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The wedding reception for the Bushes was held at the Apawamis Club, just a stone's throw from where Barbara Bush grew up on Onondaga Street.
I can imagine how shocking and upsetting it was to see the branches of your tree cut down. I am sorry this happened, and also sorry that the builder didn't have the decency to talk to you about it first. The overbuilding and destruction of perfectly fine homes in Rye, especially in recent years, is tragic. Houses demolished without consideration of architectural importance, or the character these houses lend to the town, is a result of a lack of foresight by town officials, and uncompromised greed on the part of many involved in the process. I mourned the loss of every signficant house that was torn down. Houses now look like a carbon copy of each other, and the character I knew and loved living in Rye for 23 years is just a memory. I am glad to have those memories, and only wish I knew I should have taken photos to preserve those memories forever. The vintage postcards of Rye I have collected over the years have preserved a vision of the past and its history, which Rye officials could care less about. Like the previous poster, I left Rye recently for a town in northern Westchester, where the environment is respected as its biggest asset, open space is sought after and preserved, and development is discouraged. It breaks my heart to see the Rye I love and once knew, where we raised our children, dramatically transformed forever for the worship of the root of all evil.
Congratulations, Stew!! Watched both nights, you played a great game.
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I believe this is the alleyway between 32 Elm Place and the next building, which I assume is 34.
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hahahahahahahaha, oh Doug, that's a good one. "Career demands" forcing you out of the next mayoral election. Couldn't have anything to do with the fact that you were a complete FAILURE as a mayor, and brought embarrassment and shame to the government and residents of Rye, with no shot in hell winning the next election? Your decision saves you and your family further embarrassment. You elevate euphemism to an art form.
Every day I eagerly await the latest edition of The Journal News hoping to see Scott Yandrasevich has been arrested for his massive theft against the citizens of Rye. To date, I haven't seen anything. His epic, unprecedented fraud against Rye has been proven, yet he has not been held accountable for his crime. Can anyone tell me why that is? Since when isn't it a crime to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars? I can't help but wonder since city manager Scott Pickup approved 70% of the $7.4 million dollars paid to these bogus claims, what was in it for him? Did he get a kickback for his lack of due diligence? Pickup should be investigated as well, another loser on the taxpayer payroll. What is with these Scotts? Aside from the police department, I trust no one in a position of authority in this town. Time for an uprising by the citizens of Rye against the arrogance and incompetence of the Doug French administration. His tenure should go down as the absolute worst in Rye's history.
@JackA, thanks for making my day with that photo of the Pope and his message to our wonderful Mayor. Only problem I see here is that Mayor French should be impeached, not given the opportunity to resign. I think the people of Rye have certainly dealt with enough of his arrogant and incompetent administration.
Since the report and the saga reveals major theft on the part of Scott Yandrasevich, has he been arrested yet? Rye couldn't be more accommodating to this thief by allowing him a paid leave, and still another month living rent-free. Better keep a close eye on this guy before he takes off with the Rye taxpayer's money to some clandestine location. Arrest him already.
@D--"It's about getting rid of French so Sack can run for Mayor." Sounds good to me, Joe Sack has my vote. Only problem is, we can't get rid of French fast enough. BTW, floatie is spelled f-l-o-a-t-i-e, just saying.
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@French4Mayor2013: Certainly hope that post was meant to be facetious. Otherwise I'd have to believe it was written by Doug's wife. Good luck with re-election, my dog has a better chance of winning that race. Makes me wonder what kind of lifestyle the city of Rye has afforded Scott Yandrasevich over the past decade.
To Joe Sack: Thank you for your efforts to uncover the truth on behalf of the people of Rye. I'm sorry you are being stonewalled by the same elected officials who are supposed to have our best interests in mind, but we can see that is far from the reality of this administration. I read in one of the local papers that this RM Staffing, which seems to be a ghost of a business, was paid almost $2 million dollars from January to August of this year to provide part-time work to the club, without Scott Yandrasevich having consulted anyone on the RGC Commission. And what a coincidence that Mrs. Yandrasevich works at this business, while her husband does consulting work for them. Talk about a conflict of interest, if this doesn't reek of impropriety, nothing does. He needs to be held accountable for this gross mismanagement of funds. Seems Scott Yandrasevich adheres to the Doug French method of managing, self-serving and without regard for the people who they are supposed to work for. Doug French calling you "ugly and dirty" while trying to do your job seems like a pathetic attempt to detract from the serious issue at hand. Frankly, I think these words he projected onto you are exactly what the majority of Rye residents think of him. I don't know about anyone else here in Rye, but I can't wait another year for Doug French and his cronies to vacate their undeserving positions.
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Oct 5, 2012