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The APA is only in beginning negotiations with publishers, and we will certainly take the concerns expressed here about open access into account. However, as these negotiations are confidential, I can't say anything more specific at this point. @Helen De Cruz: It is very much a priority for the APA that our journal be inclusive of the full diversity of philosophical study. An ad hoc committee has just been set up to propose the editorial structure and basic editorial policies of the APA’s new journal and to nominate the founding editor(s). The board of officers has asked this committee to keep the priority of inclusiveness in mind throughout its work.
Thanks, all, for these thoughts. @Don Rutherford: Providing an open access option is very important to the APA in developing our journal. All of the proposals we are considering use a hybrid open access model. @Roberta L. Millstein: Email is the best way to reach me directly: @Matty: We know our project budget is small, but as stated in the RFP, we're more than willing to consider proposals over that amount—we just need the budget to be explained in the proposal so we understand what we are getting for the additional cost. The APA's finances are tight, but we do want to pay a fair wage for the project, and if we receive a proposal that convinces us we should increase the budget, we will find the money to do so.
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Nov 30, 2012