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Either I am blind or someone at GM forgot to bolt on those $650 pair of sidesteps.
I'm a GM fan and it pains me to say this but we all know what will be the result of this. By the time the lawyers and bean counters at GM get through with it, this ZR2 will be an overpriced sticker package. I have been waiting to get excited about a Chevy truck for some time now and have been left flat after every reveal. The Chevy car dept has figured it out, especially with the Vettes and Camaros coming out lately. Excitement sells. Plain and boring results in flat sales and loss of market share. Stickers and badges worked for a while but now buyers expect more for their money, especially on the premium vehicles like this ZR2. Come on Chevy, give us something to get excited about and watch them sell.
Its hard to compare a "5" setting on one truck to a different truck's "5" setting. Also, every trailer is a little different and one may require a different amount of input to get the same brake response, even if still new. Using the same trailer for each test, while certainly more labor intensive and time consuming, would have been preferred to the multi-trailer method used in this test. The "empty" and "trailer brake unplugged" comparisons are better data to evaluate vehicle braking due to these differences. Also, I would have liked to see the result of repeated stops and any resulting brake fade.
Such short test loops. I would like to see longer tests which include at least 1 DPF filter burn. Hard to compare data without knowing if one of the trucks went into a regen cycle or not.
I think there is a little confusion with the braking test speeds posted here. I think they are the same max speeds and times achieved on the way up the hill. It looks as if the braking data was needlessly included on the climb test and the max speed/time data needlessly included on the braking test.
Wow! I didn't see this one turning int a game of Political one-upsmanship and my weiner is bigger than yours. *sarcasm*
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Oct 2, 2012