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Thanks much for the shout-out, Janet. I've seen other writers get slammed by vigilante one-stars, but you were the first I saw who got bullied so blatantly. And when I sent a Tweet defending you, I got DM'd with hate mail myself. And I'd forgotten--these people all claimed to be those "top Amazon reviewers"--the same ones that are pushing out so many good reviewers with their psycho game playing and bullying. This is one more example of how they control Amazon--and the whole publishing industry. And they HATE authors. How can Bezos and co. let these people bully one of the biggest corporations in the world? Scary. And Deb is right--this is a body-blow to indies, who mostly read each other. Almost all their readers are authors. So now they can't get any reviews at all. It's what the Amazon forum bullies want--they hate indies. But I wonder what the outcome for Amazon will be if they drive the cutting edge of the publishing industry away?
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Jan 7, 2013