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WOW! Beautiful artwork!! Whimsy and fun and soo colorful and unique~ Wishing you God's best, Karen in CO
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2013 on Whimsical Art Prints {For Sale} at Telling Stories
BRAVO Courtney!! - "Stand for something, or you'll fall for anything."
LOOK at all these comments!! (I'm never gonna win this way!! :) LOL Thanks for the chance~ Since I have read them all, I think if I win I'll pass them on to my daughters!~ Congrats! We are looking forward to your future creations!
To quote a line from the movie 'Sabrina', "I think most of us live somewhere in-between"~ Hope you have a blessed week-end!!
Hmmm- Hi Courtney, I can't join in with the others and say I understand, I can relate, it happened to us... We've been in such a drought in CO for several years - - all I can add is, from a spiritual sense, I CAN relate. Alarm, fear, then dread and denial. Then overwhelmed, and finally determination to persevere ~ ! God be with you! in this stage of it all; as we often 'grow, under the load' ...~
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2013 on When the Flood Waters Came... at Telling Stories
Thanks for the inspiration Courtney~ I have been discouraged lately because I believe I'm doing as He told me - but keep running into trouble... I just heard a quote from the book of James that said faith without works is dead, being alone. You know, the part about 'saying' "go, be warm and fed" - without providing the 'work' to feed and clothe them... It reminded me that 'works' are an essential part of serving Him; but works are poured out of our faith - and not the other way around~
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2013 on How To Get Your Blessing at Telling Stories
I have been wanting a bird cage like that!:) and to see how she used it to display her creations with Websters Pages - makes me want one even more! I LoVe paper crafting and Websters has the perfect papers every season! I love the eggs covered in WP lace! and the sweet details and use of several paper collections surrounding the cage~
So so glad I stopped in; I always am~ Letting go IS a struggle for me, esp. in the 'regrets' dept. Thanks Courtney~
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2013 on When Dreams Don't Come True at Telling Stories
What a great post Courtney!! You truly are a great writer! - even blogs! lol Thanks for the entertainment~ as I've had quite a Feb myself - and I needed to smile today~
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2013 on Goodbye, February {In Pictures} at Telling Stories
Moved to tears~ Thank you for sharing - This whole post was deep and beautiful! I sure appreciate you:j
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2013 on You Can Shine at Telling Stories
Hi Courtney~ Even though we don't know each other real well, I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face - and I don't really know why! (sniff) I think it's because we met on WP's and you were such a help and inspiration to me and Jane (with the Margaret paper.) and I feel a little - - "letting go" thing in my heart! I know it's silly. Your work at Websters was incredible and I'm so glad I got to know you and Brandin, even just a little. Your hearts are SO big! You will do well wherever God leads you~ Jane and I should be taking our little "Pink Petals" (Margaret's blessings book) to be printed next week. It only turned out about 30 pgs~ Just shy of 2 months late! We want to send you one - I'll e-mail you. Jane & I wish you God's VERY BEST in the future. & I sure plan to keep visiting your blog when I can~ Blessings, Karen
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2013 on A Big Change. A New Adventure. at Telling Stories
You may be 'going around the mountain' Courtney, but I believe you are also 'spiraling' up -as you go~ I know in my life I have circled many a mountain, but when I do finally "learn"... I believe He increases my elevation a little:)- and someday, I will reach the top; when I can no longer walk at all:) ie: heaven ;) Thanks for always sharing your heart - You make yourself real to us~
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2013 on Moving Mountains at Telling Stories
I enjoyed reading your wisdom here Becky~ I believe we do need the church and the church needs us - - your statements brought to my mind something that I may be criticized for, ("she's one of those judgmental people we're trying to escape from!") but I am going to dare to say it anyway as my heart is sincere. I believe it is biblical for all of us to have... accountability. Yes, always accountable to God, but I see it through 'Acts' esp., and the NT as a whole, SomeONE who we are accountable to. When we cannot find a church that "fits" us, and we wander for too long, I'm afraid WE can become the ones who are judgmental and unable to find rest/peace. (OUCH, please don't judge me! I totally understand some of us are in cities/situations where there is no 'right' fit...) I hope for anyone who wanders, though, that they will stay accountable to a dear christian friend somewhere who can help them keep emotions and feelings in biblical check; so as not to stray from God concerning His principles; and create our own~ I guess I took the long way of saying we need each other. Thank you for the opportunities you give us for sharing our hearts Courtney!~
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2013 on Why Bother With Church? at Telling Stories
I'm fighting the tears - - 'cause God always knows when I should check your space here, & see what He's given you to share~ Thanks for sharing!! Karen
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2013 on For Those Who Are Afraid at Telling Stories be a better me... I really love that Chelsea and it jumped out at me when I read your post. I'm leaning on God to make this happen~ Thanks for sharing~ Appreciate you Courtney! Thanks for the post.
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2013 on New Year. No Resolutions. at Telling Stories
What a wonderful post! Thank you Courtney - - there are always (at least) a few things I can take with me into the days ahead when I read your blog; today I want to take the first words of #4 "Don't waste one more minute..." : ) Appreciate the blessing you are to so many people & wishing you a wonderful 2013 ~ Karen
Congratulations Courtney! What a blessing! You know, the whole time we were working on the "Margaret" paper, I had no idea "who you were"!(lol) and now to read your books and see your love for God spilling over into so many things... Incredible~ We are so happy for you! God bless you~ Karen
Some may not like this... I 'list'. Perhaps this sounds cold and calculating?! But w/o it I'm an easy target. God knows me all too well. I can often feel overwhelmed in this noisy world, and my priorities get messed up and I take on too much and feel overwhelmed... yada yada God usually brings me back to - make a list. What must you do? What should you do? What can you skip altogether? WHEN should you? I just recently found a letter I wrote to myself dated 12-17-11. I was scolding myself. It said, Karen, read this on 9-01-12. (Which I didn't even FIND this till a few weeks ago!) Then I proceeded to tell myself how overwhelmed I was with holidays and church work and making (homemade mind you) gifts and cards, wrapping and shipping... spending too much $... not to mention my full time bookkeeping job and all the Year End stuff involved at my office. Once again, God reminded me how important a daily planner is! and how I could have avoided much of the stress simply by planning ahead. (There is nothing wrong with making up Christmas cards in September, and buying ingredients for baking in October... - instead of ALL the cost and weight falling on poor December~ SO, I clear away the extra noise and stay focused on my own path by 'listing' what MY path is! and avoiding all the snares that try to take me captive to do the stuff I'm NOT called to do. The prob.? I am great at following lists, but I stink at making them. Well, albeit late, I DID heed the letter I wrote to myself and I have a detailed calendar and list! I met with God and filled it out~ (an actual calendar with detailed notes "do cards tonight, mail cards on THIS day...)I just need it that way. I just do. & while of course I allow some wiggle room, I'm on track thus far! Sorry this comment ran so long! Wishing you a blessed week Courtney, and always grateful for the inspiration on your blog, and the opportunity to comment and release! (It's like - - therapy! - but please don't 'charge me' or I'll have to take you off my list! LOL) Karen in CO
Hi Courtney~ I think your observation is true of us all to some degree or another. I find that an attitude change is an "altitude" change- pointing us back to the sky - looking up to Him and searching for 'higher ground.' (your mountain picture was perfect~) We get busy and stray, wallow and forget; until He gets our attention again! as He did for you. Your blog is an inspiration to me and I appreciate you! Have a blessed day, Karen in CO (Margaret's sister :)
Hi Courtney~ Jane recently moved to CO (yeah!) and here is what she did- - She piled every piece of decor she brought with her (from candles, to baskets and wall sconces) in the middle of the LRoom floor; then invited her sisters over~ Surrounded by white walls, we held stuff up and looked, planned and measured...creating little 'vignettes' on the floor first; and just using what she had, we gave her room a new and different perspective~ (then she fed us yummy chicken & pasta!) We then proceded to the DRoom and did the same thing. W/in a few days she had her place 'like new' -- with all her old things~ (ok, we bought A FEW new things:) Cant wait to see some "after" pictures down the road!
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Oct 25, 2012