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Roberta L. Millstein
Davis, CA
I am a Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Davis; my research is in the philosophy of science, the history & philosophy of biology, and environmental ethics. I serve on the Open Space & Habitat Commission for the City of Davis. The opinions expressed herein are my own and do not represent my employer’s views in any way. Nothing posted here should be considered official or sanctioned by my employer or any other organization I’m affiliated with.
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Ron, it was sent to us and I agreed to post it because it is about a Davisite getting recognition for her work. My view of this blog is that it is a space for different things about the Davis community and its people. I'd be happy if we had articles about other types of recognition that Davisites are getting -- among other types of articles, of course.
The following letter was sent to the Principal of Emerson Junior High School on February 12, 2021 Dear Ms. Kennedy, I am the parent of a 13 year old boy in Emerson J. High School. He has been stuck at home or in my law office since March, using Zoom,... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2021 at The Davisite
Bob Dunning writes “The Wary I” column for The Davis Enterprise. Davis Enterprise/Courtesy photo (From press release) He’s spent the past 51 years chronicling life in Davis, sharing his opinions, prompting us to examine ours and reflecting on all that makes this town the special place it is. Now, it’s... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2021 at The Davisite
Move money to human, environmental needs By Nancy Price On Jan. 18, we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.’s Jan. 15 birthday. With the long weekend, you could listen to more celebratory radio, T.V. and webinar programs. Usually, King’s 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial is the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 25, 2021 at The Davisite
Jesse Loren Dan Carson (From press release) As a new year dawns, Valley Clean Energy announces a change in leadership for the not-for-profit local electricity provider. Dan Carson, a Davis City Councilmember, was elected to chair the VCE board for 2021, and Winters City Councilmember Jesse Loren was elected to... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2021 at The Davisite
I don't know that we all necessarily agree. I'd like to see the City do more to promote infill, as I know that other cities have done. But I don't have to have all the answers for a good alternative when it's clear that a bad option is being proposed -- a speculative park based on inflated rental assumptions that, according to the EIR would damage other businesses in town and cause blight.
Pastor William H. Lamar Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church 1518 M Street NW Washington DC 20005 Rev. Dr. Ianther M. Mills Asbury United Methodist Church 926 11th Street Washington DC 20001 Dear Pastor Lamar and Rev. Dr. Mills, The Celebration of Abraham is an interfaith group in Davis California. We... Continue reading
Posted Dec 20, 2020 at The Davisite
They were obligated to develop a traffic plan and implement it, nothing more. No specific reductions or mechanisms were required, thus, no guarantee that the situation wouldn’t get worse. And every reason to think it would get worse, given the 24,000+ car trips that the EIR predicted would be added. Accommodating that would be quite the magic trick. With all due respect, Greg, the Planning Commission should never have approved this and neither should have the City Council.
By Roberta Millstein, Pam Gunnell, Nancy Price, Alan Pryor, and Colin Walsh Measure B – the measure that proposed a 200-acre business park and housing development outside of the Mace Curve – failed at the polls. The defeat comes with official Yolo County returns showing that 16,458 people, or 52%... Continue reading
Posted Dec 12, 2020 at The Davisite
Opposing Measure B cost three sitting Commissioners a reappointment recommendation By Alan Pryor This Tuesday, December 1, the City Council will consider recommendations made by a subcommittee of Mayor Gloria Partida and Councilmember Dan Carson for seats on various City Citizen Advisory Commissions. Their formal recommendations to the Council can... Continue reading
Posted Dec 1, 2020 at The Davisite
Hi Ron, The subcommittee memo should answer your questions. As you can see, no reasons are provided for particular choices: The two people who are termed out, yet being recommended for renewal, are W. Allen Lowry and Patrick Huber (per the document).
I am very disturbed by this. It feels like retaliation. I hope that the City Council sees fit to overturn the recommendations of its subcommittee, because right now it does not appear as though democracy -- of which citizen participation is a foundation -- is being served.
Sub-committee members Carson and Partida were DISC's most strident supporters on Council (From press release) On Tuesday, November 24, City of Davis Staff released the Agenda for the December 1 City Council meeting. Item Four concerns recommendations for appointment and re-appointment for City Commissions, with terms starting from January. The... Continue reading
Posted Nov 28, 2020 at The Davisite
Yolo Democratic Socialists of America is hosting a zoom round-table to discuss how local leaders understand the 2020 election results, as well as how this new landscape will affect the political struggles we wage in our respective communities and workplaces. Featuring Sally Mandujabn, a public education teacher hailing from a... Continue reading
Posted Nov 28, 2020 at The Davisite
Join the League of Women Voters Davis Area on Wednesday, Nov. 18 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. for a free virtual voter-education health-care forum, “The Future of State-Based Health Reform in California.” With health-care reform back in the news, the event will consider what California can implement a state-based financing... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2020 at The Davisite
At 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, Monday November 2, Faith leaders from around the Davis area will be offering reflections, music, and readings for our country and our community, live streamed at the Davis Area Interfaith Religious Leaders Network Facebook page: DAIR Leaders Network Facebook Page. We'll focus on our three themes... Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2020 at The Davisite
I am writing in support of Colin Walsh for City Council representing District 2. I know Colin as an active and concerned member of our community and I know Colin as a neighbor. He never fails to have information relating to current topics impacting Davis and he willingly provides details... Continue reading
Posted Oct 31, 2020 at The Davisite
(From press release) If you're still undecided about Measure B authorizing the 200-acre DISC Industrial Park on prime farmland and burrowing owl habitat with 2.6 Million sq ft of commercial buildings, following are five very good reasons to vote NO on this massive, sprawling, ill-conceived project that will forever change... Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2020 at The Davisite
What do City Council candidates think about our streets? To learn more about their visions, Bike Davis sent all candidates a questionnaire focused on three themes: making Davis more livable, reducing injuries and fatalities on our streets, and transportation infrastructure and zoning. Some common themes emerged from the candidates’ thoughtful... Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2020 at The Davisite
This is an excellent op-ed, Juliette -- thank you for writing it. You state so clearly and powerfully what is wrong with the DISC proposal, but more importantly, you show the opportunity that would be lost by building there. As you say, "It could be a showcase for climate positive, regenerative farming that sustains our local food needs." Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a project that helped our climate crisis instead of worsening it? I would love to get behind an initiative like that.
Photo credit: Nick Buxton By Juliette Beck A little over twelve years ago when I was pregnant with my first child and deciding whether to move to Davis to join my sister in raising our families here, I looked at the air quality data and considered the impacts on newborn... Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2020 at The Davisite
Infill would be a better choice By Pam Gunnell, Richard McCann, and Matt Williams A 200-acre business park like DISC is not an objective in the City of Davis’ General Plan. Additionally, DISC contains uses (housing, retail, parks, ag buffer) that require land that would not be needed with an... Continue reading
Posted Oct 22, 2020 at The Davisite
Life is so difficult right now, but we have been fortunate to have Supervisor Jim Provenza’s leadership and experience when it matters most. A man of integrity who puts service above all else, Jim's continued work on our behalf is imperative. Jim’s style isn’t what one expects in politics. He... Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2020 at The Davisite
By the League of Women Voters Davis Area The Question: Should residents approve annexing agricultural land to develop the Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus (DISC)? Annexation of county land for city-related uses has required citizen approval since voters passed the “Citizens Right to Vote on Future Use of Open Space... Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2020 at The Davisite
Colin Walsh, a candidate for Davis City Council 2020 District 2, is hosting a Zoom Town Hall on Saturday, October 17 at Noon. Members of the community are invited to this opportunity to get to know Colin and share your thoughts on Davis. Details at Or on Facebook, see... Continue reading
Posted Oct 12, 2020 at The Davisite