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Hugo Ruthling
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
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Jan 20, 2013
Thanks again Father Doug! It's so easy to forget the incredible gift we are blessed with at our Baptism! Is it any wonder with all that assails us in this world? There are no easy answers...except one...JESUS LOVES US!
Thank you Father Dog for your words which inspire me to deal with my cross constructively and with the Lord by my side. After such recent horrible tragedy your words help us to understand and to pray for that which seems impossible when things like this happen in our world. Thank you for helping me find a way to rejoice in the Lord and may God Bless you always!
Thanks again Father Doug for reminding us that we are not perfect but that God is and with his love and mercy through prayer we can be saved! Many times you've told me this and it keeps me going, everyday. God Bless!
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Nov 4, 2012