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Hi Pamela, Congratulations! Just one question: When is "Atlas Shrugs" Moving to Whether I click "Blog" or "Atlas Shrugs" in your menu I am routed to the site. I take it you mean that you have ALMOST arrived at this goal, to create a Blog inside of that also allows posting comments to your blog entries. That when this is done all daily blogging happens at the URL. And that your AtlasShrugs account at Typepad will cease to exist after that Blog transfer has been accomplished?
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If Canada would be kind enough to clone Steven Harper, John Baird, and Vivian Bercovici and send them south of the border we would gratefully, adoringly take them in. Good Show CANADA! Leading from the Front!
Love that guy. PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU, that is. The leading realist on the world's diplomatic stage. Blessings to Prime Minister Netanyahu in the name of Yeshuah. And I must pray that Barack Obama is brought to his senses by a blinding light from Heaven sent by the God of Israel. The God of the whole Earth, wherever truth is thirsted after and cherished. May His light continue to shine on this Prince, Benjamin Netanyahu.
I am just going to cut and paste the pithy comments of "James Lee" over at the New York Post comments section in reference to this article: James Lee 1 day ago Obama secretly relaxed the sanctions for a year, released an Iranian prisoner, and gave the regime 8 billion dollars. By the way, he was negotiating in secret with our mortal enemies while publicly stating that he had no intention of negotiating with the elected representatives of the American people. In return he has earned another humiliating bitch slap from the autocrats of another 3rd world hell hole. They get what they want and he gets suckered like a rube wandering the streets of the city for the first time. Barack Obama is in way over his head. He doesn't know what he is doing. He is up against much smarter, much tougher guys and they are making him and America look like some drooling kid riding to school on the little bus with a piece of paper with his name, address, and telephone number safety pinned to his shirt pocket.
As to be expected, Muslims apply their hatred equally across the globe. And while they dream of worldwide conquest they practice jihad at home with their Muslim neighbors. At knifepoint most atheists would, I am surmising, "convert" to Islam. But, God is ready to reveal Himself to all: Atheists and Muslims definitely welcome.
"“Reasonableness” cannot be judged in a vacuum or laboratory test tube. An action or judgment is tested as reasonable or unreasonable in light of “all the surrounding circumstances.”" Excellent points made in summation.
Absolutely proves how family oriented is the Muslim homefront. And, Mom? She warms up the Campbell's jalal lamb soup for her "men" at the end of a long hard day of Jihad.
My Dear Pamela Do not the Republicans understand that it is on Obamacare that the whole party sinks or swims forever? If they do not all hang together that they will hang separately? I now read that 12 Republicans in House are ready to support a "clean" Continuing Resolution and maybe 4 more ready to join. Have they swallowed the Borg creed -- Resistance is Futile? Obamacare whether intended or not will create a new welfare state that will slavishly vote the Democratic ticket. Republicans need not apply. Particularly when the most draconian goon squad for liberal objectives, the American funded SS and Brown Shirts Agency, the IRS, is both the Enforcer and Enabler? The strategy, or hope, that letting Obamacare pass so that it will defeat itself over time, will only backfire on, not reward, Republicans. If it were allowed to be enacted and it begins to create the predicted train wreck of socialism combined with rampant corruption and confusion it will not help the Republicans to regain power at all. If the Republicans let this pass without a concerted fight to the death it is THEY who will be blamed anyway. The public perception is that it is the Republicans who killed the genius of the plan by insisting on "compromises". Obamacare was "gutted" and nulled by those damned Republicans who insisted on screwing it up with "compromises". If they had just let Obama push this through the way he originally intended everything it would have worked! Additionally, the Republicans who cave now, will not be able to say that they resisted, that they knew better. If Obamacare is enacted these same Republicans will not be able to take a moral high ground and point fingers with a smug "I told you so". They acquiesced when they had the chance to quash. But if Obamacare passes and creates a new welfare state it will become so entrenched that to change or drop it then will be impossible. And every single recipient, including the millions of newly "legitimized" "immigrants" will be Democrats. With the IRS looking over your shoulder you will not consider resistance. Republicans will never be a political force again. All elections, local and national, will be foregone conclusions for Democratic candidates in every office, post, and bureacratic position. This is a disaster coming unless Republicans literally save Democracy with this stand on Obamacare. Unfortunately we have too many paper Republicans ready to be folded and spindled.
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It is appalling that a former Cold War era KGB Lieutenant Colonel now seems to make more sense than our own Head of State. At every turn Obama has lied, lied, lied. Now we know that he already had been briefed, unless he was out on the golf course for those briefings, that many foreign hands worked to get sarin gas into the hands of Jihadi terrorists. American intelligence knows the deeper secrets of what was going on at the behest of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and, incredibly, the USA. The mission to Annihilate Assad at any cost and turn over the country to the strongest Jihadists operating in the MidEast has been Obama's clueless foreign policy. And then Obama has repeatedly stood before world television cameras and repeated assertions that he absolutely has to know are LIES. Impeachment is too good for this disgrace.
Shana tovah u'metukah, Pamela.
Some years ago in Santa Monica I attended the Wedding Party of a couple I didn't know because I came along to help out their DJ. When I wasn't DJ-ing part time in LA I would go check out what my friends were up to. The after wedding party was held inside the Santa Monica Pier Carousel, scene of thousands of movie backdrops and television show dramas and comedies. The wedding brought together an Irish family and an Armenian family. That seemed like a great mix. The DJ worked his derrière off trying to get the two families out on the dance floor, the old wooden planks between the carousels. 50's rock, 60's rock, 70's rock, disco, R&B…. nothing seemed to be working. Then suddenly, there in the Carousel room, just off the beginning of the pier out to the Pacific waves, on a balmy late summer afternoon the DJ slipped Frank Sinata into the mix. The iconic trembling strings, oboes, flutes, muted drums, burbling Hammond organ notes of Nelson Riddle's orchestra slinked sinuously across the floor into every ear of every age of all represented cultures. We all, a party of 130 Irish, Armenians, Italians, Indians, Scots-Irish, young and old, even I without an immediate partner, flew to the dance floor. I HAD to move. "The summer wind, came blowin' in from across the sea It lingered there, to touch your hair and walk with me" I found someone's lovely Armenian mother momentarily separated from her original partner and claimed her for next few minutes. As we danced I drifted back in time to the summer I first heard this song debuted on our local radio station in Illinois as I dressed for school in early autumn 1966. Yet this was Southern California in 1996, 30 years later, and Summer Wind was still working its dance floor magic at wedding parties. "The autumn wind, and the winter winds they have come and gone
 And still the days, those lonely days they go on and on
 And guess who sighs his lullabies through nights that never end
 My fickle friend, the summer wind The summer wind, warm summer wind, the summer wind ..."
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And see this:
Aaayeee, Logdon: "There's a whole other world out there and we don't know the half of it." Gosh, gee, I do know about the other half, but, what with going through weekly CIA polygraph tests to see who's "talking to the press" I just can't Tell you about it right now. Lamentable. Wait for the book and documentary once the IRS and the DOJ quit hounding me. Meanwhile I am restringing my acoustic with a heavier gage to see if I can rip through this Reinhardt number .. .
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I am a big fan of Pat Condell, the atheist. As I have written to him several times, what I appreciate about his crisply articulate pronouncements, is that they have the ring and authority of TRUTH. As an Evangelical Christian, that is, a follower of Yeshua Hamashiach, the True Original, and Redeemer of Israel, I excuse Pat's occasional diatribes against "Religion" and the futility of a belief in a real True God. As I have written to him, I pretty much agree with his confusion over "Christianity", in all its theological forms over the centuries. Which is why my relationship and my prayers are to the Son of God Himself, not to liturgical concepts erroneously evolved by confused humans who thought the human construct more important than the Rock, the Foundation, the words and deeds and prophecies of this Jew for All Times and the End Times. Even more important than Free Speech is the Truth. It is most important that Free Speech also give voice to the Truth, Eternal Truths. It is the TRUTH that springs forth like light in darkness, a beacon to guide how we act, how we love, how we sacrifice, how we revere, how we seek God Himself that is the most effective use of Free Speech. Free Speech can be white noise or static. The Truth about so many human issues is what gives Pat Condell's messages their power and distinctive ring of Truth.
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I am dumbfounded that Congress acquiesces to directly aiding ISLAMIC JIHADISTS who do not even live in Syria to crush Assad's regime with the very weaponry and the training to use those weapons that they will soon turn against Israel. How can our own regime and even liberals and Democrats and Republicans not see that we are arming for Armaggedon itself? This is what is described in the Prophets and in Revelations. That the world's powers will all center their arms and military into this very region of the world? That there will be warfare HERE as has never been seen in the history of the world! And that it will involve such small territory that does not belong to any of the nations marching into this conflagration. NOW even disbelievers should question what has been foretold.
Well, here's one of the latest stories of black mobs taking it out on non-blacks. But there is a truth that I don't see many talking about. African-Americans are being ludicrously hypocritical about the death of Trayvon Martin. Had he died in their own neighborhoods, shot randomly or deliberately, no one would have known his name or cared. Certainly no riots, no threats -- just another day or night in the "hood". And there is another truth that is ugly for its truth. African-Americans today, for the MOST part, the majority of brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, indeed, pastors, are not disturbed about the criminal revelations coming to light about Trayvon's drug use, burglaries, fighting, school suspensions, destruction of public property or school property. African-Americans, for the majority, do NOT CARE about any of these "flaws" in his character! Trayvon Martin is, frighteningly, all too much like their own family members. Trayvon Martin is NORMAL in the majority of African-American neighborhoods. He IS the NORM. The rest of us may be shocked, aghast at the lynch mob going for Zimmerman, but this is a mob who simply do not care for the life of anyone, anyone. Trayvon IS the "normal, good boy" who black mothers cry over at every turn, at every prematurely young death of another hoodlum: "My baby is a good boy... he wouldn't do somethin' like that. The police took my baby boy. The white man murdered my innocent baby boy. People talkin' bad 'bout my sweet boy!" That is a harsh truth but one I have seen for a long time. Inside the black community if you have conversations with honest people they will tell you just how bad it is and how bad it has gotten. "Good folk" don't stand a chance to raise their kids right. "Good black folk", they say, have it so stacked against them if they try to raise their kids to be honest, respectful, care about making good grades, studying for school, staying away from the drugs. Almost impossible for good folks in today's black communities. Having travelled extensively for television in some of America's best known black communities in New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Boston, Dallas, Tampa, and all through the deep South, I can tell you that Black Churches have failed spectacularly to create righteousness and any values in their communities. Black pastors are all too commonly involved in everything shady and outright criminal while their flock looks on and then looks the other way while praising the Lord. All black youth growing up know that the Right Reverend is "just as human" as any thug. He just talks prettier in the pulpit. No wonder Islam is making the biggest inroads in the black communities. People who can't believe that President Obama could be gay and still go to a church that actually encouraged and helped to promulgate homosexuality with a huge wink and a Praise the Lord have not been into these churches. I have. I have seen the openly, flamingly gay, queeny behavior that characterizes so many Christian church leaders, as pastors, song leaders, featured gospel artists in Black Churches of every denomination. As Jesus said, they are dens of iniquity. They have devalued the currency of the scripture by their hypocrisy in the pulpit, choir section, and after church letting their hair down... I have lots of homosexual friends who I love and respect and care for. I cherish these friends and feel very protective towards them. My girlfriend and I share with all our friends meals, hugs, laughter and advice. But a Christian Church is not the place to actually promulgate the licentiousness that takes place in the gay lifestyle. President Obama comes from such a different world in philosophy and character and he has been surrounded for his whole life by hypocrisy, fake "Christians", and empty calorie values. To Barack Obama it was his first instinct: Trayvon Martin, thug, is his son, for sure. In all that means.
Omar Kahlid, I am what I call "liberal conservative". I always thought the Conservatives should be leading the fight to feed the poor, house the poor, educate the poor, because we truly care. And get "the poor" employed in decent jobs with good pay. Although approving of George Bush's election I was disappointed with many of his decisions, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan. Democracy can not be imported into a tribal society. Stupid to ever think so. Hugely arrogant assumption that has cost us so many lives, created so much tragedy. After eight years of war, war, war I was refreshed by the promise of Barack Obama. I wished well and was hopeful for his leadership and goals. But I did not know enough of Obama's background and philosophies at that time. According to the media, blogs, and even alternative press hardly anybody knew much that could not be debunked by more "rational" observers. As a white Southerner who saw the Civil Rights era up close I was excited that maybe some day "racism" would effectively vanish in the U.S. EVERYONE, white and black and asian, would finally be FREE. Unfortunately, for all the moves forward in Civil rights we have gone backwards in terms of the decay of our civil and moral values, which are all that hold this country together, above all laws and regulations. I knew that Obama, when elected, would be on the hook in the black communities, held accountable for things he could not change. But what has disappointed me is that in every possible area where the President must lead the charge, provide the clear cut policy leadership, Obama is missing. Or, in too many other cases, his "leadership" is exactly what we don't need. This is a man who has paper thin values, but the wrong values at that. He has put us at a crossroads in history because he has elitist, leftist, socialist, Islamic values that are sabotaging our Nation.
So, Obama and Holder decided they already knew what the circumstances of the Zimmerman-Martin tragedy were -- Zimmerman killed a black boy, an innocent, almost a son that he never had, according to Obama. He dispatched the U.S. Department of Justice to "manage" this event so that it would blow up to be, indisputably, a White-on-black-crime. Or Hispanic-on-black murder. The Department of "Justice" went down to Florida to make sure that the slant that the media would slavishly take would be the Obama Administration "story". The United States Department of Justice was sent at Obama's personal directive (you can be sure) to put a purely racial spin on this tumultuous event that was trumpeted far and wide as Racial Injustice. Barack Obama and his chief sidekick in too many crimes over the past 6 to 7 years expressly used their influence to make it IMPOSSIBLE for "blind justice" to be done or even discovered. The President of the United States deliberately poisoned the debate on what truly happened that night when Zimmerman encountered a young man in a neighborhood where break-ins had been repeatedly occurring, according to the best accounts, and perpetrated by young black men who did not live in that neighborhood. Obama and Holder determined to step in from the highest offices in the USA and convict Zimmerman of murder by first helping to coordinate anti-Zimmerman rallies. IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH
Unfortunately, this "new beginning" for Egypt will turn out horribly. "Democracy" can not work anywhere that there is not a Constitution and "Bill of Rights" that equally protects and empowers and values Women and their rights. It is a LITMUS test. Pink or Blue. No in between. Likewise a secularist respect for all religions. What is WRONG and incompatible with Islam is that it is not "simply a religion". To be "Islamic" means that the believer cannot contradict the core beliefs of Islam no matter where they are living. Every Islamic community around the world is in daily and nightly conflict with the society around them. And, further, if they are NOT in conflict, then they are NOT True Believers, but Apostates. Worthy of death. This is why every "Moderate" will be ready to instantly switch to "hard core" once they are challenged with their own Islamic MANDATES. The alternative is to be a hideous, traitorous APOSTATE! Apostates have a special place in Hell in Islam and will be slaughtered by Allah's "decree". Islamic Moderates are in the highest proportion in WESTERN democracies. It is only in Western countries that Moderates can take a breath and hope for a "less Islamic" lifestyle. But they are derided and hated by True Believers in Islam.
Peter, you have started off with a lie. "All Muslims are evil" is the straw man liars and dimwits construct to blithely summarize what they claim is the argument propounded by Anti-Islamic sharia law, pro democracy and freedom for women advocates, such as Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. The counter-revolution against Morsi was NOT "anti-Islamic"! Were it not for Morsi's inability to turn the economy around and stabilize the escalating crime rates he would still be in office. To be sure, when it was finally quite apparent that he violated his promises to make an "inclusive" government of power-sharing between more "moderate" Islamic elements many Muslims in Egypt were alarmed. Event THEY recognized that HARD LINE Brotherhood ISLAM had all the potential to construct a new dictatorship even more odious than Mubarak's. This counter revolution happened because Morsi lied about his aims when he was running for President and Muslims of all stripes BELIEVED that anyone other than Mubarak would be superior. MOST of these counter revolutionaries today are fervently anti-Jewish, fervently anti-Israel. Most everyone you see waving flags and singing and weeping for joy today would be OUTRAGED if the new army general in charge declared that Egypt wants to be AT PEACE with Israel. They want "stability" and a controlling of crime on the streets, electricity on 24/7, lowered food costs, a POLICED state that is not dictatorial. Ashraf Khalil, an award-winning journalist who was a witness to the first Revolution just a couple of years ago, and author of the book, Liberation Square: Inside the Egyptian Revolution and the Rebirth of a Nation, thought that Morsi would back away from the Muslim Brotherhood "hard" Islamic principles after he was in power. But Morsi was a puppet who intended to follow directions from the Brotherhood Leadership. This is the Tweet from Ashraf Khalil today: Egyptians getting a 1st proper look at new prez Adli Mansour now--memorizing his features for when we're burning him in effigy in 2 months
JOHN, you are not very deeply immersed in these matters, evidently. These protests are not about "protesting Islam" at all. These protests are so huge because they contain many people who DID vote for Morsi even KNOWING Morsi's strong Islamic stands. JOHN, these people are NOT protesting "against Islamism or terrorism". They want improved infrastructure, electricity that consistently stays on and keeps their air conditioners and refrigerators running. Yes, the basic creature comforts that Morsi promised to tackle. Yes, they want a "better economy". They want more security. They recognize that the streets are now overrun with rampant looting gangs, thuggery, and murder. They recognize that Morsi turned the criminals loose. If Egyptian government can feed the people's bellies and keep the streets safe and increase the buying power of its people then they will slavishly devote themselves to whatever that "winning" power elite dictates. Out of their ranks will come the next big armies who look to overrun Jerusalem and rid the region of the embarrassment of Israel in their Islamic midst. Those crowds are not in the streets demanding a secular democracy. When they say they want "freedom" and "security" they are not demanding it for Jews, Copts, Christians, Homosexuals, and Atheists. And there are HUGE differences between Muslim believers and non-believers and Infidels who worship other than Allah. John, how have you so evidently missed that it is the MUSLIM world that constantly screams defiantly that they ARE different and superior to us? "We" did not vilify Muslims. How can you miss how directly and clearly that the Imams, the Clerics, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, Wahabbis, Sunnis, Salafists, Shiahs, Alawites, on and on, ceaselessly proclaim their out right superiority to YOU, John.
Patrick Cockburn, a journalist and political analyst who is in the Syrian territory just wrote an article under the title of "Foreign media portrayals of the conflict in Syria are dangerously inaccurate”: I will paste in some key paragraphs from that article to show that the theme of his report centers around the completely inadequate information that the media has passed along through the world press. Furthermore, while the USA administration claims to be able to funnel weapons and give combat training to "moderates", THERE ARE NO "MODERATES" FIGHTING IN SYRIA! We are equipping our enemies in every sense of the word. The Obama administration is playing spin games. If a fighter is in Syria wanting to confront the Syrian Army they are already as radical as you can get. They are there for both mercenary and Jihadist reasons. And Al Queda has all the money it needs to recruit so-called moderates. A pack of cigarettes will do it. "But obscured in the media's accounts of what happened in Tal Kalakh was an important point: the opposition in Syria is fluid in its allegiances. The US, Britain and the so-called 11-member "Friends of Syria", who met in Doha last weekend, are to arm non-Islamic fundamentalist militants, but there is no great chasm between them and those not linked to al-Qaeda. One fighter with the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front was reported to have defected to a more moderate group because he could not do without cigarettes. The fundamentalists pay more and, given the total impoverishment of so many Syrian families, the armed men will always be able to win more recruits. "Money counts for more than ideology," a diplomat in Damascus told me. The plan of the CIA and the Friends of Syria to somehow seek an end to the war by increasing the flow of weapons is equally absurd. War will only produce more war."
lovezion, I am sympathetic to your call. I am not so young! However, I agree that Israel needs more fervor from al over the world to stop nit-picking and critiquing and join hands in Israel to face reality from the Israeli perspective. As an Evangelical Christian who believes the prophecies of Yeshua and the message Yeshua gave to John on the Isle of Patmos, there is quickly coming the End of Days. The entire world will be focused on Israel and Jerusalem. Islam will explode and annihilate the "peace" of the whole world. The fate of Islam will be sealed forever in Jerusalem. A new Jerusalem will literally, physically descend from the Heavens right on top of the abomination of desolation, the Mosque in Jerusalem that Mohammed's delusional followers and soldiers built precisely on top of the Temple that Rabbi Yeshua Hamashiach taught and preached in. The Lord God of Israel will call a permanent stop to Islam and a revival of Israel forever and forever. If you want to be on the WINNING SIDE stick with Israel!! Never waver. The Lord God of Israel loves those who love his first love, too. But you must love HIM above all to secure the blessings the Lord God has in store for Jews, Gentiles, Muslims, Hindus, etc, etc. even Atheists who turn in their hearts to love Jehovah.
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Saul taught that faith in Yeshua grafts a Gentile into Israel. Meaning that ALL Christians of every tribe and nation, that is, BELIEVERS in Yeshua Hamaschiach as the Savior of Israel, truly, the King of Jews forever, and the savior of their own souls are SPIRITUALLY JEWS. What Rabbi Yeshua taught and what Saul of Tarsus continued to teach and explain to both Jews and "Gentiles" is that Believers are not a separate species way out in the sands of Arabia. They are ONE. They are Jewish by the Grace of Jehovah. And even Saul says that Jews, Hebrews, are the NATURAL Root. Gentiles are the wild root that by their acceptance of the God of Israel and His own Savior, His own Son, as foretold in His Books, by His Prophets, Gentiles get a special privilege of great mercy. They are invited to the party! But the Party is hosted by the God of Israel. We "Christians" who are not Hebrews are royally invited guests for eternity. Yet, in Romans 11, written by Rabbi Saul, he says some INCREDIBLE things to Jews, to the nation of Israel. Saul declares what Jehovah promised would be eternal blessings and joys to "the nation of Israel" and to those Jews who would RETURN to the God of Abraham. As a Christian I get to take part in the festivities and the feasting as a special guest. Saul calls this the "time of the Gentiles". But Rabbi Saul strongly declares at some extraordinary Salvation for His natural brother and sisters in these approaching storms, based on the Eternal covenant between the nation of Israel and Jehovah.. Even Muslims can abandon their "allah" and truly come back to their Abrahamic roots with Joy and celebration in Jerusalem!
I must firmly state, based on the facts, that there are NO ANTI-SEMITIC verses, NONE, in the Christian New Testament. ZILCH! I do not take my Evangelical Born-Again faith from any Organized Church Denomination or Sect that followed the ministry of Yeshuah Hamaschiach -- Jesus Christ. I go straight to the Old and New Testament for my beliefs and prayer life. Saul, or Paul, was a Jew of the Benjamite Tribe and repeatedly, until the end of his life, self-identified as a Jew, and an observant Jew in the temples. This Jew of Jews, as he proudly proclaimed, wrote most of the New Testament, defining the doctrines of Jesus Christ for all Believers that followed the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John after Jesus returned to the Father. Paul's life was spent trying to reconcile Jews with Yeshuah because he was devoutly and passionately Jewish. (Excerpts from Saul believed everything in the Torah and the Prophets (Acts 24:14, 26:22). When faced with a matter too hard to judge, he went up to Jerusalem in obedience to Torah (Acts 15:2). Quoting the Jewish prophet Isaiah, he wrote that "all Israel will be saved" (Rom 11:26), and he instructed believers who weren't born Jewish (me, in particular) not to be arrogant toward unbelieving Jews, but rather to fear God (Rom 11:20). THAT IS CHRISTIANITY. Whatever idiots contrived in their own imaginations in the centuries since that do not agree with Saul of Tarsus's life, words, and deeds are NOT God's word and therefore are NOT "Christian".