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portable camping stoves
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The concept of an "all in one portable stove" is great. O hope it will be available again soon.
A Portable Kitchen would only be useful if you had a specific camp site where it could be left for the season.My camping cooking preference would be backpack portable.
My granddaughter was a camp councillor in northern Colorado this summer. Their campground had another group of children and staff from a camp join them.They were forced to evacuate their campground because of the approaching fire mentioned in this article. She said they were crowded but happy to be able to assist.
You can't beat the taste of a marshmallow cooked slowly over glowing charcoal.I expect your daughter would forgo a campfire once in awhile.
If this is a mathematical problem fine. \but if you are planning to transfer propane to a bottle..LEAVE it for the experts please.
Being prepared with quality equipment always results in a great camping experience.
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2012 on Tent Camping Beside Lake at A Facebook User's blog
looking for a quality portable cooker. This sounds great.
Reading your blog reminded me of packing for a trip across the continent.We made list after list of equipment to take and finally narrowed it down to a list similar to yours. The "lists" are probably the most important item on the list.
Am interested in your choice of stoves..portable but efficient.
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Looks like a great addition to anyone's camping gear.
Unfortunately I'm not exactly sure about the ideas you are presenting.
Hog Haven Mini-Stove looks like the ideal portable camp cooker. .I'm sure your meal was just a delicious as the cafe bought grub!
Fabulous pictures. May you have many happy family adventures.
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1767 ! Even then the people knew that the sun's rays were a powerful heat source. Today remote areas of America are learning also to use this valuable resource. Not only do they use it to produce electricity but to directly prepare their food using cleverly made solar stoves.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2012 on Advantages of Solar Cooker at Lynessjix's blog
This portable stove the Mangal(shashlik cooker or shish kebab grill). looks sturdy AND easily transported. It would be a wonderful addition to my camping comforts.
Most informative and helpful information .thanks
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Sep 17, 2012