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"There was one district judge who died recently who was 104 years old," Posner said. "It's very unlikely he was firing on all eight cylinders at that age." : )
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2013 on Patent Trolls—Posner at The Becker-Posner Blog
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Dear Judge Posner, Thank you for your dissent in Senne (DPPA case involving "disclosure" of PII on a traffic ticket). I work in this area of law, and the case caught my attention, more so when I saw from which court it originated. Being a student of your writings, I am familiar with some of your thoughts on privacy. But I would have been surprised and concerned had you sided with the majority. On a related note, state courts are increasingly removing personal information from their criminal records, records that are historically deemed public and essential to a free and open society. I suspect the removal of this information will soon be challenged in courts across the US. Sincerely, Scott Slick
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Dear Judge Posner, I've been reading some of your selections from OWH, Jr. Interestingly, I came across this quote from OWH: "I doubt if a shudder would go through the spheres if the whole ant heap were kerosened." Then I transitioned to your Catastrophe and Risk. What a perfect complement. It's been a few years since I've really dug into the genre, but Mr. Dworkin's passing has me motivated to dust off the relevant volumes and have it them. On a digression to an aside, I remember the first time I read one of your books. The book was the Economics of Justice. At the time, I was a Dworkin devotee. I couldn't wait to settle down and read "the enemy." The problem was the more I read the more I became convinced of your genius. Once I got to your history of jurisprudence in Problems of Jurisprudence you had leveled the playing field. I still think Dworkin was a profound thinker, and will always have his place in jurisprudence. At the same time, I find myself agreeing with the insights offered by you and Justice Holmes. Maybe it just comes down to "is" and "ought." I'm not sure. But I do enjoy the 15 plus books of your's I've read.
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Feb 23, 2013