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Listen Now This past March 20th the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its fourth and last... Continue reading
Late last week Dave Castro, President and CEO of i-LEAD (at:, interviewed Dr. van Susteren and myself regarding these... Continue reading
On April 18th, Ms. Kelly Willis, Managing Director, Malaria No More, will discuss the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's... Continue reading
Listen Now The US government is frequently defined generally as an army with an insurance company. Regarding the latter, podcast... Continue reading
Listen Now Dr. Paul Farmer unexpectedly passed away on February 21, 2022. He was 62. Trained as physician and medical... Continue reading
Listen Now Listeners may recall two years ago this past month I interviewed Professor Jacobson regarding his text “100% Clean... Continue reading
This past Wednesday, STAT published my latest article, "HHS's Environmental Justice Index Institutionalizes Climate Apartheid" At: While well-intended the... Continue reading
Listen Now Since suicides serve as a proxy measure for social isolation and loneliness (SIL), last week the CDC reported... Continue reading
Listen Now (Listeners may recall Professor Abraham discussed 2021 ocean warming last year on January 18.) As a possible reminder,... Continue reading
Listen Now US healthcare fraud remains pervasive. For example, this past November Pro Publica and The New Yorker published, “How... Continue reading
Last night The Hill published my latest climate-crisis related writing titled, "FYI: The Health Care Industry Is Not Decarbonizing." It's... Continue reading
Listen Now Listeners are aware I recently posted two articles related to decarbonizing the healthcare industry. One regarding Inflation Reduction... Continue reading
This past Friday, the American Hospital Association's American Society for Healthcare Engineering published my brief essay that I titled, "One... Continue reading
Listen Now Having posted over 25 related climate and health-related interviews over the past several years, podcast listeners are aware... Continue reading
Listen Now After heart disease cancer is the leading cause of mortality in the US at over 600,000 deaths annually.... Continue reading
Listen Now This summer the planet once again experienced record temperatures, droughts, wildfires and extreme weather events. Nevertheless, according to... Continue reading
This week's post is my September 30 STAT published essay under this title. It opens with: "The climate crisis —... Continue reading
Is at: It opens with: In summarizing Professor Jedediah Purdy’s recent book, Two Cheers for Politics, The New Yorker’s... Continue reading
This morning I posted this: It opens with: This past Thursday the House Ways and Means Committee, with jurisdiction... Continue reading
Listen Now Over the past few years federal policymakers have instituted healthcare price transparency. Until last year, healthcare prices were... Continue reading
For this week's post I noted my essay posted this past Friday by Health Affairs and titled, "How To Solve... Continue reading
This writing makes note of the fact that the likely, if not definitively, more significant healthcare provisions of the Inflation... Continue reading