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"You will find this kind of thing happening in tribal areas where these people are controlled by some freaks with beards pretending to be scholars." Do you call those at al Azhar U. freaks w/beards? How about the "revered" Ayatollah Khoumeini? (Actually I do; but then again, I'm not muslim.) You can decry it all you want; but I'll bet that you don't decry it in public, because that would make you an "infidel", and you might then find yourself with a price on your head. Why not really read the Koran and Haddiths to find out what is "acceptable" islam? The Wahabbis have it right. I suggest that if you are a decent person, you ask our Creator God to show you His truth. He will; and from that point on you will find it hard to cling to islam, because your eyes will have been opened to the hate, misery, suffering, human degradation, rape, misogyny, pillage and death that islam begets. As it has for 14 centuries.
No, I am certainly not at war with God. But pislam's "allah" is NOT God, just Satan in disguise. Probably the best con job that the demonic ever came up with; and has lasted for 14 centuries. When you want to know the REAL God, ask in you heart for Him to reveal to you His truth. Then you will see how different God is from "allah", who seems to only want misery, suffering, human degradation, rape, mutilation, enslavement and murder in "his" name. (Sounds an awful lot like Satan to me.) Almighty God, our Creator, left both angels and humans free to love Him, or to reject Him. It is and was always our choice. He does not force himself upon us. He IS love; and loves each and every one of us - even muslims - although He may not like what we do. Try asking the REAL God to come into your life. If you do, you will be humbled to tears by His love - as have so many ex-muslims who have.
Keep waiting scumbag. Most REAL Americans are onto the lies spewed from you people. You want it? Come and get it!
First of all, learn how to spell the word "merely". Then: "Islam is a form of hard right politics anyhow, so there's not much new here either." Not at all. Islam at its core is very much LEFT-wing because it it totalitarian in nature - only its thin veneer of so-called "religion" sets it apart from Nazism, Communism, Socialism or Fascism. Just two sides of a counterfeit coin.
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Apr 1, 2013