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Good morning everyone I am officially all caught up reading except for these excellent links I see Hoysen beat me to making coffee this morning (thanks so much for the link) and Clarices Pieces on Sunday - the best!! Im not sure how bad we got hit last night since I’m in a basement apt now & the windows are covered but I guarantee the commute tomorrow is going to stink I shouldve invented the Zapper bc a majority of MA drivers are terrible ones Clarice thank you as always for your Insightful Pieces & always fighting the good fight Thanks to so many of you for your links too I laugh more & more bc many of you havent lost your sense of humor in these trying times I refuse to watch the news because a majority of channels show people who are completely off the skids delusional I can’t stand Joe or maddiowv& I’m about ready to contact Anderson to shame him because no one else will & CNN is a joke and how anyone can trust mike barnicle for anything needs deprogramming asap I do need to stop listening to Marilyn Manson since he’s way too dark & since I was compared to him or Marilyn munroe it’s got me in a state of Panic to what should happen to that walking witch Pelosi Ben Shapiro once said Barb Boxer was the worst woman alive but I disagree Aside from Hillary Nancy Pelosi is the worst and nothing much will come of anything she has done less the legal minority citiZens rise up and slam that contemptible lying bitch up against a brick wall along with chuck schumer I thank God every day for gifting us with President Trump! Have a great week everyone - stay safe!
Still playing catch up but I do hope Anonymom’s mom is doing much better! Anyone make any resolutions? I plan to focus more on my health but more importantly I plan to do everything in my power to help crush the campaign of Lizzie Warren!
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Have a Happy New Year Tom Maguire & to all JOMers !!!
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Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2019 on Happy New Year All! at JustOneMinute
Good morning everyone! My fav place to visit is JOM Hope each of you enjoyed the holiday. I’m still moving but have to take it slow but I wanted to say hello. Great Pieces Clarice! Have a good week & keep up the good fight.
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I can only begin to imagine what the LWW crud will say once they read PDJT’s latest twitter on that phony SB LOL!
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I flew down to New Bern NC to spend this fine holiday with three of my sisters funtimes! Enjoy!!
Great Pieces Clarice!
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IDK Deb I wouldn't mind taking that silly little jerk hogg out to the woodshed It'd be a well deserved smackdown IMHO What gall When I saw him sitting beside Dan Rather on one of those hyper sensitive fake news shows spouting I hate everyone who disagrees with me rants my heart almost stopped! seeing Rather with him explains how easy it is to corrupt the young & foolish taking advantage of another fatal tragedy It's so obvious to me that this anti NRA campaign was long planned just in case Sad they turn all of these deaths at the hands of a very disturbed person long ignored by local law enforcement school officials FBI etc and this is what we end up with - an ignorant twit insulting everyone they can as if the 800 lb gorilla sitting in the middle of the room doesn't exist I hope to God one of his classmates, or an associate or somebody with some simple common sense stands up to this gullible idiot and tells him off I think more exposure may help others see what we can but I won't hold my.breath for too long
Ack!! LAW idiocy sb LWW idiocy What more can I say? I used to be an idiot 😄
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Just popping in to say good morning to everyone Time to get up get out to work and battle through This terrible weather and ocean of law idiocy Take care in this storm Bela in MA from her iPad
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Does anyone care to ask that lying POS or witch Pelosi what they mean by partisan or misleading? What a crock of horse manure since both could share the Oscar for being partisan and misleading. Just once I'd like to see an honest media doing their jobs...that follow through with a "what do you mean by that...... What proof do you have...? Grr... Schumer can rot in hell right alongside my cheating ex's divorce attorney & so can Nancy Pelosi. How embarrassing to see them sit there pouting over the strides this new president has taken his first year in office while ignoring what ails the partisan lying scum passing themselves off as public leaders. These people aren't human. They're evil. From Obama, to Clinton, their many henchmen & women willing to break laws, while denying baby body parts are being sold, to plotting evil here & abroad regardless of the consequences? Proving their oaths in office are meaningless words - I hope to God they all hang! And, this sick & disgusting POS John Kerry, and 1,001 tweets by Comey, etc. would be laughable if not a clear example of what more needs to be added to that DSM IV manual under psychopath. We're also seeing more scum such as Mini Warren aka Joe Kennedy trying to get the word out to all the anarchists he calls on to destroy the border wall.... Arrest him! Lock him up, too! Dems are effing losers...and so is McCain, etc. They all need to be imprisoned-for life... without any possibility of parole. Anyway, I thought I saw Brennan on one cable news show with Trapper on another the other night - I think it was Tues night or Wed discussing what would happen if the Memo was released. I could've been having a nightmare but I's swear to it. I just changed the channel, didn't want to hear. The MSM nutwings got their own mass produced talking points memos and spreading cow poop 24/7 seems to be pretty effective for the masses to swallow whole I'm sad to say. Have a good weekend all!
What a joy to wake up to a new Clarice's Pieces. You're the best Clarice. I thank you! Hope everyone is doing great these days. Thanks for the informative links, laughter & chuckles. God Bless you all & your families, God Bless our Troops, God bless President Trump, John Malkovich, and may God Bless America. May God also help the women who would think allowing a 2 yr old child to hold a "Fook Trump" (sic) sign & think that's okay. I can only imagine what might result once that child turns 16! May God help these people develop smarter choices. It's a good thing I don't have a twitter account.
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2018 on Sunday Morning at JustOneMinute
Great Pieces, Clarice.
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There's nothing like waking up to a bright, but brisk Sunday morn before trotting outside with shovel in hand. Yep. Nothing quite like it. I blame it on global warming. The stupid plows ought to take up a quilting class, just to understand the difference between a parked car, street hydrant, and vacant space. Once finished with this difficult duty, there's nothing like sitting down with a steaming hot cup of coffee with Clarice's Pieces in hand. Yep. It sure helps keep many things in perspective. I've pledged to honor the 2/9 promise, so took my frustrations out on the freshly packed snow, but I must admit it's been a challenge. Other than that, have a great day everyone.
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>>A dillar a dinar, next time face Medina<< Y'all are extremely talented, but this one cracked me up!
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2014 on And It's On To Allah! at JustOneMinute
Jane, I think what triggered her coming out now was due to an award Allen received recently. The irony of it all? As an adult, going through what must've been years of therapy because of the child sexual abuse she experienced at his hands, can be part of her healing process. First time for her. TBH, I never liked the jerk. The old Vanity Fair article confirms how creepy Allen is. Once a scum, always a scum.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2014 on Woody Allen at JustOneMinute
I forgot to wish Hit a very HB! May the road rise up to meet you!
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2014 on Saturday Morning Open Thread at JustOneMinute
Ok...let's see if I understand the coming out party for Hillary... Hmm...she disappears for months since-blood because her priority at the time was to keep the consulate open, but to hell with security threats. She ends up testalying where she accepts responsibility for what happened, but not necessarily for the preventable deaths of Ambassador Stevens and 3-5 other sitting targets murdered in cold blood which she obviously doesn't give a hsit about... nor, did she concern herself with the bold-faced lying just to get her pathetic scuzzball comrade Barry re-elected. Months go by, where Hillary gets a new hair bob, with bangs, and appears to be wearing new makeup, a likely facelift hidden by 10 more lbs of makeup, and I notice new eye contacts rather than to stupid glasses she wore during the hearing..... Now, I'm supposed to admire here for her recent award, sit back and watch her and this nutbag DeBlazio screw up more of America, and praise the lying SOB all because she's going to run for highest office? May she rot in the terrible hell she's inflicted on this country already, and to our troops in harm's way, and to the American people, where some remain mighty gullible to even praise, or even vote for that lying gasbag socialist nutbag witch hell bent on attaining power while destroying America as we know it.
I know of a firefighter named Dick Teas. We had lots of fun with that during the annual FF's ball.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2014 on When Your Name Is Your Destiny at JustOneMinute
I missed it, so Happy New Year to all JOMers!!!
Lots of things to do this year, and one of my tasks was to mail packages to my loves ones living in Hawaii, Arkansas, Virginia & Oregon. Unfortunately, I didn't show up at the pack & ship store until last Saturday morn, and luckily the Fed Ex truck was running late. For example, a 2' x 2' box of goodies/gifts wouldn't arrive in Arkansas by Fed Ex by Christmas Eve unless/until I paid $284 without a specific guarantee it could arrive due to inclement weather. I went with Plan B, and paid the regular ground shipping rate of $48. The gifts should arrive by sometime today, and the kids will be happy with anything I send. Always have a plan B, C, and D is my motto. Blumenthal is an idiot. Bet no one would even ask him about the Obamacare boondoggle about to hit people in the head & purse. Frau, the video you shared was a scream! I'm sure it'll make Clarice laugh aloud. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. I hope y'all have a wonderful & safe New Year. I enjoy JOM & thank Tom for his valuable insight & in keeping this place alive. I appreciate what all of you have to offer, and I can't wait until this bloody dictator ends his term, and his puppet shills shut the hell up. Peace & love to all, Bela1
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2013 on Meanwhile Back In (And To) Iraq... at JustOneMinute
Henry, I'm so sorry for your loss.
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2013 on Let's Go Mets! at JustOneMinute
Hello Enlightened, What a wonderful thing it is to share some quality time with your mother like you did. I can just picture the smile on her face as she noticed the results. It'll be one of your precious moments of joy! Who cares whether the sweet potatoes sucked or not? You know what mattered more. God bless your Mom and God bless you!
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2013 on Thanksgiving Open Thread at JustOneMinute
Hi everyone, Stuck here in bitterly cold MA with the remnants of pneumonia. Why they call the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday is beyond me. I managed to return to work on Wednesday, and oversaw the cooking of Tom Turkey. Spending some precious moments with my kids yesterday was awesome! I also spent this past week reading Credentialed to Destroy. Much to take in, but I highly recommend it! What a great job you did, RSE. I'm so grateful for caring people like you who bust their buns in order to get a clear message out to the masses on what's been taking place. I gave my Meghan her copy of your book yesterday and I look forward to discussing many of its details with her real soon. I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah! Take care, Bela1
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