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SJC Once for ever: Tesla was ethnic Serb from Croatia.
Antimony is a rare element (0.2 ppm), in its abundance comparable for instance to indium. There is 50x more Li in the lithosphere than Sb, so all this hype about replacing it by more abundant Na, thanks to Sb, is just nonsense.
Push it into water and rename into Enterprise.
Could the use of EVs as taxis be suggested? Taxies generally make 7x more annual miles than family cars, and present an unique opportunity for general public to experience EV ride on the cheap. Take for instance Tesla-S. An 8000 cycles times 300 mi battery equals 2.4 million possible miles -- with the battery going flat after 8y due to degradation. No way even taxi could use it up more than 20-30%! In terms of emissions and economy each taxi is worth a bunch of private cars. The percentage of electric miles is vastly more important than the share of electric cars on the roads.
"and vanadium is a rare earth metal". My, my... And its abundance is 136 ppm (compared to, for instance, 68 ppm for cooper).
Kit P: "The last 20 years of a nukes life it is producing power at < $2/MWh for even much smaller plants." It's $0.02/kWh or $20/MWh. The rest is OK.
In 2025 the world will be >80% nuclear as for instance present day France, the only country under the skies with no C-emissions problem. With nuclear <$10/MWh the Green craze will be just another craze in the long history of this crazy world.
GreenPlease, arseniding could be probably effected from the gaseous phase too by using arsine (AsH3) as a source of the element.
A nonsense not only from thermodynamic point of view, but from the technological one too. Even if existing pipelines could not handle pure hydrogen, addition of several percent of H2 into NG would not substantially change parameters of the gas. The only thing that makes full sense is coal to liquids (or DME) by use of a nuclear generated hydrogen. Impressive work was already done in this direction exactly in Germany, but then came the green Talibans...
Very pure iron could be extracted by room-temperature electrolysis of its aqueous solutions in very simple cells, so I can see no point in electrolysis of its molten salts.
Not a single word about nukes, which provide 20% of US electricity and are 100% carbon free! In next 7y their world capacity will increase by 30%, it's fastest growing power-generating technology. Instead of that, all these wind, solar, bioenergy and fracking scams. Are lobbies really that strong, or what?
"Have they sold their soul to Big Oil?" Oil is a fuel, not sacrament.
By 2040 the average new car should do neither 147+ mpg nor 47 mpg but 15 kWh/100 km.
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Mar 9, 2013