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Love the story! Along the lines of "Cli-Fi", I have written a screenplay for what I intend to be Hollywood's first climate change "blockbuster". I've written about 15 climate articles for Huffington Post and Common Dreams. This may seem silly but...if anyone knows a connection in the movie industry, I'd love to know. As Paul is undoubtedly aware, creating a 'time sensitive' narrative around climate change is challenging. My solution: In 'The Devil's Bargain', it is 2072, the planet is at 4C warming and humanity is about to initiate a massive geo-engineering intervention through SRM in a last-ditch effort to cool a world brought to edge of civilizational collapse. Of course, there are heroes, villains, etc.
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2014 on The day the ice cap died at Arctic Sea Ice
I am deeply interested in bearing witness to either the Arctic Sea ice melt or the Greenland ice melt. Does anyone know - is it possible, as a 'civilian' to join with scientists for, say, a week this summer while they monitor the melt? I would like to do this for my personal enjoyment and, as a climate writer, to get a more "felt" experience of what I am writing about. Any guidance is appreciated.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2014 on Getting ready at Arctic Sea Ice
Manuphonic- This is an article of mine published a couple months ago that addresses the issue that you bring up: "Brun, Baby, Burn: A Climate Activist's Wish For Superstorms, Wildfires and Drought." I'd love your feedback:
The NSIDC just posted results thru July 3rd. Don't look now, but the extent seems to be falling like a bat out of hell. Wouldn't it be something if the recent melt-off slope sustained until it intersected the 2012 line? Dramatic, anyway, for us climate nerds!
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2013 on So, how slow was this start? at Arctic Sea Ice
R. Gates et. al. - I am a climate writer for the Huffington Post. I am NOT a scientist- my only science course at Stanford was 'Earthquakes and Man' that I took because that's what all the football players took! - but, I share this article I wrote about a month ago about the situation of the oceans and heat uptake. Please give it a read- I hope I did okay by the science! :
Toggle Commented May 21, 2013 on The Four Charts That Really Matter at Arctic Sea Ice
Have folks seen this study finding a lower climate sensitivity - about 2 C median range as opposed to 3 C - put out a couple days ago? The gist seems to be that previous modeling underestimated the role of the oceans in absorbing heat. Now, if this is accurate and we do indeed see the 'hiatus' in surface warming extend for a couple decades...this seems to me to be BIG, big trouble. As R. Gates pointed out, the troposphere contains a relatively small percentage of stored energy, BUT, this is the only thing most people experience or care about. Is it not the case then that the above described scenario would be one most likely to 1) aid and abet the continued denial and ignoring of effective climate action 2) result in a more 'vertical', 'violent' and non-linear disruptive chain of events when the warming does 'surface'? Am I missing something here?- it sure feels like a recipe conceived 'under a bad moon'.
Toggle Commented May 21, 2013 on The Four Charts That Really Matter at Arctic Sea Ice
Alexander mentioned his friend not seeing how the loss of Arctic Ice could effect her children. I have made a video that addresses this to an extent. It is still a rough cut, but I would be interested in feedback. The website to which it refers is under construction. Thanks. Here is the direct link to the vid:
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2013 on Looking for winter weirdness 6 at Arctic Sea Ice
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