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John Kaye
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Hi Tim Thanks for the useful comment. I may have to back to you on some points. I'd have to ask our developers about the CKAN extension, but it shouldn't be out of the realms of possibility. The important thing is getting the metadata that DataCite requires to 'mint' the DOI for each dataset, see: process is completely automated if there is good metadata. I'm not sure the quality on is good enough, but I think it might be on the London Datastore.....or if you have any other suggestions for repositories to approach? I take your point on registration, but feel that registering for those benefits should be optional rather than mandatory, which is the approach being taken by some academic repositories, mainly for licensing agreements. Again, thanks for the useful comment, we've only just started thinking about public data and I may get back to you for some advice/ideas if that's OK
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Sep 28, 2012