenwood Center" had just won the Greensboro All-Stars City Championship in the 11-13 group, 52 to 45 against our cross town rival, Warnersville Recreation Center. I ran from player to player (imitating the great Jim Valvano after his NC State team had just upset the high flying Houston Cougars) looking for someone to hug and high five. Finally one of my players, Kameron... Continue reading
Posted Jun 17, 2013 at Center for Principled Problem Solving
As I parked my Ford Expedition right in front of Guilford’s football field, a handful of my youth football players almost could not contain themselves in my truck. The excitement of seeing a live college football game for the first time caused them to open the truck door before I could bring the two ton vehicle to a stop. We were all excited to have the opportunity to see Guilford College face off against Catholic on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Little did I know that the afternoon of fun and sun would drastically alter my perception that Guilford has a... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2013 at Center for Principled Problem Solving
I recently had the opportunity to attend the Sullivan Foundation Social Entrepreneurship Retreat in Hendersonville, NC, for my Principled Problem Solving Class. At the beginning, I viewed this weekend as a series of boring lectures, longwinded presentations and uninspiring jargon to assimilate us into a capitalistic system with a socially correct appeal. I soon realized that it was nothing of the sort. In fact, this experience helped me to understand the business side of how to create and sustain a youth resource center, which I would like to own someday, with or without the help of government assistance. The fact... Continue reading
Posted Nov 27, 2012 at Center for Principled Problem Solving
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