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Thank you Mrs. Lapin for a very accurate appraisal of a reality, I think, we're all currently living out. I long ago resigned my wardrobe to "washable" and "special care" garments. For me, washable means those items, whites and everything else, that I can personally wash without fear of damaging or destroying. After replacing my old faithful, inefficient top-loader of some 25 years with a more efficient front-loader, I switched to only using cold water in an effort to save money by extending the life and "new" appearance of the garments. Only to find "ultra" detergent and bleach. Which meant, now I was pay ing more for less. I consider "Special Care" garments those requiring "hand wash", "dry clean" or "wash separately"(whether an actual label or dictated by common sense). For me, these are laundered dress shirts, wool suits, wool slacks ,wool sport coats and denim or loud colors that bleed. Who does cotton dress shirts better than the cleaners? Even limiting the wools to steam and press as needed, maintenance is expensive. So, I'm left believing and may be even convinced that with all the effort to save and conserve, High-Efficiency this and "Ultra" that, doing our own laundry and reducing our 'Special Care' purchases, this industry still gets the best of us.
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Sep 29, 2012
Mrs. Lapin, Thank you again for you column and your honesty. My comments to you were never intended to 'chide' or to 'disrupt'. They are an honest appraisal of my observation. This column is an open forum and as such the writer should be held to a higher degree of responsibility ( even if you only "write what is on my mind"). Consider Imus or Jimmy the Greek( his public moniker, even used on CBS Sports!). I'm sure they thought they were just speaking what was on their minds! My comments were meant to bring to mind this responsibility. There seem to be many of your followers feeding at your trough and drinking the Kool-Aide. They accept your views hook, line and sinker. If anyone disagrees even with a minutia of your views, an 'emergency response team' goes in to action. Such as Peter or Matt, who I appreciate and I can endure because I've learned how to 'eat the meat and spit out the bones'.The truth is, that you CAN honor my request, as evidenced by your Rosh HaShanah that you enjoyed politics-free. You are just not willing. I can understand because economy/elections is such a hot-button issue, many are drawn to comment who otherwise would not. Which makes for good marketing and free advertisement. Whether they are beholding to you because of celebrity, platform or your skills as a political analyst and prognosticator, you are still exercising influence over a constituency that will not look beyond the mainstream Republican media and are not aware that they espouse a biased and censored view. So, your column is used to campaign for the Republican Party, your commonly held views are that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan "are the best option we have" and the prophesy that we are at 'a dangerous junction' and marching toward some precipice over which we fall to our doom. Oh, let's not forget this is all the current President's and his party's fault. The case can easily be made that the attrition that President Obama inherited originated with the Bush administration(pick either one). Sure, use your space to encourage all to vote, but don't use politics to accomplish it. Merriam-Webster defines politics as ' the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government'. The art of manipulation. Romney/Ryan is not our nation's 'best option' and we are not about to collapse. All fear-based, as you said. (I thought of Luke 10:41 after I read about your fears) Is it better to encourage education and free thinking, than to tell your audience who and what to vote for because of your fear-based propaganda? I guess it's true, misery loves company. My request was not that you limit topics to 'family events, holidays and the like', but to give politics a break. As I said before, I genuinely like the column, but not the employment of politics.You see, politics are not personal, by definition. The agenda maybe personal. The title of the column is a misnomer. To exercise control requires someone other than yourself. Could the fear-based propaganda being served now, to 'think like me and vote like me' because we share the same fears, later cause an "Oops" moment to regret? Are the right lessons being taught? You can usually tell what's been planted by the harvest. Time will reveal the answers and the prophesy, because the test of a true prophet or prophetess is if the prophesy comes to pass. If either of the candidates wins office I will support them, but my ultimate trust is in God. So, the question we must ultimately answer as a nation is, 'in what or in whom do we put our trust? My bible (Ancient Jewish Wisdom) says, "Some trust in chariots and some in horses but we will remember the name of The Lord our God", "The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will" and "For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." Maybe we need a book called 'The Perils of Politics'. Oh yeah, there is, it's called the bible.
I enjoy the teachings on the program Ancient Jewish Wisdom, even when it gets a little chatty. Not that I want to separate the personality from the person, but I tune in for substance and not chattiness or wrangling. I expect the truth. wisdom and something that I can extract insight from that will enhance my relationship with God and man. Now, I believe this column is a forum where chatter and wranglings are to be expected. However, more and more I observe a reoccurring theme of political satire taking up most of the story before a few sentences make the point. What was the original intent of the column? I mean, the column is entitled "Susan's Musings" not "Susan's Amusing Political Views". Let's leave the political satire, views and endorsements to the pundits. There's plenty of that on MSNBC, FoxNews, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and the like. The very reason we are drawn to your column, the anecdotal quality in which you express your rich, unique education and cultural background and life experiences can be lost and disguised in political satire.I would reason that there would be some political content in this column, but every or every other artical should not detail your political affiliation, presidential candidate choice and disappointment and disillusionment with our current president, unless you are campaigning. I don't believe you are campaigning, but perception is reality to a lot of folks. Give politics a shabbat! i geniunely like this column, but felt compelled to speak out on this issue. Thanks.
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Sep 12, 2012
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Sep 12, 2012