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Anyone can be guilty of a scam, but senior citizens are often considered easy targets. Unscrupulous people try to scam others with criminal intent and they prefer to take the path of least resistance to make their schemes successful. That means that many scammers prefer to target the elderly, whenever... Continue reading
Court lists 38 friends and relatives as potential beneficiaries to actor’s estate. A friend of John Mahoney, who passed away recently, leaving an estate estimated at $5 million, has petitioned a court to open a probate case to settle Mahoney's estate, according to TMZ in "'Frasier' Star John Mahoney Leaves... Continue reading
Harper Lee’s life was private, but her estate is drawing a lot of interest as well as lawsuits. The estate of Harper Lee, who is most famous for her novel To Kill a Mockingbird, has found itself involved in multiple legal disputes. The estate has now filed a lawsuit against... Continue reading
There may be items in your home that have great sentimental value to you. However, they may become an annoyance to your children. While many items in your house are precious to you, it is possible that inheriting such things becomes a burden for the children who have to take... Continue reading
A look at Japan may give U.S. a clue of the results of a shortage of caregivers to assist the elderly. An increasing aging population in the U.S. may result in problems, including not having enough trained caregivers to assist the aging populace, as well as funding the proper care... Continue reading
Changes in your life can sometimes result in changes to your will. As you pass through the stages of adulthood, many changes will most likely occur and you need to know which changes are the most important as far as your estate plan is concerned, according to the Cleveland Jewish... Continue reading
Cryptocurrencies bring high risk, along with the potential for substantial rewards. Cryptocurrencies have become attractive to investors, despite the volatility of the market along with the flipside of high returns. However, that also brings a challenge to estate planning, according to the Financial Standard in "Crypto assets rewrite estate planning."... Continue reading
There are many reasons to revisit your estate plan, including the new tax laws. The recent focus on the new tax laws might make people not affected by the estate tax think they have no need to review their estate plans. There are a number of reasons to take a... Continue reading
Estate planning requires a value be listed for your assets. However, some assets may require extra planning. The value of financial accounts is easy to determine. However, there may be many items in your estate that are more difficult to value and those items need extra planning, according to the... Continue reading
Will reveals that he was not happy with his daughter and her children. Tom Benson, the wealthy owner of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, recently passed away. His will makes it very clear that he was not happy with his daughter and grandchildren, according to the New Orleans Advocate... Continue reading
The view of spending down retirement money runs into conflicting information. A new study has found that two decades after retiring, 80% of retired Americans retained all of their pre-retirement assets and in some cases had more assets than when they retired, according to the Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof... Continue reading
Population in America is on the increase but not life insurance sales. Between 1965 and 2016, the population in America grew by approximately 50%. However, the total number of life insurance policies purchased remained about the same, according to the Financial Advisor in "The Decline of Life Insurance Is A... Continue reading
The water gets even more muddy in settling the estate of former NFL player. Another lawsuit filed in the Aaron Hernandez case has sparked more complications, according to the Boston Globe in "Another lawsuit emerges in the Aaron Hernandez legal saga." Hernandez, who was a former NFL player, committed suicide... Continue reading
If you are paying the bills for caring for an elderly family member, much depends on the state of residence. As the costs for caring for the elderly has grown significantly over the past years, many families face rising pressure in paying the bills. Living in the wrong state can... Continue reading
Don’t wait for retirement to make your plans … it would be wise to make them BEFORE. Americans have a tendency to consider preparing an estate plan as they approach retirement age or even after retirement. However, that may not be a good course of action, according to the Wills,... Continue reading
Experts predict the kind of estates that will face litigation. Family grievances are a key issue. It is interesting to anticipate how potential battles over estates will develop. Private Wealth recently published its predictions of some trends that we may experience this year. The article is titled "4 Estate Litigation... Continue reading
Mother left him $800,000 and he was going after his share. Two months before the Florida school shootings, Nikolas Cruz hired an attorney in an attempt to get his portion of an inheritance left to him and his brother from his mother, according to Fox News in "Nikolas Cruz tried... Continue reading
It is a sad ending when a body is not claimed. However, the problem also spills over to public expenditures. If someone dies and there are no assets or relatives, the government is responsible for disposing of the remains. The opioid crisis in the U.S. is now creating a burial... Continue reading
Widows and widowers may not be receiving all the information needed to receive full benefits from Social Security. The Social Security office may not be adequately informing widows and widowers of all the information they need to choose the options that give them their full benefits, according to the Financial... Continue reading
Should you plan and pay for funeral in advance? Do you expect to need Medicaid? Should you pre-plan your funeral, you'll need to decide whether to pay for everything now to lock in the price. You will also have to decide if Medicaid is a good idea for you, according... Continue reading
If your doctor knows your bucket list, he may have some suggestions. Almost everyone has a list of things they would like to do before they pass away and it is often described as a bucket list. That list might not be written down and it might be just a... Continue reading
As life expectancy grows, so does the expense for elders. It is estimated that the average cost for caring for an elder family member who has long-term care needs is $140,000, which is a cost often picked up by family members. That bill can be reduced through tax breaks, according... Continue reading
The wise use of trusts may create some real tax savings under new tax laws. New laws double the estate tax exemption limit to $11 million for an individual and $22 million for a married couple. However, a major complication looms out there because the exemption limit is scheduled to... Continue reading
Sometimes a business owner can donate shares, without having a major impact on their lifestyle. After taking care of their families when creating an estate plan, many wealthy people then focus on creating a charitable legacy. Sometimes it can be just a business interest, according to Wealth Strategies Journal in... Continue reading
So far eternal life is not a reality, so it might be best to make other plans. Some people think there is the possibility of a breakthrough in science to allow us to live forever. However, it might be best to consider the alternative for now, according to the Daily... Continue reading