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Beautiful column, Erie. I tell everyone they have magic within them. It was given to us all - a fabulous gift from God. In one of my poems, I talk about how children can see what we have forgotten, because as we grow older, we forget how much magic is around us. Thanks for sharing this wonderful "magical" gift with us!
I meant to add to my post, that this surrealistic art also reminds me of the connection to the divine. Consider the Bible passage from 1 Corinthians 13:12. I love the KJV. "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known."
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This is a very deep post, Erie. Here's my take. In times like we are now living, ones of chaos and human struggle, art, in any form transcends events and opinions, allowing it to convey a message without fear of reprisal. Because surrealist art, and surrealist poetry, leave the final product open to interpretation. The analytical mind is left to determine the meaning as it applies to the individual. So, no harm comes to the artist who is stating his agenda in an ambiguous manner. In the first piece that you display, "Le Violon d'Ingres," is the woman one with her violin, or is she the one who is being played? I know the second is your photo, but I love that one the most, because it turns the spotlight on the observer. My thoughts? Perhaps you were saying that many people have a duality, the side they show the world and the one they truly are inside--sanctimonious in daily life, while relating more on a carnal level inside. The poetry, as well, is left to speak to the individual reader. I find it delightfully quirky that the first piece starts with the wind rolling a cigarette, and at the end, the chimney smokes! Very thought-provoking!
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2017 on Surreal Reality at Journal of Film & Poetry
Fabulous, poem, Erie and it evokes clear images in one's mind. However, I found myself much more drawn to the photography. :) To me, the images stir a feeling of "reality permeating the American ideal." My favorite is the last one, which could be titled, "Wake up and smell the rose." :) Great piece, both regarding poetry and photography.
Everything you say here is true, Erie. But there is more that goes along with this. What I have discovered with hospitals is that often they spend a good deal of money educating the middle managers about new techniques for managing, but the upper management doesn't take the courses! So, if those upper managers were hired due to technical expertise and not management skills, all the education does for the middle managers is make them frustrated because they are trying to implement the new skills with no real support of upper management and are met with skepticism by the people they supervise. Also, the rapid technological advances we have faced during the past twenty years, and which are more rapidly advancing every day, also have left many managers "socially retarded." They are used to texting, not talking. I wrote about this in the book I will have coming out later this year. Here is what I say in it with regard to too much technology and not enough time. "When I first started working at the hospital, I used a corded phone at work. I had access to reports off a mainframe computer and during my ten years there, I did finally get a DOS computer with a printer. However, it was only for reports and wasn’t located in my private office, but in the general department area outside. Now, at work, I usually have a cellphone which is hooked up to an Intranet. I have two computer screens so I can have two different applications open simultaneously. I get my company email on my cell phone, usually comprised of a couple of hundred per day. I get texts all day from field staff and corporate employees. Did I mention that there also is instant messaging on my Intranet? My superiors can reach me by phone, which they do, regardless of my schedule. They usually don’t consider the fact I may be in a meeting or unavailable because I had to go to an appointment, like the dentist. I have a short window in which to call them back. You’d think maybe I could rest at lunch, but no. Instead, I have to ask 'what is lunch?' I may get to go out to pick it up, but then I have to bring it back because otherwise I won’t finish the work that needs to be done that day. Most of the time, I end up eating at my desk while I multi-task. These texts, emails, and phone calls don’t stop at five, but usually continue. Some higher-ranking employees in the company may be answering their email until midnight and then sending out directives. We don’t have that many face-to-face meetings anymore. They are usually accomplished through conference calls or video-meeting formats. There may be weekly meetings for field staff, but other than that, the rest of the office communication is done at short intervals between tasks or for short impromptu meetings to ensure everyone is working on the same page. Then, everyone goes back to their work stations. What is the result of all this information overload? I, and those like me, have more stress, less time to relax and recover and we aren’t as productive as we could be with fewer interruptions. Additionally, since so much of the communication is in writing, through emails and texts, there is more of a chance of miscommunication and misunderstanding, which can then snowball into hurt feelings and office wars." I honestly think that all of management is asked to do too much and that erodes their ability to manage well and spend the necessary time they need to with the employees individually.
I have been an O'Keeffe fan since college. I went to Randolph-Macon Woman's College, and they had an amazing art collection, including one of her works. This gives me an even greater fondness for her and a new appreciation for Stieglitz. It also goes to show that the right partners not only can warm the heart, but fire a lifelong passion in both partners.
Very eloquent, Erie, as always! The article is full of truths. I often feel like my photo should be next to the word, "change," in the dictionary. It seems as if we have shared some past experiences. Yet, as you say here, the bad experiences most often put us in a much better place. They are, in fact, what I like to call, "tornadic miracles." After going through a really bad experience, one's "house," metaphorically, comes down on the Wicked Witch and you find out you were home all along. Within and in God's arms-home is always there.
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Jan 22, 2017
Erie, Have a wonderful birthday! You have done so much for so many. It takes a special person to bring light to those who can carry the flame onward to others. Many blessings on your special day. Much love, Bobbye
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Jan 21, 2013