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Posting here from Seoul, where I'm a long-term observer of the scene. I agree with your sentiments, but would add that the Korea Times should never be taken as a fair barometer of Korean opinion. Their articles on Samsung have been over-the-top obsequious for many years. Judging from comments by netizens (in Korean) attached to articles and bulletin boards in the past few days, the preliminary judgement on the S4 ranges from mild disappointment to sharp derision. Right now phones from LG and Pantek appear to be riding high in the tech world here, and the iPhone is maintaining its very loyal fan base. The Korean press has yet to report on the negative perceptions of the roll-out event, including charges of sexist portrayals and likely is at a loss how to understand U.S. press reaction.
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Since ABI estimated last November that "they believe" Android developers' share of the annual app revenue is "around one-third" of the total, then it is unclear why they now predict developers will pursue a Android-first strategy by the end of the year. That would imply a massive increase in Android-generated income, sufficient to overcome the current iOS-first strategy. But is that realistic, particularly in light of the continuing strength of the iPad, whose apps can be sold for a premium? And in light of the fact that the fastest growing Android geographical regions are likely in the less developed parts of the world, whose new users are less valuable to developers? In sum, I do not find the ABI faith in Android's growing financial allure all that plausible
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Mar 5, 2013