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I hear ya. I have 3 80s atm and that is mostly because of wanting to hit crafting levels without grinding an area and not making progress outside of crafting. The real endgame events for gear are the 3 main dragons for "insta loot". If you dont do that, its the Orr cycle of events for mats and drops to decon to make epics. If you dont do those, you need to find groups to grind instances. I dont know. It really feels like the same old same old. Perhaps, that is the way it will always be unless you go to the Eve/Original EQ/UO model where you make your own fun. Its still kinda fun to play another class, but once you get the skills unlocked, the traits only add to effectiveness. So by 15 you have a pretty good idea how they play in general. Its still kinda fun, but my ADHD will be assuaged somewhere else for a few months...
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Oct 20, 2012