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Hi Heather, I agree with you about perception. As a teacher, I had to give A's all the way to F's. I never liked grading like that. No matter how many A papers and tests a student may have, and no matter how much evidence, there was always the element of subjectivity. Were they working up to their capacity? Are they capable of going beyond the assignment? And for struggling students, most teachers want to give them better grades than they deserve to keep them interested in learning and motivated to stay in school. Now, as an older citizen, I'm still trying to lose weight. This has been a journey for sure! But all of a sudden my perception has changed and so far I'm being successful. Rather than saying, "I can't drink wine," I say, "I don't drink wine right now." Not that I have a problem with the alcohol, but it adds weight and is not on any diet that I know about. It is a mental shift for me. I saw Marlene today and she said that you had lost a bunch of weight. How did you do it? She also said that you had been in the Netherlands working on a project. How do I find out about that? I'm thinking about you a lot lately and hope that all is going well for you. Love, Ann
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Apr 7, 2013