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Interests: Inventing, swimming and designing engines
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I am growing tired here of your word twisting again, failing the first 10 seconds of the test will not mean failing the whole test because the final number that matters is the average. I have done a lot of works on electrically heated catalyst. Though Emitec/Ferrari published a work on preheated arrangement, such possibility is not feasible for real life application. If this is the best that you can come up with, there is still no solution from you except of more annoying noises and whining. As for whether the hardware is not programmed to, looks like you have not spend enough time inside the emission lab. Believe me there are still limitations with aftertreatment hardware that may prompt VW into doing what they were doing. Yet, I still wont consider using device defeat if it does not involve safety risk. Most of us also found the emission test cycle is hard enough and it consumes most of our time.with limited resources and time, there is just not enough time to cover every single conditions and scenario. We work based on objectives and by the time we are done, either we are close to the deadline or we are already pass the deadline.
Poet, people like me meet up with other people like me from around the world annually in Detroit, Aachen, Vienna and Yokohama. We do not talk rubbish like you do and we dont undermine others who are doing things repeatedly everyday to make things better. There is no such thing as changing the test condition. The tests are standardized depending on the European, US or Japanese test cycles. What you described as violation is acceptable to authorities around the world provided that the average is still within limits. The authorities are also made up of good technical people who understand the limitations of available emission control technologies. Since you want others to think that you are smart and knowledgeable, can you come up with an aftertreatment that does not need any light off? Try to come up with solutions rather than arguing to twist things into your favor.
why should it? The pass or fail depends on the final accumulated values divided by the distance travelled. This simply means that even if certain driving conditions are giving high HC or NOx, it is still not the end of world. Since you are still confident that the car in question can meet emissions in all conditions, can you verify that these all conditions also cover: - 1) The first 10 seconds when the catalytic converter is still cold 2) The high load conditions for example, acceleration and highway phase 3) PM number and mass during acceleration
"From this I conclude that the vehicle was capable of meeting the emissions standard under almost all conditions". Dream on!
kalen i have no issue at all for natural gas to be transported via pipeline or LNG ships. I however have a lot of doubt on the viability of carrying tons of liquid nitrogen to enable truck to move. The point about oxygen is implying about the oxygen generation where you tried to link it to the nitrogen availability.
Kalen Fill me up here, methane boils at -162 c. Nitrogen at -196 c and oxygen at -183 c. Oxygen production using extreme cooling is not efficient as a pressure swing adsorption. Furthermore to additionally cool air to -196 c from oxygen boiling point requires lots of energy. As for nitrogen to be available from LNG facility, this is a news to me. Where did you hear about this? -162 c to -196 is even further away. To move a truck will require tons of liquid nitrogen to be carried from the LNG facilities that are normally far away from the refilling stations for the truck. Once the liquid nitrogen is turned into gas, you may as well release it to the air because it may become hotter than air. Any idea on how much energy required to move tons of liquid nitrogen instead of gallons of diesel?
I smelled Ricardo's rat here similar to the 2S/4S BS. Up until now, there is no energy balance being presented to liquify nitrogen. If someone in the UK government can quickly do the energy balance, millions of tax money could have been saved.
Just because UK get rid of 8,500 tonnes of nitrogen every night, the nitrogen engine can use it right away. It is the cooling and transportation process that will mess up the entire energy balance.
Well, everytime I read about Ricardo in the news, there will always be something fishy about the technology. As per what ACR is saying, it takes a lot of energy to liquify nitrogen, huge!! Oxygen boils at -183C and nitrogen at -196C, you will not get liquified nitrogen yet even when oxygen is already liquified. Transporting it around is also a big problem as you also need to keep it liquified.
The snake oil businessman is back. This Neville guy promoted the 2S/4S years ago without disclosing the amount of air used for every mg of fuel burned and how much air compression needed to get the air into the cylinder during the 2 stroke operation. He is back with another snake oil in the form of cryogenic based engine. I can bet he will never disclose the amount of energy needed to cool the nitrogen and the amount of heat penalty involved during the operation. Gosh, someone needs to teach Ricardo basic physics and energy balance before Ricardo cons potential investors and partners again
Very interesting results that they produced. The increased availability of oxidizer molecules near the hydrocarbon molecules can expedite the autoignition process.
considering that cryogenic air needs some time to be processed, frozen water can also be heated up quickly. Once the engine is in operation, the rest of the frozen water can be melted for close loop operation.
I wonder why Ricardo is not thinking about injecting water? I dont think the liquid nitrogen will ever have high specific heat capacity and expansion potential.
Ai Vin, Thanks a lot for your explanation. How much hot gas can brought into the the cylinder considering the filling time is very limited as the piston is approaching the TDC? Inject it too soon and the pressure build up will resist the piston upward movemement and injecting it too late, it will be very little thermal energy being brought into the system. The beauty of an internal and external combustion engine is that quite a high amount of thermal energy can be made available in the chamber to expand the working gas. If the hot gases is all that this engine has to bring in the thermal energy, I dont see how the power density will ever be good.
Poet It is not mentioned on how the consortium is going to recover and reuse the coolant and exhaust heat, any idea how?
I thought the 2/4S engine is foolish enough and here's another one from Ricardo. Liquifying air takes huge amount of energy and we will get lots of other contaminants before oxygen and nitrogen finally turn to liquid. What's missing is on how the fuel will be ignited when the cryogenic air is injected. Even when the fuel can be ignited, the super low temperature charge will give flame tough time to propagate. With the port built onto the cylinder bore, I wonder how the HC from the engine oil can be controlled? Gee, the professors are giving bad names to the academicians.
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Oct 17, 2012