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Andrea Whittington Moore
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You have no idea - from one "Andi" to another- how MUCH this post blessed me! Thank you for sharing that you, too, have projects you just don't want to pick up again...and unfinished projects...and addictions that are OK to have =) I'm a yarnaholic, I love all things knitting and crocheting, and I have just started a new afghan for MYSELF- first project in 6 years that I've begun with the intention of keeping it for our home=) This project was begun & yarn was purchased even though I have 5 other unfinished projects on needles and yarn to begin a host of others. I finally found a pattern for my bedroom that I LOVE and just couldn't wait to begin. So now I have at least 6 projects on needles (most likely more counting the caps and scarves buried in baskets)and I will finish them when I finish them. Thank you, Andi, for helping me be OK with that ;-)
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