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@ DeBinder. I will give the Tundra props, it was good in 2007, but times have changed. My "wannabe" V6 Ecoboost can easily out tow my friends I-Force 5.7 with 4.30s even when she was stock, and still return 9-10mpg towing 8,500lbs and 17mixed/20 highway mpg. Custom tune these engines(something you CAN"T do in a Tundra) and you will be easily putting out 425hp and 525ft-lb @ 2,500rpms while still being able to reliably tow it's max rating of 11,300lbs. I have towed 10,850lbs tuned to the deer lease for 165 miles twice so far while still having very safe temps and EGT's in hot Texas 100+ outside temps. Bash V6s all you want, but I have turned many V8 owners chuckles into "WTF, a V6 can't do that" many of times .
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2012 on Ford Reclaims V-6 Towing Title at PickupTrucks: News
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Sep 27, 2012