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Santa Cruz, CA
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I enjoy Reader's Digest. I discovered it about a year ago, maybe longer, and I find it clean, with articles that give me info I don't have, and has inspirational short stories about humans overcoming the odds. I have not thrown them out. There were hints on dealing with veterinarians, and with ER staff. . . It has humor that I get, unlike the late TV programming (which could be the subject of a different article if you compare the clean humor of Johnny Carson with the likes of Bill Maher, and other comedians who are mean, vindictive, bullying, cruel, mocking, derisive, demonizing, sneering, unfunny, and water carriers for the Democrat party which has taken a hard left turn), plus I hear that the Obama administration has plans to have the NBA and other sports leagues sell Obamacare to the public, which is part of the totalitarian aspect of this administration which never leaves one alone in any venue and is always pushing their agenda down your throat. I gave the Reader's Digest as a gift this year. I hope that mentioning it does not mean that the Left will choose to target it, as something 7.25" by 5.25" by .25" that they overlooked in the USA, and I hope they don't think that overlooking it is too large a space for them to have overlooked, and have this administration focus its Justice Dept. and its DHS and its NSA and its FDA and its USDA and its EPA and its NOAA and its IRS on them. Let's hope they don't start offering subsidies to magazines thereby making them reliant on federal funds that come with strings attached, and regulations, to enslave them, like the Feds did to universities; and this administration jumped into student loans whose interest rate terms one will need a finance degree to decipher, and a bunch of other alleged giveaways.
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All of us love the dishwasher of a friend and hers is a Kenmore Elite Model 665 with stainless steel on the back of the door. Another friend had friends looking for a dishwasher and they were very happy with a Amana for under $300.
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In contrast to the story mentioned earlier about the two identical twin brothers in Belgium committing suicide, here is how an American with a Jewish upbringing, Rebecca Alexander, is handling a similar situation. It reminds us that our daily problems are pretty minuscule. Rebecca is a fraternal twin with a twin brother. She works as a psychotherapist. She is writing her autobiography. She is beautiful too, with brown long hair and blue eyes. She might be missing a man whose proposal she turned down. "Peter Alexander on his sister who is losing both her sight and hearing" From Peter Alexander, TODAY
I don't know if you saw this news story. "Deaf Belgian twins euthanized after discovering that they are going blind Euthanasia for adults has been legal in Belgium since 2002. This case marks first time two brothers have been permitted to die together. Jan 14, 2013 " "Marc and Eddy Verbessem, 45-year-old twin brothers who were born deaf, were euthanized in Belgium on Dec. 14 after finding out they were going blind, in a case that has drawn euthanasia in Europe back into the spotlight." They were not in pain. They were not dying. They lived together. "They couldn't stand the idea of never seeing one another again." "The separation from their parents and brother was very serene and beautiful." "Belgium's current socialist government has put forth a controversial amendment that would allow dementia sufferers and children to commit legal suicide, as well, wrote Agence France-Presse." Assisted suicide for non terminal patients is allowed in Belgium, Switzerland, and Amsterdam.
My father had a similar problem with his dishwasher that he had bought from a chain. They sent a repair person up and he diagnosed the problem as an elbow joint needing replacement and was replaceable for minimal cost. The problem is my father has real wooden floors in the kitchen and the repair person said that he couldn't pull the dishwasher out because of possible damage to the floor. So he left. My father called his handyman who pulled the dishwasher out with the help of my brother, saw the rubber elbow joint, took it to an appliance parts place, bought the replacement part, put it on, and slid the dishwasher back into place. That was fine for a few weeks until the flooding happened again. It was a mouse both times. The mouse had chewed through the rubber. This time the handyman barricaded the opening from the outdoors to the dishwasher, then repeated the same steps. So far there has not been further problems. Therefore my father has the same dishwasher and replaced the elbow joint twice. The piece probably costs $10.00 plus the labor and the solving of the problem. I have told my father that he can use the services of a cat.
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