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Chris Slane
Tampa, Florida
Card Payments Executive
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My view on EMV is that it is a fundamentally more secure payment vehicle than typical magnetic stripe cards - plain and simple. There are many benefits outside of just fraud savings. Consider missed transactions that international travelers might incur with a traditional card. Aite analysis reveals that card issuers missed out on $4 billion in charge volume in 2008 because of problems cardholders had with their cards while traveling abroad. Then there is consumer perception. Ask a consumer today if he/she would like to own a car without air bags? The answer is likely no. The same is likely to hold true for EMV cards. If I have two options, traditional or EMV, I'm likely to choose EMV because it's safer. We all need to protect and enhance the consumer experience. One cannot accurately predict future fraud costs with any degree of certainty. The pie for fraudsters is getting smaller, and if I'm a bank or credit union I don't want to be in the cross-hairs, especially if those vulnerable are getting smaller. CNP fraud is escalating. The payments industry will need to solve for that. Chris Slane, VP, Business Development, Quatrro Processing Services
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Feb 19, 2013