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I like making awesome things.
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Sounds like you're describing myself! Including the part about meditation. I don't seem to make time for that these days, though that might be changing... (reading The Power of Full Engagement has helped give me a reason to value mental breaks throughout the day) I don't see this as having anything to do with the neurobiology of reward, myself. It just seems like the way my brain works, to be immersed in one thing at a time.
Toggle Commented May 25, 2013 on Mental Inertia at Only a Game
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May you rest in peace.
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2012 on I Died in Minecraft at ihobo
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Chris, I admire your graceful diplomacy. You accept the other's forceful energy, while staying on your center and maintaining a strong expression of your own energy back to the other person. It is like watching a good martial artist practice Aikido. :) Also, I share your appreciation for the kinds of play experiences that can be drowned out by more intense elements. Maybe a useful way to explain the difference to those who are unfamiliar could be McLuhan's concepts of "hot" and "cold" media, or in general, of over-stimulated (hyper-sensitive) and under-stimulated personalities.
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2012 on The Thin Play of Dear Esther at ihobo
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Sep 21, 2012