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Thank you for going through this so thoroughly. Great work.
Thank you profoundly, Liz, for putting this together. It's a tremendous service. I am really sorry to see you harassed by someone who apparently has no standard and no dignity. I guess that's the price of effective advocacy for children and science: attracting the attention of the unworthy.
Thank you very, very much for putting this together in your usual crystal clear style and attention to detail. This is really helpful.
Here is an analysis of the many inaccuracies in NVIC's Law and Policy manual: In this poster, among other inaccuracies, NVIC falsely implies that the rise in chronic disease is because of vaccines: It also misrepresents by implying there are no adequate studies of the influenza and DTaP vaccines in pregnancy. There are.
Singh's work has been addressed above. I suggest you actually read the post. It points out why none of these studies duplicates Wakefield's opinion (we can't actually call it a finding, because his 1998 paper did not find a causal connection between MMR and autism).
What this post demonstrate is that as support for the claim that vaccine cause autism, each of these studies is fundamentally flawed. None of them are credible evidence that vaccines cause autism. Since so many o them have a connection to Wakefield, no, I don't think the findings of those studies are a coincidence. Whether it's because Wakefield's confirmation bias leads him to these findings or because he's willing to do anything to clear his name by finding a connection the science disproves.
Joy Davis, A. Your article does not say autism is a metabolic disease - in fact, it expressly says otherwise. It does say some metabolic issues are associated with autism at higher rates than in the population, but causation is unclear. B. Note that the measles cases are on a background of very high rates of vaccination, with most of them in the unvaccinated. With the rate of death being about one in a thousand, it's not surprising there were none yet. Should we let this grow until people start dying? Sounds like a bad idea. I'm glad your husband cleared the disease. Of course, those who died from it are not here to testify, are they? I am sorry you see fit to dismiss the deaths and suffering from diseases. And by the way, immunity from MMR is probably lifelong. C. VAERS data does not show causation. Here is an explanation of what it can and cannot be used for: D. Here is the data on the relative risks of the disease v. the vaccines:$File/quick_sideeffects.pdf. As is easy to see, the harms of the disease are an order of magnitude greater.
Autism is not a metabolic disorder, by the way. And I notice you do not address the risks of diseases to which you are leaving your child exposed - risks much higher than those of the vaccines.
Just two points to add to the analysis above: A. as the post explains, you don't have a constitutional right to a religious exemption. B. Here is an explanation of what unavoidably unsafe actually means, and how the Supreme Court did not apply it to vaccines in the way you suggest:
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Jan 13, 2013