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Christian Frost
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Hi, I use WebKit2 which may cause that my WebKitWebView does not have the "window-object-cleared" signal. Therefore it cannot be connected. I have tried to "hook" it to the "resource-load-started" with the following callback function: static void resource_load_started_cb(WebKitWebView *web_view, WebKitWebResource *resource, WebKitURIRequest *request, gpointer user_data) { JSGlobalContextRef * context =webkit_web_view_get_javascript_global_context(web_view); JSClassRef classDef = JSClassCreate(&class_def); JSObjectRef classObj = JSObjectMake(context, classDef, context); JSObjectRef globalObj = JSContextGetGlobalObject(context); JSStringRef str = JSStringCreateWithUTF8CString("CustomClass"); JSObjectSetProperty(context, globalObj, str, classObj, kJSPropertyAttributeNone, NULL); } However, when I use my CustomClass in Javascript, WebKit cannot find the class. Can someone guide me how to do this? Currently I use the Minibrowser as a sample program to implement it.
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Feb 21, 2013