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Holy Mackerel! When I first saw the picture of this jackass I figured it was because he got arrested for all the corruption that has been going on in Rye since he became a councilman. This apparent delusional individual actually thinks he is running for Mayor. Alfano, Ted Dunn, Matthews, French, Filippi, Suzanna Keith, Matt Fahey and his sister Robin adds up to 9 signatures on a petition assuming he signs his own petition This leaves him about 500 signatures short of getting on the ballot. Now that Jovanovich was rejected by his own Republican party, and no doubt laughed at when he tried to get on the Democrat ticket, he now cites collaboration and non-bitarisanship. How convenient. Hit the bricks you pompous jackass and save us from having to look at your face and from throwing up reading your bogus accomplishments.
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Welcome back to MyRye Anne. It is refreshing to hear from someone who actually pays the right amount of property taxes and has a C of O for their third floor. I checked my records for Ball-Less Wonders and it came back Filippi, French, Pickup and Jovanovich's sister Robin. Any idea what would happen to you if you did $1,000,000+ in a complete renovation to your home including an entire new 3rd floor and then you submitted a signed a sworn affidavit to the City of Rye that it this entire renovation was only $325,000? I can tell you what appears to have happened to the homeowner at 3 Magnolia Place and it wasn't that they were arrested and charged with fraud. They had their property assessment raised only 3% and lived there without a C of O for 8 years. People in Rye get their assessment raised more for than that for adding a new deck to their homes so how is it this person gets away with this? Shouldn't the City of Rye know the difference between a $1,000,000 entire renovation of a house and a $205,000 renovation as was attested to in the original building permit?
How do you say delusional in French? "No corruption in Rye, just dedicated volunteers and professional staff doing the right thing." Here's a partial list of dedicated staff doing the right thing according to French: Scott Pickup (See definitions for malfeasance, misfeasance, incompetence,lying and mismanagement). William Connors (Department and possibly Connors under criminal investigation). Also works for City labor lawyer Vincent Toomey. Quid pro quo comes to mind? Scott Yandrasevich (Under criminal investigation). Peter Fox (Under criminal investigation) Kristen Wilson (See definition of conflict). Dawn Nodarse(Submitted false sworn affidavit to court). Comptroller Gribbons (Fled Rye in June of 2012).
Lausdeo: You are 100% correct about Brett, Killian and Parker. They have failed the residents of Rye. However, Filippi, Jowannasniffyourpanties and French have also allowed Pickup to stay employed here. I believe French, Jowannasniffyourpanties and Filippi are keeping Pickup here in part because they ran on a ticket of stability in the City Managers office and they don't want to admit they made a huge mistake in hiring Pickup. Besides Pickup being a complete disaster this has to be by far the worst City Council in Rye's history.
How do you say corruption in French? Rye Golf Club. 13 Richard Place double Star exemption. 13 Richard Place building code violations. Unethical behavior from Ethics Board. Boat Basin. Police uniform bids. City Manager allowed to lie numerous times to public and City Council. Andrew Dapolite. More unethical behavior from Ethics Board. Misappropriating $5,000,000 away from Rye's infrastructure.
Dear Judith, We here in Rye can only imagine what you experienced at the hands of this filthy piece of crap Jovanovich. As your lawsuit was making its way through federal court, this piece of crap Jovanovich and his sister moved to Rye. It seems that the press was not so kind to this filthy piece of crap Jovanovich while he was defending your lawsuit. So what did he and his sister do? They decided to buy their own local newspaper, the Rye Record, I believe to control what is reported and how. The Rye Record used to be a credible local newspaper. Once this piece of crap and his sister took over the reins, they turned it into the Buy Record. Jovanovich and his sister now use this newspaper to promote their own personal and political agendas (fighting sex discrimination apparently not being one of them). It seems to me that they disregard their journalistic integrity (what little they had) for the purpose of spewing propaganda for their political agendas and to cover up crimes and misconduct committed by their friends and political allies.
Judith: I can only imagine what a nightmare it must have been to work for such a pompous, arrogant, Jerk Off like Peter Jovanovich. Unfortunately for us, we now have this Jerk Off doing his best to destroy Rye. I wonder if when his sister Robin reads the transcripts of your sexual harassment lawsuit against this Jerk Off she will be putting it on the front page of the Buy Record.
Mr. Amico, The nonsense will end when Mayor "Bozo the Clown" French finishes his term or gets brought out in handcuffs prior to 12/31/2013. With French, Jovanovich and Filippi gone, hopefully Pickup, Connors, Wilson, Toomey and Nodarse follow French out the door on 12/31/2013 or better yet also in handcuffs with French prior to the end of the year. Here's wishing you an early Happy New Year!
Good points Republican Trust. Let's see if Joewannasniffsomepanties actually declares his candidacy or if he is just playing one of his usual pranks on the public. When Mayor Stench made Joewannasniffsomepanties the deputy mayor, he must have thought it was based on merit. He didn't get it that Stench needed to use Joewannasniffsomepanties for his sisters newspaper, the Rye Jerk Off. Joewannasniffsomepanties should just stick to what he does best. Delivering the Rye Jerk Off around town while doing his Weekend at Bernies imitation.
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Mr. Lamont, I'm sure French and Pickup will both be looking for those e-mail recovery programs you mention to retrieve all the e-mails they deleted concerning RGC. I'm sure it was an honest mistake when they deleted them. If not them, then maybe some investigative agency will want to retrieve them.
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2013 on Sack Will Run For Mayor at
Jason: You want to keep Rye's local government strong? Are you piped? Have you not noticed Rye government is crumbling from lies, deceit, coverups, malfeasance and misfeasance from the top of our government? If you haven't noticed or have chosen to ignore all of this you are unqualified for me to vote for you.
This just in from the completely clueless and delusional files. Would it surprise anyone if this is being leaked by the idiots at the Rye Record including Peter's sister? Jovanovich cannot be serious. I believe this has to be some twisted attempt to try and derail Councilman Sack or to further coverup Jovanovich's own corruption and the continued coverup of wide spread corruption.
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2013 on Sack Will Run For Mayor at
Dear Mr. Lamont: As far as an e-mail trail and obstruction of justice I believe the City of Rye has already undertaken actions to change e-mail accounts of top administrators in an attempt to purge their incriminating past e-mails and to make it difficult to access. What do you think about the RICO Act for these individuals: French, Jovanovich, Filippi, Pickup, Wilson, Connors Nodarse, Toomey, Dunn, Matthews and Alfano? Conspiracy and acting in concert also comes to mind. I hope you are successful in your run for Rye City Council. We need to clean house and your platform fits Rye to a tee.
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2013 on Sack Will Run For Mayor at
Anne, I can't help but notice how much Judith Hill and Nicole Levetsky resemble a younger Robin Joewannasnatch.
Jim, Robin is nothing more than a propaganda machine for her brother Peter and our disgraced Mayor, Doug French. The Rye Record is garbage. I thought Robin was stepping down as editor? More lies. It is real civil and respectful when Evonavitch gets up from the dais and walks out when someone he doesn't like exercises their right as a US citizen to step up to the podium and speak on their issue. What a JACKASS! Here's another "Dewey beats Truman" November headline Robin can publish now: FRENCH AND EVANOVICH GET THEIR HEADS HANDED TO THEM IN BIGGEST LOPSIDED LOSS IN RYE ELECTION HISTORY. French and Evonavich could then use those paper bags, courtesy of Oh Suzanna, to put over their heads. Better yet, go to Port Chester and use the plastic bags. Much more efficient. I didn't mention Filippi because I'm guessing the support he gets from the the Nazis and the KKK won't be enough to get him on the ballot.
Dear Mr. Tartaglione, Thanks for correcting the pronouncement of his name to Evonavich. The proper pronouncement of Evonavich is much more important than Evonavich, French, Filippi and others on the City Council holding Pickup accountable for reported lies, concealing public records, corruption and official misconduct. Need Change, From your lips to God's ears. Could there already be a canary talking to the feds about RGC, the obstruction of the investigation of RGC, the $5,000,000 pilfered from City accounts to pay for 1051 BPR, the concealment and destroying of public documents, the personal motivations to conceal and destroy public documents, French's misdeeds and the coverups of French's misdeeds?
Here is a transcript and video of one example of incivility by our Rye City Council. I'm sure the Nazis and the KKK, that Filippi refers to in his rant about civility, told their victims how civil they were too. Filippi (04:30): Um…there’s uh, there’s another announcement I’d like to make. Um, We I sp- when we came to um…we were elected started in 2010, uh we started this announcement aspect to bring out the best part of Rye. To show- to highlight the volunteerism, let people know about what other activities were happening in uh in and around Rye. Um, so I- but I’d like to talk to you about something else that is more sinister. It’s kind of like acid reflux eating away at your esophagus and eventually causing cancer. (05:08): At the last City Council Meeting, Mayor gave his uh assessment of the City of Rye. And it was upbeat and he talked about the volunteerism like the hard work the people of the Sustainability Committee do and the other thing twenty eight-twent nine uh committees that we have. Uh, yet, um… Mr. Sculti who everyone knows from the Rye Golf Club etc. uh, became very agitated and uh angry and yelling and screaming and really inappropriate behavior. Uh, not just here, but also with other people uh within, within the City government. Um, sending nasty emails to people. Um, stating that he is, you know, um….um…. he’s-he’s going to be um… uh…you know… doing things or-or just nasty emails. And-and I don’t think it’s appropriate, I ask you to think, consider if it was your wife, or your daughter, or your mother who was being um… uh attacked in this way. Barging into City Hall with a videocamera and showing it in fro- in the face of our ninety pound…uh…uh City Clerk, you know, then…then…uh or other people and…and uh firing off questions etc. and then re-editing it so it looks different. (06:26): Um, also, you know, nasty things such as uh the fact that Eleanor Militana’s children work at the Golf Club, somehow making that somehow sinister and that it was part of this whole um…this whole fiasco which we have at the Golf Club which is very unfortunate to someone like that. (06:44): He mentioned that his blog is Laus Deo, which is- got his inspiration from the Washington Memorial, that it’s up higher than any other um uh… nothing higher in the city of Washington D.C. Um… (06:57): The uh… you know, the…this….this escalated now he feels that- I have to ask him, does he feel he’s above the law when he barged into a Police Arbitration Meeting here in the Mayor’s Conference Hall which is private, it’s not something that is open to the public. Me, or anybody else. It’s between the City Manager, Police- Police Union, and the arbitrator. And he barged in and had to be ordered from the room. I think that is very inappropriate behavior. And then, and then what’s going to be next. If we don’t stop this type of behavior now, he is going to start stalking Laura Brett home, or Mr. Sack from- on the way home from the train. (07:36): Um… you know, it’s a concern I think- talking to people about the Rye Golf Club, they- some people are afraid of joining because they don’t want to be tagged for some reason by him and being put on Laus Deo. I think that- I think that’s unfortunate. Um, you know, there’s uh… there’s many- there’s things like that. (07:57) This vendetta against the Mayor and City Manager, um, he keeps referring to the Andrew Dapolite incident. Um, I’d like to take a minute and run through that incident uh…if I might, even though it was a- should have been left as a internal HR uh issue. It was a workshop with the Fire Department and the Board of Wardens, workshops aren’t filmed, um… it was uh… it was- he went in there, he manipulated the cameras, etc. um…he was, he was- felt a little a little funny about it sometime later, he was asked to speak to the to uh…he felt that he should maybe speak to somebody, somebody told him to speak to Scott and that never happened. (08:37): Uh, next thing we knew, you know, there was um, there was all this stuff in the newspaper um uh…. You know, there- we asked the Board of Ethics to interview uh um the the people involved, um they were able to interview Andrew, then uh other things cam- got in the way. There was a lawsuit that was given to us by John- uh filed by John Carey for him uh… um, cost the city $30,000, that’s $30,000 that’s uh… a crossing guard we could have used for… for during the construction. (09:17): Um, you know I…I understand he’s got a friend Andrew. They’ve worked together and uh you know he’s upset about the letter being in the personnel file. That was for hostile work environment um… that’s- that has- you can’t just ignore that sort of thing I’m sorry about that. Um, but you just can’t ignore that. The um… and um…no one would have known uh if if if people didn’t come here to the podium and talk about that so again, uh that’s the problem. You know, um… this…you know this this uh you know he also- excuse me (drinks water) (10:08): I’m sorry he’s not here. Leon um also was upset by the fact that he had an email- I’m not sure how he got that- saying that, asking that- the Mayor asking Nicole Levitsky to keep the camera off of Mr. Floatie and he felt that somehow that was um infringing on someone’s um…um… freedom of speech. But do people remember what it was like here in the uh in the uh prior administration where the the the three ring circus it would be with the uh with these cartoon characters and and facemasks. Now Ray likes to- Ray Tartaglione who brought them in here likes to tell the story about how he made a deal with the Mayor that if the Mayor uh…. That he wasn’t going to bring them in. The truth was we told him anyone who comes in with a mask we’ll call- we’re going to have them arrested because that’s against the law under the Ku Klux Klan Law. (11:00): So, um… you know that’s- there’s other things like that as well. You know, I understand that again, about uh about Andrew, but you know- to Andrew Dapolite, from me, you know I never steered you wrong, I’ve never gave you- I worked with you but you know I but I don’t think what you are doing is right where um Nicole Levitsky had to file a police report because of the way you behaved. That’s that’s not right. Um, I think your anger at her his misappropriated. I think you anger should be focused on the older adults that told you to go to the press and file the lawsuit. That all becomes public information now— French (11:45): Richard, Richard I think— Filippi: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! French: Okay Filippi: But unfortunately, you know, when you’re a very talented per- when a when an employer sees that a very talented videographer and and the HR department goes and looks up on google and see’s these issues come up, they just put that resume into the shredder and I’m sorry for you uh for that. French: Make you point and stay away from personnel issu- Filippi: My point is also, you know that…that…you know people might say well you know I’m doing this because I don’t like to take the heat. Well that’s not true because actually they don’t really know- they havn’t targeted me- a couple of silly emails from Chittenden Killian: Until now… Filippi: ‘Til now! Yea (laughs) Um…but um… Jovanovich (12:30): Have you renovated your house recently? (laughs) Filippi: But uh that’s not the point. The point is that it’s very corrosive. I’ve talked to people about joining committees, I’ve talked to people about getting involved in in politics here in Rye, and they all say “No I don’t want to- I don’t want that aggravation. I don’t want to be singled out for something that I decide on. I think that’s sad. That’s a sad situation we are now in, and that’s affected the number of people we can get for volunteer such as CCAC which we’re short people. We need people. Are they going to be actively pursued because they say things that someone doesn’t like. And, you know, the other thing is, people tend to say, “Oh it’s just them. It’s just the City Council being- handling this”. But, from history class I remember uh… a story about um… someone who had wrote down in Nazi Germany. When they- first they came and they took the Jews and the Gays because I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t Jewish and I wasn’t gay. Then they came and took those who were politically active, and I didn’t speak up for them because I wasn’t politically active. And then they came for the Catholic Priests, but I wasn’t Catholic so I didn’t speak up for them. And then they came for me, and no one was there to speak for me. (13:48): So that’s the type of thing that I want people in Rye to be aware, that you know, it may be directed in one place now, but it may come back to you as well. Um…that that there’s…I think people are- should ask- should demand an end to this insanity. Um, there’s no reason why we can’t talk and share ideas etc. in a uh in a in a normal way without shouting and screaming at one another. I think that these personal attacks on people- you know, we’re all volunteers here. The City Manager is a hired City employee, the City employees don’t- shouldn’t have to uh uh bear these uh uh types of of of problems at work. They should be able to come to work and do the work the best they can. (14:38): Um, so… it’s…there’s- I always say there’s three types of people. There’s schadenfreude, people who derive pleasure from other people’s misery. I want to know, is there anybody here like that? Anybody like that sort of thing? And then there’s the other group. Those who are spineless, those who- people you know, who they don’t they don’t stand up for anything. Is anybody like that? O’Brien: May I say something? Filippi: No, no I’m not finished. And then there’s the other people with the backbone that would stand up and make a stand uh… ask to stop this insanity. You know emails saying you know…to to Scott Pickup calling him a fool because he didn’t- the City Golf Club was scheduled for the same night as this. He has no say in that. He has no- things like that. That’s unacceptable behavior. I think we should all move back to more civility. And, and stop these personal attacks on each other because we’re only hurting Rye which is a place we all say we love. So that’s my point. French (15:47): Richard, thank you. Filippi: Sorry. Sorry I took so long. French: Julie? Killian: I just want to say, being the newest person here, there there there clearly are some frustrations to working in government, to working in City Council and some of our groups, but I just want to not let things that you highlighted and some of the things we might see here to put anyone off because the large majority of what we do- I really like being on City Council. I… I like it much more than I thought I would and the large majority of people that we deal with are really terrific. There’s a lot of talented people and a lot of really good things that we do, so for any of you in the audience and anybody watching, if you are thinking about running for City Council or being on a Board or Commission, we welcome you, and please do not let uh, any of the negative things you might see cuz there’s a lot of really good people and good things that that go on here. So… French: Okay. Um thank you. Uh yea, as I prepared for my State of the City speech I did a lot of reading about history of Rye and this is an extremely passionate community as evidenced by Councilman Filippi but— Lefkowitz: Can I respond to him? Filippi: Uh…Section 9. French: We will uh… you know, we’re committed to not make comments personal, and keep the debate up front and move forward. Now we’re going to move on and take comments in the Resident’s Section.
From Opie Shew's resume: We developed competition between our Golf Club and private sector in management of a restaurant and catering operation. The Golf Club won this competition and went on to turn the first profit for this facility while engendering goodwill with the membership. Shew also refers to how Rye Golf Club membership dues were used for maintenance at the Rye Nature Center. You can't make this stuff up. How is it that French gave Opie a letter of recommendation?
I also wanted to respond to Stench's claim that the Board of No Ethics (When it comes to Stench and Pickup) has served well. Is Stench delusional? The Board of No Ethics (When it comes to Pickup and Stench) has only served Stench and Pickup and nobody else. Jovanosnitch's referrals to the Board of No Ethics (When it comes to Pickup and Stench) was a farce from the get go and everyone in Rye knows it. I believe 2 of the 3 members of the Board of No Ethics (When it comes to Pickup and Stench) served on French's campaign and the third is a political reject. To top it off the Board of No Ethics (When it comes to Pickup and Stench) hired the City of Rye's labor attorney Vince Toomey, a very close ally of Pickup, as their attorney and then tried to conceal it from the public. Real ethical Beth! Beth Griffin Matthews, the Chairman of the Board of No Ethics (When it Comes to Pickup and French) should go back to her cave, do not pass go and not come out ever again. Her Nazi like attitude towards the public during the Board of No Ethics (When it comes to Stench and Pickup) process I believe was deplorable and worthy of a Nuremburg hanging. Jay: Did Stench release this statement on City of Rye letterhead?
Who cares what Mayor Stench thinks. He no longer represents what is best for Rye. He only cares about himself and Pickup. He is a disgrace as a Mayor and his off the field activities make him a disgrace as a person. The City Manager form of government no longer works. We need an elected Supervisor who serves at the pleasure of the taxpayers in two year intervals. If they do a good job, we ere-elct them. If the Supervisor should screw up or lie to us taxpayers like Pickup and Stench have, they get voted out. It's that simple. For Stench to say that the City Manager form of government has worked after 15 years full of Novak, Shew and Pickup disasters, is disingenuous at best. Stench has 9 months left in office. Lets not let him do any more damage to our great City on his way out. It is a given that Stench's stooges Jovanosnitch and Filipuoff are going to do whatever Stench tells them to do. Parker, Brett, Killian and Joe Sack need to step up and put these three out of their misery for all of ours sake. Tonight would be a good time to start.
Councilman Sack, Those are all great ideas. They will all serve to restore the public trust that has been eroded the last two years.
Dear Paperboy Pete Jovanovich: Last night you called on families to sit down with their kids and talk about what you called a stain on Rye. You said anyone who would audio tape anyone at City Hall no matter what the reason was a stain on Rye. Well we sat down with our kids this morning and we came away with some conclusions. Anyone of our kids finds themselves working for or has contact with a person who is as morally corrupt and ethically challenged as we feel Pickup is ought to always be on their toes. Anyone of our kids who are asked/ordered to lie for or watch as Pickup lies to the Rye City Council and the public ought to document everything Pickup says and does to protect themselves and the public. Anyone of our kids who are forced to report any illegal acts by Pickup should be able to trust those in charge of overseeing Pickup. In your case Mr. Jovanovich our kids, and would think most of Rye, now knows what a dirty scumbag you are who would resort to anything to protect your little piece of warped power that you so crave. Did Ms. Hill audiotape you prior to suing you for sexual harassment and that's why you are so sensitive to this?
Pickup has to be held accountable for this and fired for there to be any public trust left in this town. Pickup was in charge of overseeing this operation that was red flagged in June of 2010 and Pickup did nothing to address this except to lie and say it was fully vetted and found to be on the up and up. If RM Staffing was putting in invoices for $40 an hour to pay someone to work at the snack bar for $10 an hour, it is Pickup's fault and nobody else's that these invoices went unchecked and were paid in full every single time. When Councilman Sack tried to look into things in June of 2012, French told him to mind his own business and that he was personally investigating it. Now French should be held personally, politically and maybe even criminally responsible for impeding and delaying this investigation. I'm sure the City's insurance carriers will void any claim Rye files given that Pickup ignored the glaring red flags, French impeded the initial investigation and the City of Rye's attitude that they can do what ever they want because they have insurance.
To Pickup, Wilson and French: On your way out don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.