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As of 5:10 PM tonight 3/3/15 it is 103,550!!! Lets keep this going!
Anytime you hear people say vaccines no longer contain thimerosal just tell them to Google three simple words: THIMEROSAL FDA VACCINES An FDA link pops up There are currently 11 vaccines produced that contain mercury. Four of nine flu vaccines, a Meningococcal vaccine and five other vaccines that contain Tetanus. True, only seven contain 50,000 ppb concentration of mercury, but the four "trace level" vaccines still contain up to 2000 ppb of mercury. Most important to note: It points out the for the preservative level mercury containing vaccine FLUZONE, "Children 6 months old to less than 3 years of age receive a half-dose of vaccine, i.e., 0.25 mL; children 3 years of age and older receive 0.5 mL." So yes, vaccines for babies DO STILL CONTAIN MERCURY. TODAY.
Dr Katz, I feel for you that you might have been misled by a journalist - happened to me a few times (see DateLine NBC - A Dose of Controversy). At least this interviewer did not start out with the premise you are crazy before you even speak like most who question vaccines. You say "Unfortunately, the true costs of exaggerating the risks of immunization and disrespecting the diseases they prevent will be clear enough, soon enough, if this trend persists. Alas." I say "Unfortunately, the true costs of exaggerating the BENEFITS AND SAFETY of immunization and disrespecting the PARENTS OF THE CHILDREN THEY ARE INTENDED TO PROTECT will be clear enough, soon enough, if this trend persists. Alas." As far as having a true debate, I am willing to bet my life that Mark Blaxill would meet you in a public debate, anytime, anywhere. I bet that wont happen - you might choose to use the cowardly excuse that Paul Offit chose to use when offered a seat at the table with Mary Holland - that even simply sitting with anyone who questions vaccines offers them credibility they dont deserve. I think anyone who refuses to debate face to face is the one who does not deserve the credibility.
The video link works today. Thanks Dan for getting a few licks in with the interviewer. It was nice to hear him state that he was against mandatory vaccination himself, but it sure seemed that he was supportive of it.
I have been trying for a couple hours now - it says the video is "currently unavailable"...... I hope I am wrong and I get to view it, but I suspect they were getting more support for Dan's opinion than they liked...
I appreciated the fact the interviewer pointed out that Offit refused to sit face to face for the debate. All they have is to position the argument as "who are you going to believe, the parent or the doctor? ...or the government/pharma sponsored researcher? ...or the political candidate? ... or the reporter? ... or the Government beaurocrat? I think they know that the parents are winning the argument. All Offit had to defend himself was a thinly veiled ad hominem attack. I want to hear more about why he thinks hep b can be transmitted by kisses from "Uncle Bob".... makes you wonder about his upbringing..... sorry but that tangent he took was creepy...
Pretty cool Wayne! Congrats on the accomplishments of both your boys.
The people I am waiting for a comment from is Brian Deer, Paul Offit and anyone associated with GMC in Britain. Their silence says it all. You have to believe that Offit had to have been contacted to make a comment on Hooker's study since his ugly mug was shoved in front of viewers every time a case of measles showed up in any little town. I hope he squirmed with discomfort when CNN asked him to speak and he for once had to say "no comment". I also hope like hell the Judge considering juristiction Dr Wakefield's lawsuit in Texas is paying attention to all this as well. Thompson's apology and Dr. Wakefields forgivness says alot about the charachter of each of these men and I felt a great sense of satisfaction reading it. What will give me euphoria will be seeing Dr Colleen Boyle carted off in handcuffs for lying to Congress - twice. I also want to thank SafeMinds for never backing down on their original reports that have now been proven correct, and Brian Hooker for never backing down getting the truth out.
I wish Dr. Thompson did not say the only vaccine that contains thimerosal was "for pregnant women" becuase that is not accurate. A simple goodle search of "FDA, thimerosal, vaccines takes you to the FDA site - look for this TABLE 3. There are 11 vaccines that still contain mercury. He may be referring to vaccines for infants but even then you can see that the Fluzone multi dose (note #5) that "Children under 3 years of age receive a half-dose of vaccine, i.e., 0.25 mL (12.5 µg mercury/dose.)". know full well that the manufacurers do not make enough mercury free vaccine for everyone, and that doctors have a clear instruction that it is okay to give mercury to kids under three, we can easily say it happens. Lets not forget that the study Dr.Thompson is referring to was on kids born before the major increase in vaccines, especially the push to give MMR at 12 months and Hep B at birth, niether of which has been given a good look. I think the push to argue that only black kids are at risk is premature - the message should turn to "maybe we should look at the kids born from 1995 through 2000, incidently the birth cohorts who have the highest rates of autism.
I agree with others that regardless of the message intended this parody can be looked at to support both sides of the issue. That in my mind makes the writer look like a genius. What bothered me is how disingenuous it was to use a graph showing the decline in certain diseases but only starting the graph in 1950 with 67,000 cases the top of the graph. If the graph started in 1900 the side bar would have to start above 1,000,000 and most diseases would show a steady decline in response to the availability of clean water and public sewer systems. A graph like that shows that disease had come to near flat line after the introduction of economic stabilization factors such as social security and widespread deep rural electrification in the 50's and 60's. Even into the early 60's if you could not pump water or afford toilet paper or even cloth diapers it would of course affect your ability to control disease in your neighborhood (rural OR city). I hope that the progressive, liberal, educated middle income audience of Jon Stewart who are really interested will look into the history of disease without thinking the rate of those diseases were completely steady for thousands of years until the introduction of Doc Proffit's "lifesaving vaccines".
Katie, You rock. Thanks so much for standing up for my son and my wife and I.
Mary, Such a cool post. In our home the sibling is the older brother, born the same year as you. Same story of an unwillingness to share too much about his brother Thomas to new friends. Same story of a sibling who is (was?) aggressive when in pain and rarely wears clothes. Slowly but surely he came to trust that good friends would understand, the ones that were truly friends, and the rest were not worth the trouble. He also started college, just this January. He even has the same type of "career exploration class" you describe - too funny. He has shared a little with people about his brother as the topic comes up. He still finds it an uncomfortable subject. He has as good a relationship with Thomas as can be expected considering the circumstances. I hope someday he will be able to express how he feels about it all as eloquently as you have. Thank you so much for sharing this. Your mom must be so proud to have two very brave daughters.
Dan This was an awesome idea. Very cool. I dont comment as often as I used to but I open AoA on my browser before anything else every single day. I suspect many others do like I do - the comments above are so articulate that I sometimes hold back from commenting because I am so emotional I feel I would not be clear with my thoughts, I have many times wrote comments and then not posted because I am "too much like my dad" as my wife likes to say - I blurt out things I should hold back on a bit. To all the commentators of the past week I say thank you!! I find I often learn more from them than I do from the articles themselves!!
We learned our son could spell at age 3 when he guided our hands as we drew letters on the chalkboard. We knew he could read around age 7 when he would turn on the computor, click on the internet icon, go to favorites, find his own name and then pick from a number of websites he enjoyed. He especially liked PBS kids and would play around with the word and alphabet games with some level of success and awareness. Because he can not do this on command or with consitency is no reason to doubt his intelegence but that is not the way we have been taught to see things. Even though I have no proof, I have always believed that my son is listening to himself talk in his head just as we talk out loud. My wife and I respond to his monosylabic vocalizations just as if he were speaking a whole sentance and he smiles so much. He knows we are hearing his whole thought, not just the sound that most would hear as unintelegible (sp?) and require him to make 4 or 5 more attempts at clarity before giving in to his requests. I pray that someday he will be able to use technology to share his deepest thoughts. Until then, I will continue to be grateful for the level of communication he has. I want to give a big thanks to the student who shared this as it gives me a chilling insight into what might be going on in my own son's mind as he bravely goes to school each day.
Personally I knew this hearing would not take place as scheduled as of the abosolutely unnecessary government shut down. There was no way the hearing schedule was going to remain as set and I am sure a few other hearings throughout Congress were rescheduled as well. That said I still believed even then that the govt shutdown was only going to be a convenient excuse. As much as I respect Rep. Issa for his efforts to help us I am dismayed at how much time he has wasted on the whole Bengazi (sp?) issue and other dead end issues he and the Republicans have tried hard to discredit the President. Regardless of your political viewpoint I hope we can agree there are so many more important issues in this world that need to be investigated. I am reluctant to believe that we will ever see justice for our kids when there is so much unchecked money (google "Citizen's United) flying around Washington being used to threaten and coerce incumbent candidates. A few lobbyists show up in Issa's to push Pharma's wish list, a few passing comments back and forth and even Darrel Issa has to pay attention if he wants to keep his office and his power.
I want to thank you, Autistic living, for sharing this. I too have gone through hell and back and kept a sense of humor to keep my chin up. Add to that an almost blunt force, in your face style of describing the reality of the combination of severe autism, bowel disease and nearly complete dysfunction of th immune system. I almost seem to relish the look on the faces of people when they realize our kids are not all savants. But I too have had the complete and most unpredictable breakdown over some small trigger. First was many years ago at a Son-Rise Program (Autism Treatment Center of America, Sheffield MA) and a mom and dad had made a video of their non-verbal son with snapshot photos passing by to the tune "The smile on your face lets me know that you need me...." by Alison Krauss. At the end of the chorus she sings "You say it best, when you say nothing at all". I turned into a blibbering idiot that did not go away for nearly half an hour. I had to just let it out. Same thing happened years later when I was watching the movie "Jack" with Robin Williams about a boy who ages 4 times as fast as normal. by the time he was 12 he was actually aged 48 years. One of his classmates got in front of the class and was telling them what she expected to be doing in 20 years. She talked of marriage, family and a carreer - and it suddenly hit William's charachter "Jack" that he would not be having the same future as all of his peers, his would be very different. I immediately thought about my son and what his peers would be doing as opposed to him in 20 years. Instant blibbering idiot once more. I am still not sure what really caused me to lose it those times, but I have become over the years able to not look back at what I believe I missed, and focus on what is ahead for my son. Not that that is easy, but that at least I can do it with no regrets. BTW, I have the Kaufman's and the Option training through the Son-Rise Program to thank for being able to "keep my chin up". Even though we are not doing the program for our son anymore, the lessons we learned will never be forgotten.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2013 on The Tool Box: A Father and Autism at AGE OF AUTISM
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" - Mahatma Gandhi Anne, I know you have been reading the attack crap for some time and I know it is like water off your back. I am sure Jenny is thinking the same thing this week. I see the rise in vitriol as many do - a clue that they have already lost. When I think of people like you and Jenny I am reminded of another Gandhi quote - "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" I thank you for you daily work to educate others about the media's role regarding the public perception of autism.
VMGillen's commented that: "....perfection is, after all, God's bailiwick." It is always interesting to me when someone brings God into the discussion of autism, or any disability for that matter. It is like telling a paraplegic that God only caused the accident because God knew he could handle it. Perfection is exactly what many of us parents found on the day of the birth of our children. All of the environmental insults (vaccines, chemicals, heavy metals, pollution, etc) that our children received and encountered in their young lives were not creations of an all caring and just God, nor was it of an evil design; these insults were all the the work of the greed of man. Yes - even the polio vaccine was a product of greed and ego - read the history without bias and it is there. VMGillen's use of the word "bailwick" is interesting to me in and of itself. Having a simple JAD (just a dad) degree I had to look it up. I found on wikipedia (forgive me) that "The word is now more generally used in a metaphorical sense, to indicate a sphere of authority, experience, activity, study or interest." I think that VMGillen could do well to remind himself that while we here at AoA do not profess "perfection", I do feel that the writers and those of us who regularly read and comment here at AoA condsider autism as OUR "bailiwick" - on a 24/7/365 basis.
Lisa, As for the autism rate "still rising" I think this will help. check out my article from 2009: Thimerosal and Autism Rates: A Minnesota Perspective Look at the 2nd graph that highlights the number of kids born before 2003 but diagnosed AFTER 2003. Up to that time nearly a full two thirds of the kids dignosed with autism after 2003 were kids who recieved mercury preserved vaccines. We are still keeping track of the IDEA data but the State of Minnesota has changed their reporting methods to make it more challenging to extend the graph. We are however, noticing that the rate of dignosis of kids born 2004 in Minnesota and beyond HAVE BEEN DROPPING. Not necessarily significantly but any drop after years of remarkable increases it is a big deal.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2013 on People Who Get #$%& Done at AGE OF AUTISM
Thank you Andy, Your persistence astounds me. I am so proud of you for what you do for my son. I am honored to have helped you even if in only a small way. The videos of the courageous young men at the end is what people need to see - everyone new parent needs to see. I have plenty of videos of my own son having the same pain - before we took him to your friend (and ours!) Dr Arthur Krigsman. He still has issues that are under control that sound a lot like Crohns disease ( as described by a friend who has Crohns) but I feel for the children and adults who continue to suffer as the young men in the video simply because they have a diagnosis of autism, and no doctor will treat them correctly for fear of being attacked as you have. Another effect of the failure of the medical community to honestly address autism is that I personally have lost all faith in any doctor. I refuse to go the doctor for anything less than a broken bone for fear that they will push Rx's on me that I do not need simply to fill their quota. I went in for a minor issue last year and was offered the DTP and the Flu shot at the same time - surprised they did not throw in Shingles as well..... I see so many of my "50-ish" friends going in for "well check up physical's" only to come away with 10 different damn prescriptions to take. I would rather pass on due to my vices than to an adverse reaction to ill prescribed meds. Seen it too many times. Thank you again Andy, and John Stone and the Lancet Parents for never giving up.
Natalie, I love your symbolism. What I thought of was "If you love someone, Let them go". I grew up in Wisconsin and have been to many of the State Parks there. Yours looks like a very special place - you've sold me on it! Good Luck!
The autism specialist Jason Backes who is interviewed in the KARE 11 Minneapolis segment is the specialist who works with my son Thomas. While he is a great guy and has done wonderful things for my son, we do probably disagree on the the rate of autism in the adult population. We had a discussion a few years ago where he indicated he suspected the undiagnosed adult population would be comparable to the rate in children. Jason also tried an I-Pad with Thomas and he loved it, actually did very well with it. Unfortunatley the teachers were under the impression it would be a good thing to give to Thomas on a bad gut issue day to "calm him down, redirect him". The only thing that got redirected was the I-Pad against the wall and now he is not allowed to have one. We just ran the new numbers for Minnesota and while the rate of children born before 2004 is still increasing, the rate of kids born after 2004 has been dropping a little each year. I hope to be able to share more on that later when we can finalize some graphs.
This is such great news. This way when a few years go by, and Ms. Peete is not able to singlehandedly change the minds of all the members of Autism Speaks who represent the views of the CDC, NIH and the pharmacuetical companies, change the research agenda to bio-med, and get them to finally fund a large scale vax vs non-vax study, some members of our community can have a new target to point to, accuse her of doing nothing and ask that she be replaced with a more vocal member of the biomedical austism community. Sarcasm intended. Seriously though I hope that Ms. Peete holds to her original beliefs about what caused her son's autism and shares it with loud passion. I hope that she can speak her mind openly about what she believed in 2008 and at least be a small but vocal representative of those of us who know what is really driving the high and rising rates. However, since the parents and grandparents of the child the organization was founded upon have no effect on them, I suspect she has a hard road ahead.
At the press conference in LaCrosse, Andy said he was no longer going to have to defend his position, he was now going on the offensive against Deer's bogus claims. I guess this is what that looks like! Special thanks to Tim Bolen for his post explaining the Lawsuit as it stands now. I was wondering about Deer's use of the term "Case Dismissed" as opposed to the actual words "motion to strike is denied" when referring to Meachum's decision. I originally felt he was trying to confuse his supporters into believing this decision was about more than a jurisdiction issue. Now it seems he was just ignorant of the law. It seems he thought he was as much a genius at Law as he is a genius at gastric medicine. OOOOPPS. Having sat through Deer's LaCrosse presentation I could only wonder why he was willing to come to yet another State in the US and perform his public defamation of Dr. Wakefield. It seemed a very risky thing to do given that the case in Texas is not yet decided. I now see that his misunderstanding of the law may have given him misplaced confidence, and hope it turns out to bite him in the ass. I love the idea of the Facebook page. I have put off joining Facebook for all this time, but it might be a good time to change that.
The University of Wisconsin La Crosse has already shown me that our Institutions of Higher Learning are not interested in truth. The current purpose of Academics seems to be to breed greed and create a group of individuals subordinate to a corporate agenda. Most are interested only in furthering the corrupting interests of their largest donors and avoiding bad publicity that might come with discovering or exposing inconvenient truths. Dr. Kalichman, I would be honored if you could add me to your list of vaccine safety advocates.