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Hello all. I was born in Oct 3, 1969. I was born in a full caul. I learned of this just years ago. In addition, I am an empath. I began seeing the future in my 20s and it was quite disturbing as I thought i was going crazy to see these visions or dreams. I helped family many times by warning them of my dreams. The last dream i had actually prevented something bad from happening to me and my friends, just this pat Aug. I have a grand purpose in life, I know what it is, but I won't even divulge it to anyone just yet. We are creatures with purpose and a splendid gift. I was premature, and while in the womb healed my own mother by somehow disintergrating a large cyst she had while she was pregnant with me. Mu mother told me I let out an electrical current of some sort that shot right out of me into her and escaped from her feet. The next day, the doctors could not even find the cyst. I am an Active Duty US Army Warrant Officer that has cheated death many times over, and I know it is because my purpose will be done...
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Oct 12, 2012