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Paul Burega
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I want to make a quilt for me, me, me, me, me ... using asian fabrics. something scrappy yet bold.
Right now I am sewing with Purple in the top thread. I also have sewed with Orange and Green, and Blue and Pink. No boring white or grey, I leave those for the bobbin thread, though I often sew with pink and lavender in the bobbin. The light green spool of 50wt is almost empty. As is the bright yellow spool. I haven't actually finished a spool of aurifil yet, i have so many spools that I rotate through.
I'm hand sewing english paper pieced hexagons in The Marriott hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. And Friday I will be hand sewing my hexagons on my flight from Denmark to Boston.
I really like Kaye England's rulers, the 45 degree makes plates with 8 blades, and the 22.5 degree uses 16 blades, and she has a great DVD to explain it all: The 8 blade plate looks great in 2 colors, where you alternate every other blade, I did a light/dark purple plate that made a great queen sized quilt. i like the plates with fewer pieces, they are quicker to make!
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Dec 10, 2012