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Brent, I disagree. gorr's comments are dumb, but people like eci/change/lad are far more irritating.
E-P has been drinking eci's kool-aid.
"Tax the wealthy 100% of income and capital gains and they won't be fine." Yes they will, they'll retire. No income and no capital gains mean no taxes regardless of their tax rate. However everyone who works for them will now be unemployed. "But tax the wealthy 90% of income and capital gains and they will work a lot harder to create jobs in order to rebuild their spendable income." Would you work if the government took 90% of your paycheck? or would you "retire" on government welfare programs?
Bob, That's wishful thinking. If it were true communist countries would be the world leaders right now. Romney's right when he says the rich will be fine no matter how much you tax them, it's the poor who lose their jobs when the rich can't afford to pay them anymore. You and I are both entitled to our opinions, but mine is backed by economics. No economist in the world will tell you that you can build an economy on government spending. It's like A.D's silly comments that we should put electrolizers in fuel cell cars, so that regen braking could produce the hydrogen to power the car; it would be wonderful if it were true, but it doesn't work.
One of the most basic tenants of economics is that taxes are a drag on the economy. So how will increasing government spending and increasing taxes help anything? People like Bob Wallace and Harvey, with his never ending asinine comments, make the green movement look so stupid.
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Oct 26, 2012