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Players such as Moore, Albright, Lissemore and even Ernie Sims may need to be signed for next season and beyond, particularly if Dallas reaches the post season phase. These men are playing their tails off and making plays. What these guys have instilled is afighting spirit and a desire to hit and make plays. Moore contributed heavily to taking the very dangerous Heath Miller away from Ben Hamberger in the second stanza last week. He can do the same to Graham this week.
DEz is one of the best players in the league. No doubt about it. Playing this game at Home like against PitifulOldBurgh has to be a big advantage. For one St George are nowhere near the same team on the road. Two St George do not like to tackle and have little to play for. Three Brees is much smaller than Ben Hamberger and less mobile. Four Brees is prone to multiple turnovers and the Dallas defence has been winning the turnover battle of late. Five St George do not really have a head coach and are just waiting to have the season end. Witten will get his pass catching record in this game and guys like Bryant, Murray and Harris will all have big games.
The Robot [Witten moves like the Robot in Lost in Space] will get the record against St George who are quite frankly tackle shy and who have nothing to play for.
Albright, Moore, Coe, Harris, Beasley, Sims, Lissemore, these types of no names are exactly what the team needed. Because they are discarded footballers HUNGRY to get a shot, HUNGRY to succeed, and mixed with the team's emotion after the Brent/Brown situation, this has turned out to be a powerful cocktail, an explosion of passion and desire. Two things Garrett & Callahan are short of and could never provide. The wave has built considerably since defeating Pittsburgh who incidenatlly had virtually a FULL POWERED TEAM sans a CB and Mendenhall. Pittsburgh was a true test because of QB Ben Hamberger and the weapons he has around him. St George are very beatable especially on the road. St George do not like tackling and have nothing to play for plus they had a big easy win last start. Playing @ St George would have been a serious problem but they are nowhere near as good on the road.
Dallas urgently needs to make Alex Albright a serious offer. The dude is 6-5 260 lbs i.e BIG and MOBILE. The man is seemingly always around the ball and the action. He LOOKS PHYSICALLY IMPOSING on the field. I am certain that opposing QBs take several looks at Albright because he stands so tall and imposing. Both Albright & Sterling Moore have made a HUGE difference to this decimated defence. These two hace essentially countered the losses of many of the starters. One thing is certain: without these types of repalcement players the season would have ended weeks ago!!!
I feel we will defeat St George next week. St George are a far worse team on the road and dallas has come too far to let the tension go now. Playing with tension and spirit stemming from the death of LB Brown. Brown has indirectly contributed to a football team: his unfortunate passing has turned most of these players into gritty no quit football players with determination. Something that garrett failed to instill in them. Spencer Lissemore Hatcher Carr et al and dare I say it, even M. Spears, are now transformed and determined. The spirit of Brown is embedded within them and they are paying for their fallen comrade.
Albright, Lissemore, Moore, Connor... et al... A bunch of renegade no names. Playing with fire and guts. Lissemore and Albright need to be encouraged and developed into starters. These two look likely customers to me. These types of no name players can turn this place into a real no nonsense FOOTBALL TEAM.
Playing on spirit & passion. This has come unfortunately from the death of LB Brown. What Garrett failed to provide has instead come from the fallen practice squad player. I stated before the game that we would triumph. Look at Lissemore [who?] Albright [who?] Connor Carr and now Moore a Belichick cast off. These players are HAVING A GO and look at the difference. Make no mistake PitifulOldBurgh put EVERYTHING THEY HAD into winning this gamer and were denied. Thought they had it won. But they were denied by brilliant play by Romo and some desperation defence at the end. At last I believe we have a REAL FOOTBALL TEAM!!!
Motto for this WINNABLE ball game: Get on the paddock and play hard. Otherwise stay home. You are fortunate to be palying this one at Home, believe me. Going to PitifulOldBurgh in the snow and cold would have spelt doom for sure. Not so this game. it is WINNABLE at Home!!! So Claiborne et al... get out and PLAY!!!
Dez believe me .. You will be fine!!! Man its only a finger, not wrist or arm!!! Strap it up with a cast and pad it together with the adloining finger. Catch balls mainly using your GOOD i.e RIGHT hand!!! Catch balls right handed in practice and during the game against PitifulOldBurgh and TUCK THE BALL IMMEDITELY INTO YOUR CHEST... THEN RUN. Dez... YOU WILL BE OK... NO PROBLEM!!!
Look Dez will be fine. I suffered a fractured wrist and it stuck up in the air until it was rectified with plaster and a cast. Stayed on until the fractured area starts to itch & heal a process that takes about 6 weeks. But a wrist is unlike a finger. The finger will hurt BUT you can still move your hand and still use the other fingers. Not so if you crack the wrist. Moreover I still years later cannot fully use my wrist but it has never impeded me in sports or study i.e writing. Thus Dez will be fine... he will recover from a simple fractured finger!!!
A major difference is this: Dallas is at home and NOT playing in a dismal cold climate i.e Pittsburgh. No stiffening of the joints and no freezing of dislocated and broken joints i.e Ware & Dez. That means the game is very winnable. Very winnable given that Pittsburgh's form is very ordianry and that their team is really an ageing slow one outside of Barrie Wallace and Sanders.
Scratch, Claw, Fight... These words are resonating heavily with guys like Albright, Sims, Carr, Hatcher, Spencer, Sensabaugh and Co. refuse to quit refuse to perish. That is their creed. Playing Pittsburgh at home this time has to be a big advantage given Dez's finger soreness and the fatigue of the players. Playing in the cold & snow would have bled the enthusiasm and effort for certain. Nothing like Home Sweet Home when you need a big win!!!
Playing at home has thus far been very ordinary. But I really believe that in this game playing at home is a huge advantage. For one no long plane ride and hotels when players are a little down mentally and also tired. Second, it helps greatly the recovery of injuries. Third, playing in Pittsburgh amidst the cold and drizzle or even snow would have seriously affected guys like Dez whose finger would swell and throb much more than playing in Dallas. It would be that much harder palying at Pittsburgh. If the state of mind is in the right place and if Dez is ok on the field I feel Dallas can definetly defeat an ageing Pittsburgh who really rely extensively on Ben hamberger, Wallace and Miller. Nullify their impact and Pittsburgh is pretty barren.
Harris has played reasonably well and he has made some important catches. But when he is one on one to collect a Romo Bomb Harris MUST time it and LEAP with hands open to catch the pill. Harris & Beasley would be my combo choice if Bryant sits out with his finger.
Big Kudos to Spencer for mine. Son... I am proud of your effort and grit. Yes this season you have displayed BOTH. And strong leadership behaviour too. Against The Eagles back in November and again against the Balmain Bengals... you played tough hurt and came up big when it mattered most. Now whether the man deserves a fat contract or not depends on an overall assessment of the OLB's play since he has been with the club. I feel a big victory over Ben Hamberger and the Steelers could be the pinnacle of Spencer's season and career here. Hamberger is ageing and slowing because of all the hits he has endured. If Spencer & Co can get after him on Sunday and belt him regularly then a huge victory will be setting things up for a Grande Finale. Dallas really needs to play off the emotion and anger left from last weekend's trauma.
For once I agree 101% with what Crocodile Face GM/Owner said to Ratliff. And ratliff... brother the team does NEED YOU!!! Troops are way down and falling. Dez [lord forbid] may not play. Now sure Crocodile Face has been a poor GM over time for certain. But RIGHT NOW against Ben Hamberger and the Steelers the team NEEDS YOU RATLFF. Strap up the injury and follow Hatcher Ware and Spencer playing CROOK but PLAYING HARD!!!
If the palyers are grieving endlessly about the practice squad player Brown then they should take it out on all upcoming opponenst. Use it as MOTIVATION to do the Bizzo. Take out your anger and misery on Pittsburgh first. The game against the Balmain Bengals was a war of attrition - both teams suffered injuries and had players dinged up. It was a very tough hard fought COURAGEOUS VICTORY. Let that be stated right here. It showed that if there was a motivating Head Coach these guys can WIN REGULARLY even with almost half the defensive starters out and a patchwork OL. Kudos 100% to the players on Sunday against Balmain. But they really need to focus now of Ben Hamberger and Pittsburgh and take the same aggression into that game whoever is on the field.
I ahve one finger I can not straighten. I have a wrist that I cannot flex fully because I suffered a fracture of it when younger. It was plastered immediately after the fracture for about 6 weeks. It still ails me. But life has continued unhindered. Did several degrees and many 3 hour exams with these handicaps plus attained a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. The point is that finger and hand injuries DO NOT GREATLY hinder you later in life. Period!!!
A Toe [Lee] and now a flamimg index finger[Dez]. Holy Moly!!! Can Bryant, who is absolutely critical for the offense, play with a hard plastic cast around the injured finger?? I know of many footballers who have played with a cast over a broken arm or hand.
Look everybody... Both Bryant AND Murray are Flaming Studs!!! Accept this and we can develop a classy team around these types of young stallions. Murray has done this before e.g Miami Holiday game when he greatly helped the Field Goal Kicker by late 4th quarter strong runs for first downs. The problem over time has been the INEPT PLAY CALLING POOR COACHING AND A WEAK POROUS OL. If these issues are ever dealt with satisfactorily then this is a class football team. Period!!!
Ratliff is a joke. What is he saving himself for? What is his "injury." What is the use of players like this who are absent for more games than they actually play???
T-New sucks... I want to BELT him on Sunday. he is weak and a hopeless football player. Further, Balmain will NOT make the playoffs as both Baltimore & Pittsburgh are divisional roadblocks they can not overcome. Newman... You suck & so too does your cousin CrookMan!!!
Murray is THE KEY to having any shot at winning the East. The only way to qualify for the tournament is to win the East. The only way this could occur is if the RUNNING GAMES BECOMES A REGULAR FACTOR. that includes hand offs, screens, dunk off passes over the middle and passes tossed to the outside for cartch & run. Romo looks so much more relaxed and concentarted when the RUNNING GAME IS A FACTOR. Its thus a no brainer: Running Game = easier Opportunities for Romo Witten & Dez to attack opponents. This translates to a string of wins.
The key to win out & make the playoffs is this: RUN THE FOOTBALL CONSISTENTLY & EFFECTIVELY!!! Romo HIMSELF has stated on several occasions, that RUNNINNG the ball EFFECTIVELY makes it easier to make throws and play mistake free football. Byrant Wiiten & Austin can threaten any defense when the running game is effective. This includes some screens pass outs to the side and dunk offs to the RB whether it be to Jones or Murray. If the OL palys better and the running game becomes established then the team could possibly win out and anything is possible. Murray needs to show he is a man and play a little banged up. Murray has the requisite skills and pace but he needs to soldier on even if he's dinged up a bit because he is a vital player for Romo & Bryant to do their thing.