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Jim Harlan
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I'm responding specifically to the statement, "In addition, colleges want to have wealthy alumni, and if the financial return to IQ rises because of the increased complexity and sophistication of the economy, high IQ students become increasingly attractive as future alumni and therefore potential donors." I have a non-supported position, i.e., lack of facts just opinion, that high-IQ graduates, for the most part, are less likely to have school spirit while in school that translates to a lack of interest in donating as an alum. If the goal is for the school to graduate quality students who donate after graduation, then the objective should include attracting socially-minded students, e.g., those who get into school spirit, etc., who are also able to meet the college admission requirements. Specifically, when a school such as the University of Texas at Austin has a guaranteed admission for the top 10% of public school students, I'd be curious to see data between a correlation of those students and those who donate post-graduation. Sure they may have higher-IQs, maybe, or maybe they just worked harder or went to an easier school. Regardless, interesting read.
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Jan 28, 2013