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Mike Strahan
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Chelsea, This new recommendation is great news, and will save time for our students and faculty. I have two questions: 1. Will the shortened agency author form also apply to other types of government-issued sources such as web pages, and also sources not retrieved online (such as an older print report)? 2. Does this change also apply to government agencies at other levels (local/municipal, county, state), not just national (of course taking into account your recommendation to avoid confusion)? thank you, Mike
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Jul 24, 2018
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Jul 24, 2018
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Jul 24, 2018
Chelsea, Sorry I did not ask this in February. There is a freely-accessible portion of UptoDate, and there is also a subscription version. In previous postings here and also mentioned in the APA Style Guide to Electronic References, when content is behind a login or paywall, you then provide the home page URL instead of a non-functional URL. So wouldn't be more prudent that when the source is freely available provide the full url, but when users access this as a subscription, to only provide the home url, namely or make it easier yet and always provide only the home page url? Thank you, Mike
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Hello experts, Could someone please provide more-recent information than 2014 regarding the format of DOI ? I noticed that APA blog postings are formatting a doi such as the following: where you have included dx. as part of the URL. also includes the dx. as part of the URL, as does PsycINFO. However, is using the following format which excludes dx. : Zotero and other research managers have recently changed to the shorter format without the dx. Clicking on both urls take you to the same page, so are both formats acceptable to APA? thank you, Mike
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Apr 8, 2013