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Thanks for the reply, Pete. I'm saying good-bye to neu.Annotate, then -- GoodReader offers those crucial features I need, although I admit the annotation tools themselves are superior in neu.Annotate. Too bad I can't combine the best features of both of those apps into a single app! ;-) I'll continue using neu.Notes on a daily basis, though -- it's fabulous software, and it's become mission-critical for me. It blows Evernote out of the water, in my opinion. Thank you!
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2013 on neu.Annotate Support at neupen
Pete, is there still no feedback to my questions? 1) No full-screen mode?; 2) No free version of neu.Annotate? And I may add a third question: 3) No Night Mode? Thank you for replying, if you find a minute. I continue using neu.Notes on a daily basis, and can't imagine my life without it. :-) However, I stopped using neu.Annotate, reverting to GoodReader, due to the unavailability of full-screen mode and night mode. (I purchased both apps, so it's not on my behalf I'm asking about the free version of neu.Annotate.)
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2013 on neu.Annotate Support at neupen
Hi Pete, Many months ago, I asked you about the full-screen mode in neu.Annotate+, and you said it would be introduced. I still can't see it in the current version. I have had to switch to other PDF annotating apps for the time being, like GoodReader and PDF Expert, because seeing the top toolbar in neu.Annotate all the time, is very distracting. neu.Annotate+ is hands-down the best, when it comes to the annotating tools -- I just can't stand seeing the toolbar all the time. Why not make the toolbar auto-hide, Pete, if that's what the user prefers? And a single tap of the finger in, say, center of the screen, would bring the toolbar back. Thank you if you can make full-screen mode possible, Pete, because I'd like to get back to using neu.Annotate+. Also, when implementing full-screen mode, please make it possible to hide the iOS status bar as well (with the time/battery status), along with neu.Annotate's own status bar at the bottom. These could all be options in neu.Annotate settings, in terms of users checking/unchecking whatever status bar/toolbar they wish to see in full-screen mode. I for one wish to see nothing at all, except for the page of the PDF file. But a single tap of my finger should bring everything back. Another question I posted many months ago: is the free version of neu.Annotate gone for good? You replied back then, it would return to the App Store, but so far it hasn't. I've been promoting neu.Annotate wherever I go, but when people have no way to preview the app for free, it's less likely for them to go ahead and buy it. Thank you.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2013 on neu.Annotate Support at neupen
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Feb 20, 2013