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Priestess Caroline
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Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2013 on FREE Water Giveaway! at FarmVille 2
Hi Team I was wondering when the prices of expansions are likely to become realistic ? Also when someone is going to pay attention to us and bring more items available with coins as we all cannot afford to play using credit cards to buy farm bucks, Finally is there any plans to lift the limits on what we collect ? this to most is annoying at best , and will be games downfall at worst as it makes no sense were punished for spending time playing and collecting - not clever business sense really as far as i can see .
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2013 on Exclusive: Design Team Q&A at FarmVille 2
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Mar 16, 2013
TO DEVS . . . . I speak for many when I say the repeated farm bucks only items are unfair , here for instance 1 small item available for coins all DECENT items are farm bucks ~ while we appreciate you must make a return by this means the amount players your risking walking away from here just like original farmville surely must out weigh this. Every day your asked about prices and items for coins as well as farm cash - you cannot ignore the client indefinately , I'm sure we could l find another farming game where things are more evenly balanced for all players , credit card or not.... truely dissapointing of the devs here! Also any word of amending / lifting the limitations on collecting , After all its our time spent collecting that keeps game in play ~ why cant we be allowed to collect for our efforts . . .
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Mar 16, 2013