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THANK YOU FOR BEING A MEDIA SOURCE THAT FINALLY PORTRAYS THE PIT BULL IN A REALISTIC EVEN POSITIVE LIGHT INSTEAD OF SENSATIONALIZING THE BREED... KUDOS, JOB WELL DONE, MUCH APPRECIATED FROM A PIT BULL ADVOCATE IN MIAMI =) Also H.P. Morgan. I and many others who speak up for pit bull type dogs would love to see animal abusers including the dog fighters, all monsters, get very long prison sentences. The latest monster tied a dog to a fence and lit it on fire. I would love for dog fighting to be done with yesterday. It doesn't reflect well on humanity. Anyone who can abuse and kill a defenseless dog that only wants to please, whether it be in dog fighting or on the street is a monster. Some of these monsters will escalate to people. But what is definitely true about these monsters is they are all cowards. Preying on the vulnerable that can't speak up for themselves. Seriously dangerous and cowardly monsters. You can think what you want about people speaking up for these dogs and stereotype us all once again but I will counter that stereotyping any chance I get. May all the victims of monsters RIP
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2013 on Some positive Pit Bull Press at KC DOG BLOG
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Jan 15, 2013