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A few days ago I took a few days to work somewhere remotely, somewhere much quieter, to work in peace and relax. The day I arrived, someone wrote a post about me being bad for PR and a jerk and some other things. This post, along with its total lack... Continue reading
The other day, I was on the phone with a new client. He'd come recommended, he was very happy to be talking to me but had one burning question. "Why'd you stop blogging?" The truth was I hadn't really, in my head, as I sort of moved to places where... Continue reading
So as you probably know my book is out and hooray whatever. Since I wrote last, Forbes wrote a column about me. PRnewser then proceeded to write a column about the column. In many ways here I am writing a column about that, so here I go. 1) Writing a... Continue reading
This may or may not be the introduction to my book, This Is How You Pitch: How To Kick Ass In Your First Years of PR, depending on whether or not anyone actually agrees to write my foreword. I have no idea what will happen. But this piece is a... Continue reading
Dear clients, friends and enemies: I'm really sorry, but I work on the toilet sometimes. Not literally, of course. I don't actually pull my laptop in there and work out of it, little piles of notes on top of the toilet roll, but I have taken my phone in there... Continue reading
If you don't experience anxiety in PR you don't know PR. I'm not talking stress. I don't mean worry that your boss might get mad at something not being perfect. I mean anxiety. A hand creeping around your neck that your client will not be happy with you this week,... Continue reading
Being a Reporter Doesn't Make You Good At Pr So my credentials here are simple - I was a games and tech reporter from 2003 through probably about 2009. I did print and online reporting. Reviews, previews, news, features. I answered to an Editor, a Deputy Editor and a copy... Continue reading
A constant song in PR is the idea of loyalty and faith. That a client is 'loyal' to an agency. And sometimes they are. Sometimes change is hard and scary. Losing an account is bad, never a learning experience, always the work of some dastardly other-agency, working voodoo on the... Continue reading
This morning I reached out to a reporter literally just to say hi. I had no ulterior motive. I've worked with the guy before - he used to write at WIRED, now he's at The Verge. He's fantastic. Smart. I won't name him but your detective skills probably can guess... Continue reading
Rock bottom is a different place for most people. It doesn't necessarily mean you're destitute in an alley with no money and someone is peeing on you. It can also mean that you've failed, unbelievably and spectacularly. You've been fired. Your girlfriend left you. Your apartment's rent got jacked up... Continue reading
Burger King getting hacked made it the first 'brand' twitter worth following. You see, most brands have awful Twitter accounts that exist to be pipelines for vapid, lifeless marketing garbage masquerading as 'socializing': We are so revved up about this partnership! RT @insideferrari: UPS new Sponsor of Scuderia Ferrari -... Continue reading
The PR culture of drinking is one that runs deep in a very strange, ill-talked-about manner. Every party seems to have some sort of open bar. Everyone wants to 'go out for drinks.' Some agencies have beer kegs. Some agencies keep bottles of scotch, vodka and the like on-hand. Some... Continue reading
Mailbox and Tempo are great products with utterly silly PR strategies. And by strategies I mean making it so that you can't actually sign up and use the thing until they say so. Which is partly genius because it means that there's this assumption that when you get in you're... Continue reading
The Mark Suster piece ballers on a budget really summarizes a lot of problems with people in general, but hey, it can of course apply to PR people in some hackneyed way if I want it to. Especially in the incessant need to be 'seen at everything.' The idea that... Continue reading
It was late in the day, around 5. I'd been marched before my boss of the time and told that I wasn't getting my next visa anymore. I sat at my desk and breathed one long, hoarse sigh, and I cried. As I realised it was far too much to... Continue reading
Hey geniuses, all of the snow/weather app articles have already been written/filed or are literally about to, stop sending out pitches about them. Nobody cares you have a weather expert anymore. They don't want it. Every news organization has a meteorologist, and those that don't have a local meterologist. That... Continue reading
#PRin2013: A Look Back At The Predictions - Note, this is just the link to the roundup. Each one of these people has their own wonderful long post. Some great quotes here: "Public relations professionals must face the reality that the time has arrived to consider buying a clients’ way... Continue reading
I'll update these as they come in. Jim Sterling, Destructoid: On the phone? No. Don't do that. I'd rather take multiple emails over one phone call. I would and do, find it kind of invasive. If I've not given you my number, I don't want you calling me. Jon Mitchell... Continue reading
A post by John Biggs on TechCrunch frames (some) startup owners as maniacs - threatening to kill people, sending constant spam emails, all the like. This can apply to PR people, too, but a lot of them won't take it seriously. In fact, some of them will get strange levels... Continue reading
I remember sitting in a PR class a few years ago, and being told to expect press conferences. Hot seats. To have people standing around me with big flashing bulbs saying "HEY MR. PRESS MAN, I GOT A QUESTION, I GOT A QUESTION HERE FOR YA." Nobody ever mentioned pitching,... Continue reading
James Altucher's post about being an effective loser is pretty inspirational. It also got me thinking about how being stupid, or (more eloquently) not knowing things, is not such a bad thing. A large swath of people obsess endlessly - in PR, in marketing, in business in general about 'needing'... Continue reading
I'm not touching racism in tech with a shitty stick, but I will say that tech, games, cars and just about every fun-related journalism has some sort of inner network that is incredibly hard to break into. Alright, bye. Continue reading
Stupid point. Really stupid point. But one that comes up again and again. If you are working on a product, use it. I don't care if it's not for you. If it's an app for children, pretend to be a child. If it's for women, pretend to be a woman.... Continue reading
My first day on the job in PR I watched three people get fired. They were frogmarched out of there like prisoners being lined up to get shot. I wilted in my seat. I desperately told myself not to worry. I was not going to be like that. I wasn't... Continue reading